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Message #1030Posted 7:53:13 PM 06/25/2018
Will the movie be coming to the UK anytime soon? I would like to see it on the big screen if it plays in London again. This movie is a powerful drama that depicts the death penalty in a unique way that I've never seen before.
~Timothy J. Sharp

Message #1029Posted 7:06:03 PM 04/10/2018
Can't sleep thinking about this movie. I can only imagine what it would look like on a big screen in a movie theatre. Please tell me what's real in the film and what's not. I understand that the execution is real but I've read somewhere that this is a scripted movie and stars real people. Anyway - it was really good and I'd love to see it in a real movie house with a bunch of other people. I saw the clips of the other screenings and the reaction of people is priceless!
~Len David

Message #1028Posted 7:50:34 AM 02/24/2018
Thanks for the online screening. I've never seen an execution before so this was an experience for me. Someone told me it's a movie and that the execution was not real. It surely looked real to me. Great movie!
~Billy D.

Message #1027Posted 11:10:52 AM 01/13/2018
Powerful film with a great message. I can't stop thinking about it and the ending is not to be missed. I highly recommend the movie to anyone who has any questions about capital punishment and executions.
~Sydney P

Message #1026Posted 9:08:04 AM 12/4/2017
I was memorized by this movie. The beginning had me glued to the screen. The ending (last half hour) blew me away. I read many of the comments here who don't know if the execution is real or not. There's a lot of scuttlebutt on the internet too. I enjoyed reading all the stuff about this movie...it's a MOVIE not a documentary. I enjoyed watching it!
~William Brown III

Message #1025Posted 8:50:18 PM 10/30/2017
~Ghost Rider

Message #1024Posted 8:45:13 PM 10/30/2017
Will the movie come back to London? I would love to see it again. I can't find it on Netflix. Can anyone help?
~Oscar J

Message #1023Posted 8:40:21 PM 10/30/2017
Thank you for making this powerful movie that rocked my world when it comes to capital punishment.
~Christina Marie

Message #1022Posted 5:05:59 PM 10/30/2017
We really loved the "Halloween" special screening of "X". Scary and thought provoking at the same time. Very original movie. Thank you.
~Sonny and Jan R.

Message #1021Posted 8:40:20 PM 10/26/2017
I've seen quite a few films this year - I average about 2 per week - and this film is the most gripping and unique movie I've seen all year long. What I like the most is the realism of the interviews and prison scenes, and in particular, the final scene of the move - the execution.

Message #1020Posted 10:41:15 AM 03/21/2017
why do movies always show the electrocuted prisoner shaking, twitching, and convulsing? according to everything I've read, the only movement is in the hands (they usually ball up or grasp the chair) or, depending on how much slack is in the straps, they may jerk forward or backward right as the button is pressed.
I would guess that if electrocutions involved as much "violence" as seen in this movie, then all witnesses would have been permanently traumatized, and "the chair" would have never ended up replacing "the noose".
~Der Drache

Message #1019Posted 10:24:07 PM 03/1/2017
Crazy good film man!

Message #1018Posted 3:54:35 PM 02/26/2017
One of the most original movies I've ever seen. I just saw the film online and it was intense. I can only imagine what it looks like on a big screen in a movie theatre. Not sure what all the controversy is about this movie. It's a MOVIE!!! Get over it!!! I loved it!

Message #1017Posted 5:54:13 AM 02/23/2017
It was a great experience to watch the movie online. Love the process of "entering the death chamber" too. First clicked on "more info" rather then entering the death chamber. It felt so real to sit on the front row too. Can't sleep! Would love to see the film in on a big screen in the movie theater. Please let us know if the film will be coming to the Chicago area.
~Frank & Sandra W.

Message #1016Posted 10:30:46 AM 01/28/2017
We live in Montreal and heard about this film from some friends who saw it in NYC a while back. They told me that the film was a physiological thriller but I'm confused because I assume that the execution scene at the end of the film is real. What I'm saying is that the scene looks like it was shot in real time with a hidden camera on the guard. Then there was another hidden camera in the execution chamber. I'm not sure what to think but the film as extremely compelling. Never seen a movie like this one. I've read that some say it's a movie and others say it's real. I watched the clips at all the top universities in America and the UK and I'm still not sure what to think. Can anyone please tell me the "real story" behind this movie. I need to know!

Message #1015Posted 12:39:22 AM 01/1/2017
Hi. Just watched the movie on New Years Eve with my friend and we are both in awe of this film. I've never seen anything like it. Thank you for bringing this movie to the world and God bless you for your efforts. I hope to see more great stories like this one coming from Ghost Rider. Thank you and God bless. Happy New Year!
~Jennifer G.

Message #1014Posted 10:50:10 PM 12/19/2016
Love the movie because it's unique and make you really think. The unique style and multiple story lines were interesting. Hope you guys bring the movie back to LA. Sorry I missed the screening when you were in town since it would be even better on the big screen. Indie films like this one rock!

Message #1013Posted 11:51:29 PM 12/16/2016
My husband and I really were moved by this extraordinary indie film. Friends of ours saw the movie at a screening in Los Angeles and told us about it. I can only imagine how much of an impact the movie would have on the big screen. Totally original and powerful is the best way I can describe this movie. I highly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in the death penalty.
~Sally & Jon Jummerville

Message #1012Posted 6:34:10 PM 10/29/2016

This Halloween weekend you can view my controversial film EXECUTION like never before with unreleased footage and special bonus clips that very few people have ever seen. When we first released the film it screened to over 750 people at Tulane University then went on to screen by invitation to major colleges across America and the UK including UCLA, Oregon, North Carolina, Cambridge, Sussex and King's College of London.

Following the university screenings the film played coast to coast in Regal Cinemas located in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago and many more. Now you can see the film like never before!

Due to the intense content of the story, "Execution" is not recommended for viewers under the age of 17. I hope you enjoy this extraordinary film and please share this email with your friends. Thank you!

~Ghost Rider

Message #1011Posted 6:19:48 AM 10/12/2016
My wife and I watched the movie online last night and truly enjoyed it. I couldn't sleep as I was thinking about the execution process and the final moments of the electric chair execution. What I enjoyed the most was the way the film portrayed the final days of a condemned man's life on death row and especially his final day. The real-time final scene of the film was most memorable since I've never seen an execution in a movie shot like this. Amazing what happens behind the wall of America's execution chambers. I highly recommend this film to others.
~Connor Jacks

Message #1010Posted 6:02:27 AM 08/26/2016
Crazy good. Better than I expected and now I'm not a happy camper because I can't get the execution out of my mind. You say it's a movie so I assume the execution is staged but damn it's so real I'm not sure what to think.
~Jackson Hester

Message #1009Posted 11:30:08 AM 08/15/2016
This movie has opened my eyes and my heart to the death penalty. I highly recommend that everyone sees this movie that is unlike any I've seen about death row and the execution process. Wonderful movie. Thank you for having the guts to produce it.
~JCB of Denver

Message #1005Posted 6:14:27 AM 05/6/2016
Loved the movie. It's not what you expect and it has multiple story lines going on at the same time. Very interesting and entertaining. Powerful.
~Larry Forest

Message #1004Posted 9:48:17 PM 05/4/2016
I just watched the film and I can't speak...don't think I'll sleep tonight either. Never seen anything so powerful in my life. A friend of mine saw the film at a Los Angeles screening a while back and kept telling me I had to see it. I took me a while but I finally got the guts to watch the film with a few of my friends. I don't know what to say but POWERFUL. Great film and powerful statement about the death penalty and execution process in America. Everyone should see this film before they take a stand on this important issue.
~Sofia Vega Barillo

Message #1003Posted 8:54:32 AM 04/23/2016
Amazing film!
~Jackie W.

Message #1001Posted 12:19:10 AM 02/12/2016
The password to see the movie is provided once you submit your payment to watch the film. If anyone has any problem accessing the film please email stevenscaffidi@gmail.com. Thanks to everyone who has supported this fantastic film that will forever change the way people view the death penalty in America!
~ghost rider

Message #998Posted 10:49:05 PM 01/19/2016
OMG what a powerful film. Please let me know when it will hit theaters. Thank you!
~Sally Johnson

Message #996Posted 8:49:59 PM 01/17/2016
I was apprehensive to "enter the death chamber" but like a curious little kid, I could not help myself. I've always been intrigued by the whole process of legally executing someone but I must admit I was afraid to see it for myself. Wow...what a unique film this is and what an amazing performance by William Neal Moore. Amazing movie! Unlike any movie I've ever seen before. I recommend that you watch this movie before you make up your mind one way or the other about the death penalty. The final 30 minutes of this movie had my heart pounding out of my chest. I'll never forget it.
~Jean W.

Message #994Posted 11:47:56 PM 01/8/2016
Amazing film that has me questioning everything I've ever believed in capital punishment. Powerful drama unlike any film I've ever seen. Not for anyone who doesn't want to sit front and center at a man's execution.
~Daniel Gomez

Message #991Posted 1:35:34 AM 11/16/2015
really want to know the nature of the penalty, to see a real penalty and human behavior at the same time.

Message #990Posted 3:27:55 AM 10/28/2015
Their are certain crimes for which the only option is to enter the ultimate punishment of death...Unfortunately,this usually only includes murder,but their are many other crimes for which this ultimate punishment needs to be served...Like sexual crimes against children or for habitual offenders who refuse to change....Alot of people call me a hypocrite,being a carreer criminal myself...I have been to prison thirteen times,just in Illinois aloe....None of my crimes are violent or sexual,but i am no hypocrite...If i was given a choice the next time i face a judge in this state,even though my crimes are considered petty,I wish i could ask for the death penalty,specifically by electrocution....I am never going to change,and it is only a matter of time before one of my scams goes south and someone will probably end up dead at my hand....Why not end my destruction now and spare who might eventually become my victim....I have no intention on ever changing,i'm a criminal,and i always will be....I feel sorry for whoever gets in my way,like i said it's only a matter of time before i end up hurting or killing some innocent person who tried to fight back and not give me their money...This eventual senseless murder could be avoided if carrer criminals like me where put to death...We serve no purpose other than to lie,cheat,steal or whatever usually in the name of drugs like crack and heroin....This country needs to wake up and start executing people like me that are carrer criminals and refuse to change...Some people just dont deserve any more chances....
~John P. Stoessel

Message #988Posted 8:56:11 AM 08/2/2015
Well, no one deserves death before the old age. May be life time prison can be the best punishment for those fuckin doods.

Message #987Posted 11:08:50 AM 07/11/2015
I'm sure this film is going to upset some folks but I loved it. It's creepy in one respect and educational in the other. Hard line death penalty opponents without any vision will no doubt dislike this movie but if you think a bit outside the box and understand that you are sitting front and center at a man's execution, then you will appreciate what this movie is all about. My suggestion: don't think too much and just enjoy this psychological thriller.

Message #986Posted 10:55:37 AM 07/11/2015
We truly enjoyed this movie in many ways but the best part of the film for us was the reality of the walk to the electric chair and the execution itself. Never quite seen anything like this in a movie before. The execution look so real that I'm not sure if we were watching a movie or live execution. We have completely changed our opinion about our stand on the capital punishment issue. Before the movie we were 100% for it and now I must admit we are against it. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to see this wonderful picture.
~Sandy and Philip

Message #985Posted 9:08:23 PM 06/29/2015
Never seen a movie like this. Loved it and will recommend it to my friends.

Message #982Posted 10:23:16 AM 04/28/2015
All I can say is WOW! Thank you for allowing me to watch the unforgettable and moving film. Never quite seen anything like it. I'll be sure to tell people about it. If you have any theatrical screenings in the Chicago area please post it. Mr. Moore's back story is amazing and so was his performance. Loved Cabana too. It's a shame he's no longer with us. I understand that there's been a lot of talk about whether or not the execution is real. In my opinion it was real but it really doesn't matter if it was or not. All I know is that I view the capital punishment issue in a whole different way now. I was absolutely 100% for executions and now after seeing the film I'm not so sure about it. I can make a case for both sides. The fact that this film is making me question the entire process says everything. Movies like "Dead Man Walking", "The Green Mile" and other high profile death row films never affected me the way that this film does. That's the power for this movie. Thank you again.

Message #976Posted 3:03:24 PM 01/27/2015
I watched the movie and it is very moving. Very, very well done, thank you.

Message #975Posted 10:29:21 PM 01/15/2015
OMG this movie was nothing like I thought. It was intense but very entertaining. It's not for those who want to be spoon feed with a traditional story that's been told a million times before. This film is very unique. If you are looking for the same old thing then you won't like this film. If you want something that will push the art of visual storytelling then you will love this original work of art!
~Lilly H.

Message #974Posted 9:49:00 AM 01/5/2015
One of the most intense movies I've ever seen. I felt like a fly on the wall during the last half hour or so of the film. I'm sure this movie will fire up a few folks who just don't understand the unique style of this film but that's ok. Maybe they should just go out and see a Disney movie instead!

Message #973Posted 10:09:56 PM 01/2/2015
The death penalty and "executions" are still part of our society in America. It's going to go away any time soon. This movie deals with harsh reality of an execution in the electric chair (still legal in some states, believe it or not). This film doesn't hold back, and I'm sure that offends quite a few people. I love the fact that this movie puts the execution process in your face and through the eyes of the two filmmakers, one is for and one against the execution, the film allows the audience to decide if this is right or wrong. That's huge in my opinion since so many movies try to make statements that are driven by an agenda. The final half hour of this movie is amazing and truly puts the audience on death row unlike anything I've ever seen before. BRAVO!
~Lawrence Wilson

Message #972Posted 9:01:29 AM 01/1/2015
It's a sick, sick, sick world !!!
~Dorina Lisson (ACADP)

Message #971Posted 10:41:02 PM 12/23/2014
I heard so much about this movie and decided to watch it for the holidays. Very intense and thought provoking. The execution scene was unlike anything I've ever seen before. I highly recommend this movie for anyone who want to go behind the scenes of death row!
~Cindy Row Wilson

Message #970Posted 8:04:47 PM 12/23/2014
I really enjoyed the film. Thanks for the opportunity to see it online!

Message #968Posted 5:04:53 PM 10/31/2014

Message #967Posted 1:18:57 PM 10/28/2014
One of the most intelligent horror films I've ever seen. Don't get up for popcorn since you will miss the B Story that drives the film. I'd love to be part of a Q and A following this movie. I wonder just how many people actually pick up on all the subtle back stories that drive the movie. It might not be a bad idea to watch it a few times so you don't miss anything.
~Tim Jameson, PHD

Message #965Posted 4:11:54 AM 10/26/2014
Creepy, creepy, creepy! You have to click on "Enter The Death Chamber" at the top of this site to view the film. Not for the faint of heart.
~Maria Gervais

Message #964Posted 3:52:26 AM 10/26/2014
I've been waiting to be bale to view this film for eons and it doesn't disappoint. Creepy, creepy, creepy and just on a superficial level - executions happen in the US on a regular basis. Wow!
~Marie Gervais

Message #963Posted 7:32:45 AM 10/25/2014
Just saw the movie and it's awesome. So many cool things going on the film. From the opening scene it hooked me and by the end of it I was clawing the arms of my sofa not to mention my girlfriend who had her finger nails clawing into my arm. I've never seen a movie quite like this one. Amazing!
~James W.

Message #960Posted 2:59:23 PM 10/12/2014
Same here with this password. Very interested in the movie but what is the password for it?
~Orasch Mariella

Message #955Posted 5:06:21 PM 05/4/2014
how can I reg.

Message #954Posted 8:45:04 PM 04/3/2014

Message #953Posted 9:53:19 PM 03/12/2014
What is the password to get into the Execution Death Chamber page? Please let me know asap.
~Joshua C.

Message #951Posted 10:46:00 PM 01/31/2014
Several of my friends saw the film in Washington DC. I'm so sorry that I was not there because they all came back and talked about the movie all night long. I hear that it could be released soon where everyone can see it. I've heard so much about the movie so I can't wait to see it for myself. I hope that you post the release dates on this website and Facebook pages.
~Lori B.

Message #949Posted 7:05:51 AM 01/17/2014
I am against cause I simply cannot get over the fact, what if they have the wrong person?

Message #947Posted 8:09:21 PM 01/9/2014

Message #946Posted 9:47:21 AM 10/17/2013
OMG this movie looks good. Where can I see the original film and when will the sequel be coming out? I heard that Execution played for one night in the Bay area but I missed it. Ride The Lightning looks awesome!!!
~Susan Glibert Smith

Message #945Posted 9:29:53 AM 07/24/2013
The film has never been released on VHS or DVD. Maybe you saw the film at a screening in London in front of a full house (400 plus people). "Execution" can only be seen in select screening events in a handful of cities. Recently the film screened for one-night-only in New York, Los Angeles, DC, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Austin, and San Francisco. Stay tuned for more news about future screening events and worldwide distribution of the film.

Message #942Posted 3:06:41 PM 07/16/2013
I am keen to purchase a copy of this on DVD, any news as to whether it's likely to be released and when? Thanks

Message #940Posted 9:08:25 AM 04/18/2013
I watched this film when it was 1st released in the uk on VHS years ago & banned about a week after it's release, awesome film but I must say I agree with the death penalty some people should be erased from humanity like pedophiles,murderers,rapists etc, but what I'd really like to know is...WHERE CAN I GET A COPY????
~Patrick haylett

Message #939Posted 11:23:18 PM 02/21/2013
great movie!
~billy williams

Message #938Posted 1:25:22 PM 02/9/2013
i was in the audience in los angeles when the film played couple of months ago. i could not believe the electricity in the theater. not one person including myself took their eyes off the the screen much less even moved. i was on the edge of my seat and could hardly breathe. it was unreal. i've never ever seen a film like this before. my wife and i came to the screening with 2 other couples and all of us went out for drinks after the show and talked about this movie. in fact, we are still talking about this movie. what an incredible experience. we are waiting for the theatrical release so we can see it again along with all of our friends. great movie!
~phil d.

Message #936Posted 7:59:30 PM 01/15/2013
Where or when can I buy this film? I live in Germany, and there is no chance for me to see this film.

Message #935Posted 9:10:16 AM 12/30/2012
Governments who kill as a punishment are no better than the condemned themselves.
~Tom Glazebrook

Message #932Posted 11:56:57 AM 12/4/2012
I happened to catch the movie in NYC and all I can say is wow. I had no idea what to expect but this movie got me from the first scene. Honestly, I've never seen a movie like this. If you are looking for the same old thing this is may not be your kind of film but if you want to see something unique then you must see this one. By the way I'm lucky to have seen the movie because there was no advertising or posters in the theater except for a crude little sign at the box office window that caught my eye. I'm sure with the right promotion behind the movie the theater would have been jammed. I'm sorry it only played for one night because I would have brought my friends the next night.
~Jack West

Message #931Posted 11:07:52 PM 12/3/2012
Amazing movie. The most powerful ending of any movie I've ever seen. Absolutely amazing.
~Los Angeles Audience Member

Message #930Posted 11:03:15 PM 12/3/2012
I completely agree with you Movie Guy. This film is brilliant. It's completely different from any other film I've ever seen. I've been working in the business for several years and this movie will keep you on the edge of your seat that's for sure. After the screening in San Francisco I couldn't wait to tell everyone about this movie. Too bad it only played for one night. I hope it comes back for an extended run.

Message #929Posted 2:00:26 PM 12/3/2012
EXECUTION is one of the best independent films I've ever seen. I am a theater manager for one of the largest theater companies in the world and I've seen a lot of indie films, but I've never seen anything like this one. The film had everyone (including me) on the edge of their seat from the opening scene. The last half hour of the film may be the most dramatic I've ever seen. This film is extremely unique and I'm sure many mainstream distributors will have a problem with it because it doesn't have any stars. But I can tell you first-hand that there are many star driven movies out there that are failing big-time in the box office. I sincerely believe with the right marketing behind this small film it will draw big numbers. Just a hunch from someone who spends nearly 6 days a week in a big-time theater in a major city in America.
~Movie Guy

Message #928Posted 3:42:30 PM 11/26/2012
I think that your approach to shedding light on the death penalty controversy is innovative and bold. It is something I have though about about many times over the years, although in the past I have been rather indifferent on the matter. Your movie has solidified a personal feeling that we are all worthy of Forgiveness, (giving and receiving) and the transformative magic that it bestows on life itself.
~Phillip G.

Message #927Posted 2:51:22 PM 11/19/2012
Very well done and thought provoking! I can't recommend it high enough for everyone to see on this controversial subject!

Message #926Posted 10:19:21 PM 11/18/2012
This movie was great. My wife and I will never forget what we saw on the screen tonight. We both highly recommend this film to everyone. We will be talking about this movie for years to come.

Message #925Posted 10:14:11 PM 11/18/2012
OMG this film is incredible! What I saw in the theater was amazing. This is a great movie experience that I would recommend to everyone. If great movies are supposed to get you to think then this film does the job. I saw it a few nights ago in Chicago and I can't stop thinking about it. It's a totally unforgettable experience that had me on the edge of my seat from the opening scene. Brilliant!
~Alison J.

Message #921Posted 11:26:02 AM 11/12/2012
i saw the first screening in DC-i highly recommend it to all! no matter where you stand on the controversial issue of the death penalty, this film will make you reflect on your personal perspective. the film definitely achieves the goal of making viewers uncomfortable about where they stand on the issue which i believe is an important step in confronting and tackling the issue. the director speaks before and after the film which is such a unique experience and opportunity. even more, there is a gentleman who is the only man who has pled guilty to murder and who has been on death row (for 16 years!) who is now free today and you get to hear him speak and give his insight and personal thoughts on the issue and the film. really a great experience and once in a lifetime opportunity. go see it!
~Law Student

Message #915Posted 10:19:25 PM 11/11/2012
I had an amazing experience tonight. I was invited to the first screening of the film "Execution" in DC. Guy Noffsinger, the director of my TV show worked on this film and introduced me to the Director for this film, Steven Scaffidi. Steven told me I was in for an experience unlike anything I had ever seen in a movie theater. He was right....this film....if you can even call it that is very very different. It's also very very good. They are screening in NYC tomorrow, Boston on Tuesday and then 5 more cities. If you are in one of these towns GO SEE IT. You'll also get to meet a man released from Death Row after 15 years despite confessing guilty to a murder.
~Frank Lee Ruggles

Message #914Posted 6:29:56 PM 11/8/2012
The death penalty is immoral and barbaric. There is no justice in taking a persons life no matter what the crime. The death penalty dosn't deter folks from committing crimes, and dosn't bring healing to the victims family. The criminal justice system is a flawed and racist and the death penalty only continues the cycle of violence. Stop executions! Abolition now!
~Amber Mason

Message #913Posted 3:37:03 PM 11/4/2012
Before executing a man it's recommended to show victim's pictures to the audience . Little kids destroyed by the hands of a monster. The electric chair is nothing compared to what he did. He deserves HELL.
~Ben Gurion

Message #900Posted 10:57:47 AM 10/22/2012
Here's the EXECUTION screening schedule. Seating is limited to only 250 seats per screening. Get your tickets in advance to make sure you don't get shut out.
Sunday, November 11th : REGAL GALLERY PLACE STADIUM 14, 701 Seventh Street Northwest, Washington DC
Monday, November 12th: REGAL E-WALK STADIUM 13, 247 W. 42nd St., New York, NY
Tuesday, November 13th: REGAL FENWAY STADIUM 13, Landmark Center, Boston, MA
Wednesday, November 14th: REGAL CITY NORTH STADIUM 14, 2600 N. Western Avenue, Chicago, IL
Thursday, November 15th: REGAL TARA 4, 2345 Cheshire Bridge Rd, Atlanta, GA
Sunday, November 18th: REGAL METROPOLITAN STADIUM 14, 901 Little Texas Lane, Austin, TX
Monday, November 19th: UA STONES TOWN TWIN, 501 Buckingham Way, San Francisco, CA
Tuesday, November 20th: REGAL LA LIVE STADIUM 14, 1000 W. Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, CA

Message #899Posted 9:58:56 PM 10/19/2012
The first screening takes place on Sunday, November 11th at the REGAL GALLERY PLACE STADIUM 14, 701 Seventh Street Northwest, Washington DC. Doors open at 7PM and the screening starts at 7:30PM. Get your tickets early.
~Regal Cinemas

Message #898Posted 9:54:07 PM 10/19/2012
Can't wait to see the film on Noveember 12th in New York. Lot's of people going to be there too.
~Lionel Carson Jr.

Message #897Posted 3:14:19 AM 09/30/2012
There is more focus on that once sentenced to death and to be executed than on the victim
of the crimes . These victimes are more or less forgotten in the appeal process - appeals which focuses if all other appeals failed on the conformity of the execution protocollto the constitution .

Message #894Posted 2:34:40 PM 09/27/2012
Right or Wrong? You Decide.
~Amnesty International

Message #893Posted 7:20:54 PM 09/4/2012

Message #892Posted 10:12:48 PM 07/31/2012
If you had the power would you execute the Colorado movie killer James Holmes or not? This film will help you answer that question. RIGHT OR WRONG? YOU DECIDE. "Execution" is a most important film that stirs a lot of controversy over the death penalty. Many people don't want you to see this film. Express your thoughts here and let the people not the bureaucrats decide if we should be executing people in America.

Message #888Posted 3:31:10 PM 05/12/2012
Everyday I come here just to see if you guys release the movie! Can't wait to see it! I'll buy in a heartbeat.

Message #887Posted 8:36:25 AM 03/25/2012
Sr. Hellen Prejean has gone public with this statement: "The best way to stop executions is for people to witness one."
~Louis A.

Message #886Posted 8:33:00 AM 03/25/2012

Message #884Posted 9:20:23 AM 03/2/2012
As a psych major and Criminal justice major I am dying to see this when is it going to be viewable? and where?

Message #876Posted 9:47:47 PM 02/2/2012
Coming soon!

The DVD is not for sale at this time. The movie will be released soon. Stay tuned to www.executionfilm.com .

Please let us know when the movie is available Thanks!

Message #875Posted 6:18:35 PM 01/29/2012
Where can I find this film?

Message #874Posted 2:46:29 PM 12/30/2011
i want to watch

Message #872Posted 6:30:31 PM 11/30/2011
I have been searching for this film for years, can i buy a copy anywhere?

Message #871Posted 3:04:29 AM 11/30/2011
wheres my baseball bat!
~ted bundy

Message #870Posted 12:03:10 PM 11/25/2011
were can you buy or download the full film?

Message #867Posted 6:11:28 PM 11/10/2011
I almost clicked yes, i alomost clicked no, i clicked undecided. For this reason; as we all know, some people deserve the death pentaly, others no. The people who get the death penatly deserve it depending on what they did, but isnt there another way? Have them rott in prision, have them do something other then die in one of the most painful ways possible. Some people just want to see them suffer for what they did. But on the other hand, murders and serial killers, maybe, but maybe. I think i could stand to see it all happen but it would just sicken me.

Message #862Posted 5:13:39 PM 10/11/2011
eu gosto de ver esse tipo de video me interessa muito mesmo.
~karla patricia de barros melo

Message #861Posted 12:43:07 PM 10/10/2011
Sister Helen is quoted from a recent death penalty forum: "THE BEST WAY TO END EXECUTIONS IS FOR PEOPLE TO WITNESS AN EXECUTION". Father Louis Arceneaux then told the crowd that there is a film by Steven Scaffidi that will do just that..."EXECUTION".
~Sister Helen Prejean

Message #860Posted 10:03:39 PM 09/22/2011
OMG the video clips are amazing. When will this movie be out so we can see it? Looks very very interesting and a bit scary too.
~Beth Anne

Message #858Posted 3:02:50 PM 09/22/2011
Yes, Death to the murdering )&!$$@%#s but after making absolutely sure u have the guilty party.

Message #857Posted 7:11:16 AM 09/22/2011
Hollywood has no idea what to do with a film like this because it's real. Some of the people who have commented about the film on here have said it's like Blair Witch or Paranormal Activity. Well if that's the case it will make a boat load of money for somebody. I think Hollywood is afraid of this film because there's a real condemned man who as Dr. Cabana puts it..."Rides the Lightning". I've seen the movie and it's scarry as hell in a weird sort of way. All I can say is that I couldn't take my eyes off of the screen - especially the last half hour of the movie. Never ever seen anything like it. Maybe Hollywood doesn't want to stop the death penalty because if people see this movie the death penalty will end tomorrow. SHOW US THE MOVIE AND SCREW THE SUITS THAT ARE TRYING TO STOP THIS MOVIE FROM GETTING OUT THERE!

Message #856Posted 7:53:56 PM 09/21/2011
Great to hear about this movie on the radio tonight. Please let us know when it will be released. We look forward to seeing this movie.

Message #855Posted 5:29:28 PM 09/21/2011
~Citizens of Georgia

Message #854Posted 1:15:40 PM 09/21/2011
I'm from Illinois and we are constantly debating the death penalty here. Why hasn't this film been available to the general public? I don't get it. With all of the garbage that Hollywood releases on a yearly basis you would think they would be interested in this movie. I remember it when it was screened at The University of Southern Illinois. Lots of people wanted to see this movie and the University stepped up and brought it in. Yes the film is creepy and it doesn't hide that fact but it was real and it was different from anything I've ever seen. The audience loved it here and I know people everywhere will feel the same way. Come on Mr. Hollywood gatekeeper, open your eyes and get off of your ass. This movie belongs in theaters. Hell put Quentin Tarantino's name on it and call it groundbreaking. That will sell a bunch of tickets.
~Larry Segar

Message #853Posted 10:33:49 AM 09/21/2011
Tonight Troy Davis is scheduled to be executed at 7pm EST for the 1989 shooting death of off-duty Savannah police officer Mark MacPhail. Troy has insisted that he is innocent of this crime and many people have come to Troy's aid in his fight for life. Even the Pope and former President Jimmy Carter have made please to save Troy's life and stop this execution. Just last week, Sister Helen Prejean addressed a group of people who where meeting in Lafayette, LA to repeal the death penalty. Sister Helen said, "The best way to stop the death penalty is for people to actually witness an execution". There is only one feature film that puts the audience front and center at an execution and makes one simple yet profound statement...RIGHT OR WRONG...YOU DECIDE. EXECUTION may be the most controversial film ever made about the death penalty and HOLLYWOOD DOES NOT WANT YOU TO SEE THIS FILM! Don't just sit back...demand that this film comes to your city and make a difference one way or the other.

Message #852Posted 8:20:53 AM 09/21/2011
Sister Helen Prejean, the nun who is famous for writing the book "Dead Man Walking", recently stated in front of a room full of death penalty opponents..."The best way to stop executions is for someone to witness an execution". This film is the only film ever made that takes the audience past Hollywood's perception of the death penalty (like Green Mile) and actually puts the viewer on the front row and makes one simple and profound statement that makes you think: RIGHT OR WRONG YOU DECIDE... Before they execute Troy Davis this evening, maybe the executioners should watch this film...if they have the guts to do so.

Message #851Posted 4:55:13 AM 09/19/2011
We can't wait to see this movie!
~Wilson Roberts

Message #850Posted 9:48:28 PM 08/20/2011
Only god should judge you no one else. God put you on this earth and he should be the only one who takes you out. No man has any right to put another man down. Give him life in prison instead of death. If you put another human being down that means you are just as bad as he is in no matter what the case is.That's my opinion,
~Dakota Locklear

Message #847Posted 12:11:11 PM 07/22/2011
I think it's confusing to say"Now electricity will run trough your body until you are dead,God have mercy on your soul"??So who am i then?People should define their ontology better.If you say, you are going to kill me ,but at same time you say,my soul lives on,who is being killed ??`
~Jan Pipal

Message #846Posted 10:47:32 PM 06/17/2011
Sounds like this film is pushing people's button. More power to the freedom of expression! I saw this film with close to 1,000 people at Tulane and it was gripping to say the least. Nothing more needs to be said...great movie!
~Bill W.

Message #845Posted 5:59:00 PM 05/27/2011
Donald Cabana NEVER conducted an electrocution. NO ONE snuck into a prison much less death row at the moment an execution took place. If you are that naive to believe this CRAP as being real, I have a bridge to sell you

Message #843Posted 8:17:12 PM 05/23/2011
When I first heard about this movie I was intrigued. Then when it came up to CWU I was the first in line to get to the theater. Most films that have a huge build up are mostly disappointing but not this one. It was the scariest movie I've ever seen because it really messes with your head. I can't wait for it to come to theaters so I can see it again with an audience that has no idea what's about to hit them. Don't miss this movie when it comes out.
~Harry in Washington State

Message #842Posted 12:39:14 PM 05/18/2011
u got this gr8 site but no way to buy the film???? i dont get it how do you see this film?
~how do i see this film

Message #839Posted 4:58:54 PM 05/7/2011
If a murderer is smart yet stupid emough to kill a set of human beings then he ore she should be strapted down in the electric chair and be fried like a piece of chicken until he or she is dead.
~Joshua Caudell

Message #836Posted 7:41:10 PM 04/21/2011

Message #834Posted 9:32:02 AM 03/29/2011
I am writing because I have had a horrible time trying to find one your films for sale or for viewing. It is titled "Execution". I was hoping you might tell me where I could find this film for purchase either on the internet or at a physical store locale.

Message #833Posted 2:12:06 PM 03/24/2011
the most thought-provoking films i've ever seen. if you want to see what the death penalty is really about then this film is a must see!

Message #832Posted 11:46:55 AM 03/22/2011
I haven't seen the film, but judging by the website, this is a film that I would like to see once, but have no interest in owning. Is there any way I could rent this?
~Jesse Jeffers

Message #831Posted 7:25:00 AM 03/11/2011
Hello, when I was in 10th grade I was writing a thesis on capital
punishment. I was doing general research when I came across your website and
became intrigued with this story, I live in a very small town in Kentucky and I
noticed that the film was presented in a few college auditoriums', knowing
realistically that you may never travel up this way, my question is; are you
planning on releasing it on video to distributors such as Blockbuster or a chain
like Wal-mart? Hell even public libraries... obviously I would not even begin to
know how that would work but I would love to see the film!

Message #830Posted 7:08:04 AM 03/10/2011
I agree that your film will make others rethink the death penalty. I waited almost a year before I watched my copy that I bought from you online, as I was worried about the extreme emotion it would bring up in me given... my experience as a witness. I wound up buying it for a couple of other friends, in other states, who had also served as witnesses so that we could watch it "together" across state lines and discuss it afterwards. I must say that it was very compelling, moving, and I believe that it is important for ALL to see what their tax dollars are being used for. I spoke to the press immediately after the execution that I witnessed and was permanently banned from the prison grounds by the warden for my comments. Those who try to expose what happens in that death chamber are silenced. I'm sure you are finding that to be true. Best of luck to you.

Message #829Posted 9:59:11 PM 03/9/2011
I am still listening to the radio program that you were on earlier tonight and my blood is boiling. I already called in once, soon after you got off the air, to speak to what I witnessed in the death chamber in Delaware, but I may have to call in again because I can't take the ignorance that the callers are calling in and spewing. I may have to put on my thickest southern accent (I'm from Virginia, so I can totally switch to that accent- ha!) to "speak the language" of the other callers. I mean, is there ANYONE with a southern accent who is opposed to the death penalty??! THANK YOU for your dedication to exposing the injustices with the death penalty (and other social causes too)
~Sandra J. from Delaware

Message #828Posted 9:26:55 PM 03/9/2011
I was listening to the radio tonight and they were talking about this film. I saw it at Tulane with a thousand others and had to stand in the rain for over an hour to get in the door. It was one of the most amazing films I've ever seen. Anyone who cares about this issue at all needs to see this film. It's creepy as hell too. I think I stopped breathing during the last half hour!

Message #827Posted 8:02:13 AM 03/8/2011
Can't wait to see this movie. It looks really scary and creepy. I know some people who saw it at CWU and they said it was awesome. Looking forward to seeing it myself. I assume that you will post the release date on this website. Photos and video clips are great.
~Rob W.

Message #825Posted 9:45:56 PM 03/7/2011
I'm looking forward to seeing it. I tried to get it on DVD. I am pro-death penalty. It seems like a hybrid of "Dead Man Walking" and "Blair Witch Project".
~Neil D'Lima

Message #824Posted 11:31:43 AM 02/27/2011
I don't agree with execution of inmates mainly because it seems like they are getting off easy. If I had done something worth execution I would much rather die then stay in prison for the rest of my life. Maybe we should instate something like solitary confinement for the rest of their life, that would be much more of a punishment then just killing them and not forcing them to physically deal with punishment for a crime that took place physically. In situations like those it seems unwise and immature to take the approach of "they will have to deal with the judgment of God," being that no one really knows if there is a God or not. Lets not leave something this serious up to a fairy tale sentence.

Message #823Posted 3:24:58 PM 02/22/2011
I believe that the Death Penalty is wrong, hypocritical and complete nonsense! If Law Enforcement can justify killing a human, why can't a "Psychopath" believe, or say "Hey, if they can do it, why can't I do it" and justify murdering hundreds of people? Not that I think it's right, I don't, believe me. But I think the death penalty is just revenge, and hypocritical of the Law.
It's nonsense, and if I could choose to stop it, I would. They say, "God have mercy on your soul" to the person they're executing, I say "God have mercy on your soul" to the executioner. I use the cliche's "Monkey see, Monkey do" and "Do what I say, not what I do" to describe this situation. It is ridiculous and needs to stop.
~Morgan Runnunger

Message #822Posted 1:49:39 PM 02/10/2011
I think it is a horrible neccesity. Whether or not capitol punishment is a detterant is debateable. What is not debatable is that if yuo commit horriblecrimes, you have to pay your debt.I am glad not to be in the Warden\'s shoes. Thee family of he victim/s have a right to exact justice. Forgiveness and debt are two different things. The family may forgive your crimes but justice must still be carried out. Only then will you be \'square with the house again\' (The Grenn Mile).

Message #819Posted 11:55:11 AM 01/23/2011
Thank God you are Europeans?

Most Americans came from Europe too. Stop pretending you are so superior. You aren't. At least America never used some of the sick and demented and inhumane methods that Europe perfected over the past centuries.

Message #817Posted 8:50:34 PM 01/1/2011
Why should we have sympathy for death row inmates, and their executions when they showed no sympathy for the people they were torturing and killing.........Long Live the Death Penalty

Message #816Posted 10:24:53 PM 12/22/2010
This movie is freaky man. Never saw someone ride the lightning before. OMG!
~Sharron K.

Message #815Posted 6:22:56 PM 12/19/2010
This is one of the scariest movies I've ever seen. When it comes to the big screen don't miss it. I saw it in Los Angeles at a film fest and it was gripping. It's really unique. Better than most of the horror films out there today.

Message #814Posted 9:08:06 PM 12/18/2010
Is it right to execute a person who murdered someone else? It's the same thing, it doesn't feel right, but then it doesn't feel right for that person to walk free again for what they did. Theres got to be a middle way
~Antonio Bocanegra

Message #813Posted 12:55:38 PM 12/17/2010
Where can I see this film?

Message #812Posted 10:11:21 PM 12/16/2010
When will this movie be released in theaters. I have a lot of people interested in seeing this movie and we have been following it on website and You Tube. Please post an update in your news section. Thanks.

Message #810Posted 1:26:50 AM 12/11/2010
to the eurotrash, youre stupid. anyone who can say that monster should not have been executed is retarted. good ridance. maybe you thank god youre european and dont have the death penalty is because you can identify with someone commiting an act like that. dan, toronto

Message #809Posted 6:23:52 PM 11/21/2010
I wasn't moved shocked or disturbed by the Execution, i also don't think that the death penalty should be used, no man has the right to take a life and you can't condemn a killer by murdering them! however after looking at the pictures of the little girl he killed i found myself thinking about what is fair and unfair in this case, i feel no one should be fried like chicken on a nasty looking chair but should be made to suffer,,,,,a lot.

Message #808Posted 1:42:58 PM 11/15/2010
I hear that this movie is now being distributed in theaters. That's great news. Can you please tell us which cities will show the movie and when it will be out. There are a lot of folks up here in the northeast that want to see this movie.

Message #806Posted 8:35:43 AM 10/26/2010
Death penalty exists only in uncivilized nations. Thanks God we are Europeans!

Message #805Posted 9:33:43 PM 10/19/2010
I remember the film when it played for a big crowd in the UK. I will never forget that night and the effect the film had on the audience. We still talk about it. Hope it comes to the big screen.

Message #803Posted 6:46:16 PM 10/18/2010
Please tell me where I can see this movie. I've heard a lot about it and have been reading the comments on here for several weeks. The clips are great too. Very creepy! I think this is the film they screened at UCLA a while back. I remember hearing about it but had class and could not be there. Lots of people talked about this movie so please let me know where I can get it or see it someplace. Thank you.

Message #800Posted 9:35:07 PM 10/17/2010
I fully believe in the death penalty but only for certain situations. If the murderer made his victims suffer he should be made to suffer a very slow and painful death. If he was a decent person and has a reason for murder he should be killed quickly.

Message #796Posted 3:16:51 PM 10/11/2010
"Execution" is now under a distribution agreement with a distributor who intends to put the film in theaters. We will keep everyone posted on this website with news updates about the film. At this time the film is not available to the general public. Stay tuned!

Message #795Posted 4:26:30 PM 10/8/2010
Execution is the most thought provoking film I've seen in some time. Yes, it has upset some people and that's part of the deal when you tackle a topic like this. MOVIES like this get people talking and no matter what side of the fence you are on you have to admire that. Whether you like this kind of thing or not this film has attracted a lot of attention...and has brought our the debate about the death penalty like very few films before. Bravo to you Mr. Cabana for having the balls to make this film. It truly does take the audience and put them closer to the execution process then any other film I've seen. What I like most about this movie is that it doesn't preach to you about how wrong or how right it is to execute some one. It simply puts you front and center and let's you make up your own mind. Hats off to everyone involved in this film and anyone who has the balls to distribute it!!!

Message #786Posted 12:28:42 PM 10/4/2010
I received a copy of this film is very weird I mean no other film has done what this one has, to tell you its so strange yet it opens up a part in your conscious of what is good, evil and what are the lines in between

Message #785Posted 12:39:44 PM 09/30/2010
I thought you could buy the DVD online but I can't find it. I saw the film at a festival near Chicago and it rocks. It is freeking scary as hell on a big screen too. Maybe they will put the film out on DVD I hope.
~Bradley NY

Message #782Posted 7:07:20 AM 09/26/2010
Where can i download the full movie
~Michael Jankovich

Message #781Posted 5:20:18 PM 09/20/2010
One of the scariest films I've ever seen. It is nothing like anything I have ever seen before.
~from the UK

Message #780Posted 8:52:31 AM 09/19/2010
Great movie. You can't really put this movie in some category because it is unique. It is very compelling and moving. One of the best movies I've seen in years.
~B. King

Message #779Posted 7:24:46 AM 09/17/2010
I've heard rumors that the movie is coming to theaters in the near future. If this is accurate then please post a list of cities and theaters where the film will be playing. Thanks.

Message #778Posted 10:16:58 AM 09/14/2010
Hey guys we just saw the film Last Exorcism and it was not nearly as good as "Execution". When will your film hit theaters? We saw your movie at a film fest in Los Angeles a while back and it was great. Would love to see it again.

Message #777Posted 7:34:54 AM 09/8/2010
Hey there. Just wanted to post this note on your website to say that I really love this film. It was extremely moving and thought provoking. It made me cry and it made me question my beliefs in the death penalty. i would really like to see this movie in a theatre if it is at all possible.

Message #772Posted 12:16:53 AM 08/27/2010
These idiots that are trying to trash this film need to get a LIFE! I saw the film and it's GOOD. So shut the *&^&* up and find something else to bitch about. All I know is that I went to a theater and stood in line for over an hour with hundreds of others to see this movie and it was well worth the wait. I even bought the DVD. So get a life and move on! This is a MOVIE not a document
~Jack Beck

Message #769Posted 9:09:21 PM 08/23/2010
i ordered the film a few weeks ago and i liked it a lot. i recommend it to everyone i know. i most liked the performance of william neal "billy" moore and dr. cabana. can someone tell me who the priest is?
~klaus r.

Message #766Posted 8:46:11 AM 08/23/2010
OMG this is a scary movie. It's really intense and my friends and I watched it late at night. I can't sleep. I'm thinking about the final moments in the story and what that prisoner had to go though. I will never ever look at the death penalty the same way again.

Message #765Posted 9:59:40 PM 08/20/2010
Great film. Nothing more needs to be said.
~Bubby M.

Message #763Posted 6:45:55 AM 08/20/2010
I just ordered the movie. My mate had a showing of it at his flat the a couple of weeks back with about 10 others. My girl and I thought it was great so I decided to get a copy for myself. Would like to see it in a movie house if possible. Best.
~Irish Pub

Message #756Posted 9:32:53 PM 08/11/2010
I just love FREEDOM OF SPEECH. God bless this film and the producers who had the guts to make it. I've seen it and it it's one of the best films I've ever seen. Two huge thumbs up!!!

Message #755Posted 2:42:51 PM 08/11/2010
To the prople that have a problem with this film... have you ever heard of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT?

Message #754Posted 9:23:44 AM 08/11/2010
this movie was like nothing i expected. it's not easy to watch because i don't like seeing death. anyway it was good.
~jill palmer

Message #753Posted 9:20:50 AM 08/11/2010
I love the controversy this film has started. Looks like a lot of people are paying attention to this movie. I ordered it a month ago and have seen it at least six times with numerous friends and family. Everyone was moved by the intense images and the compelling story. I like films like this because they make you think and question what you believe in. It changed my mind about the death penalty that's for sure. Wish I could have seen it on the big screen when it played last year.

Message #744Posted 1:47:53 AM 08/7/2010
Execution is a film about the final days of one man's life on death row and how two filmmakers are determined to film his execution. It stars 2 men who know a lot about death row and the execution process. This film is a movie and not a documentary so if you are offended by the content here we are sorry. This film has screened at many of the top universities in the world including Tulane, Oregon, UCLA, Washington, Cambridge (UK), Sussix (UK) and King's College of London (UK). The film has also won many awards because it is a compelling film that makes you think and causes you to question the death penalty. This film is not for everyone and is not suitable for young children or people who are offended by this type of content.

Message #736Posted 8:42:57 PM 08/1/2010
I ordered the film about a week ago and it came in the mail this past Thursday. Thanks for the quick turnaround as I was anxious to see this movie. Well it was worth the wait because I was blown away by the story and how intense it was. The warden and the prisoner were really good and when the time came for the execution I could hardly catch my breath. The walk to the chair, the strap down and the execution itself will be something etched in my mind for as long as I live.
~M. Thompson

Message #735Posted 9:25:04 AM 08/1/2010
Seems like there's some controversy regarding this film. Oh well. All I know is that it's a MOVIE. Let me repeat, a MOVIE and I could not turn away from the screen. I like the multiple story lines of the warden and the condemned man and the two filmmakers. Well done and worth every penny. When I first saw this film at Kings College of London I was very impressed on how many people attended the screening. Then after the film the director and a former death row inmate spoke to the crowd and explained how the film was made and why they did it. If you search the internet you can find some of those interviews.

Message #729Posted 12:23:02 AM 07/31/2010
Please corroborate the execution witnesses that saw these film makers present at this "execution". If you can do THAT then your film in credible.
Beyond that if you CANNOT do that then as is ALREADY KNOWN,this film is a FAKE and this is NOT AN ACTUAL EXECUTION.

~Robert Prosky

Message #727Posted 10:14:00 AM 07/21/2010
Hey I bought the film and love it. It's a thriller and it keeps you on the edge of your seat all the way to the end. I was blown away by the last part of the film too. Very suspenseful and I can't seem to get some of the images out of my mind. Two thumbs up! I'm no expert on prison life either. Just an ordinary guy who loves good movies.
~J. Kramer

Message #726Posted 10:08:45 AM 07/21/2010
It's amazing how this little film has so many people in an uproar. It's a movie!!! And it's obviously pushed a lot of people's buttons and evoked a lot of emotion. That's what good movies are supposed to do.

Message #724Posted 1:09:03 AM 07/17/2010
Sounds to me like the "epic director" of this "epic" entertainment(AKA HYPED SWILL) is a little miffed that his SCAM got uncovered. Now he is trying to save face and respond to the LOW RATINGS and LOSS OF MONEY that he is enduring.
Face it, you cant:

a. NAME THE PRISON THE MAN WAS "executed" in
c. Even HOPE to expect reasonable people swallow this tripe as (and I quote YOUR movie) ACTUAL FOOTAGE.
d. THIS MOVIE WAS FULL OF ACTORS AND NOT ACTUAL CONDEMNED INMATES THAT WERE EXECUTED. This is a liberals WEAK attempt at thought provocation on the subject of Capital Punishment. You ELUDE (also known as LIE) to the "fact" that persons unknown slipped unnoticed into a prison during an execution. THAT NEVER HAPPENED and there were NO electric chair executions in the ENTIRE US during the time frame you allege in this movie.
As per Matt Espy THE expert in the field of Death Penalty. So AGAIN you are TURNED OUT AS A FRAUD and a SAD WEAK FAILED EXCUSE of a movie maker. Go away. Come back when you can make a REAL film,

~George Rheinholdt

Message #718Posted 7:39:20 PM 07/6/2010
Dan, just because you are the former warden of San Quentin doesn't mean you are a film critic. Garbage? You should be ashamed not anyone else related to this film. You should be more careful with your words Dan and keep your mouth shut unless you know all of the facts. You should know better.

Message #717Posted 6:20:13 PM 07/6/2010
I can see why this film gets people in such an uproar...IT'S PROVOCATIVE! Look, this film is simply a good movie. Who gives a damn what's real and what's fiction? IT'S A MOVIE! If you want to see crap check out the new film by M. Night Shamalanadingdong! Now that's a $100 million dollar turd! Execution is a good movie that was really entertaining. It's something I will remember for a long long time. Thank you.
~Art Dautrieve

Message #712Posted 5:55:12 PM 07/6/2010
Some of you guys who say that this film is a fraud and a lie is clueless as to what this film is really about. This is a movie about an Execution. Plain and simple and it puts the audience closer to an actual execution than any film ever made. Much of this film is real...and it's up to the audience to discover that. The bottom line is that it's a good story that makes you think about the entire execution process. The film does not take any sides pro or con. It simply asks the question Right or Wrong? You Decide! Thank you Mr. Cabana. You are the real deal and you are a credit to your profession.
~Someone who knows!

Message #711Posted 5:04:32 PM 07/6/2010
As the former Warden of San Quentin and involved in SEVERAL gas chamber executions,I can OFFICIALLY say that this film is a fraud. Im ashamed to see Don Cabana whoring his talents off in this waste of time.
~Dan Vasquez

Message #705Posted 6:50:15 AM 06/23/2010
Hey CLIVE how are you! Glad to see you out in this forum.

Hey enlighten us will you?

If he was INNOCENT like you claim,then the State killed an innocent man and is liable. Gee you Kinda SUCK at being a lawyer. First your client gets GASSED then found to be innocent years later and you DIDNT SUE on the Estates behalf? Glad I dont retain YOU.
~Kill all the Lawyers LLC

Message #684Posted 8:33:06 PM 05/24/2010
This is a very moving and powerfully disturbing film. Hollywood with all of it big budget talent could not have delivered a more powerful film. This film pulls away the curtain and allows the viewer to see up close, at times uncomfortably so, from a front row seat capital punishment as it truly is. Regardless of your personal views regarding the death penalty, you should watch this film!
~Andrew Laird

Message #683Posted 7:18:01 PM 05/24/2010
Hi there!
I definitely ordered it and can't think of a more powerful, disturbing film about how the death penalty is carried out in this country! I mentioned it to Customer Service at Netflicks because I thought it would be an excellent way for the film to reach more people. The customer service rep I talked to, himself a conservative Republican, looked at the website and was impressed by how raw and intense the film looked. I was writing to encourage you to add the Execution Film to their collection as a distributor, which can be done from their website at http://www.netflicks.com
Again, the Execution Film was truly worth seeing .. some of the people in it, Billie Wayne Moore and Warden Donald Cabana, I have books by both authors and think maybe seeing the film will encourage people to read further.

Message #677Posted 4:04:27 AM 05/13/2010
I'm a firm believer in the death penalty.
The victims lost their lives in an even more horrible manner.
When a murderer crossed that border there's no way back.
Remember that the difference between us and these killers is that we are emotionally shocked by the act of killing, even if the one to be executed is a killer.
They have already proven that they are not... not even when they do it themselves and the victim is innocent…

Message #675Posted 9:34:31 AM 04/17/2010
I just finished watching Execution - I'm not going to lie, I had to choke back the vomit towards the end. But please know that I do not mean that in remotely a bad way.
When I was 14 years old, I decided I wanted to be a lawyer who fought to abolish the death penalty, and serve people put in this position. I will be be...ginning law school this September. Thanks for making a film that reaffirms one of my deepest and most central beliefs. With deepest respect and admiration.
~Melissa Barry

Message #674Posted 11:05:56 PM 04/14/2010
I just got the movie today and watched it with some friends. It was freekin powerful to say the least. We were all on the edge of our seats holding hands much of the time. The last 30 minutes was the most intense I've seen on film. I don't think I'll ever look at the death penalty the same way again. I'm telling everybody about this move.

Message #673Posted 3:18:33 PM 04/10/2010
This is a great film. I love the multiple story lines too. I watched the film twice so far and focused on the prisoner and the warden the first time then the filmmakers on the second viewing. It's like watching 2 different films. Thank you so much for shipping the DVD to London. Please inform me if the film will play in theaters.
~Douglas G.

Message #672Posted 11:02:54 PM 04/3/2010
I ordered the film last week and just got it yesterday. Invited some friends over and we all watched it tonight. Everyone was blown away. Powerful! This is a great film that has several story lines going on at the same time. Thanks for the sending the DVD and please let us know if your film will be in theaters. It would be so strong on the big screen!
~Tara S.

Message #671Posted 11:29:53 AM 04/3/2010
waow!!!i'm so exiting about death penalty and all about that because it's unusual and unfamiliar to see man 'sdeath on video! but i'm sur death penalty is a CRIME and not good correctionnal idee. christophe from Belgium

Message #667Posted 1:37:22 AM 04/2/2010
Interesting movie. The execution scene itself was perhaps abbreviated? There were two jolts of around 14 seconds, - not long enough to kill. Besides it is not usual for a doctor to check on the prisoner between the shocks, - only after a completed, much longer cycle.
Donald Cabana was in charge of real executions in the old Missouri gas chamber, and he never did real electrocutions.
Did you use "artistic liberty" in shortening the electrocution process?
~Steinar Schrøder

Message #663Posted 12:57:55 AM 04/1/2010
Nope. I still feel the same way about execution. Those who kill are simply asking for it.
~Peter Anthony

Message #659Posted 8:16:39 PM 03/24/2010
Best death row film I've ever seen. I would love to see it on the big screen. Thank you.

Message #658Posted 4:47:32 AM 03/19/2010
Eye for and Eye, you kill you should be killed... enough said. Rid the damn planet of scum. Tired of paying for them to live a life that they dont deserve to keep. Killem all!! Some people tell me that this film can make me think about my stand on this issue and even change my mind. I doubt it but I will buy the movie to see what all the buzz is about. I'll let you know what I think.

Message #657Posted 8:52:01 PM 03/17/2010
This is a very passionate film that builds to an ending that must be seen to be believed. Very effective!
~David Feinartz

Message #656Posted 5:42:45 AM 03/17/2010
I just watched the DVD and OMG was it powerful. I had a few friends over to see it and it was intense to say the least. After the screening we sat around discussing the film for 2 hours! We would love to see this on the big screen. Any plans to show it in the northeast? Thank you again for producing such a thought-provoking and entertaining movie.
~Francis W.

Message #655Posted 2:41:09 PM 03/11/2010
WOW! This story is so damn intense. You will never forget this movie I promise.

Message #654Posted 5:09:06 PM 03/2/2010

Message #653Posted 9:58:50 PM 03/1/2010
I just received the DVD this morning and couldn't wait to watch the film. The anticipation was killing me but I waited until tonight to put it in the player. I figured it would be best to watch an "Execution" film at night. Well, I wasn't disappointed and in fact the film exceeded my wildest expectations. I wasn't sure what to expect but the multiple story lines and realistic feel of the film were intense. I couldn't take my eyes off of the screen because I was waiting to see what happens next. This story took me to a place I never imagined and I'm sure some people won't see what I'm talking about. This story is deep and it's not at all an exploitation film. It's powerful and now has me questioning everything I ever thought I understood about capital punishment. It's entertaining as hell too and still has me spooked one hour later. The only thing that could have been better is if I had seen it in a theater with a big audience. I plan to screen the film this weekend with my mates up here in Boston. Thanks again for the quick delivery and the fantastic film. SS
~Shannon S.

Message #652Posted 12:41:00 PM 02/25/2010
Ya know,I dont understand how some of you ass backwards liberals seem to think that aborting a defenseless baby is perfectly fine but executing a serial killer is "inhumane." Talk about the ultimate hypocrisy! I do believe that every life is special and people have rights but those who choose to rape & kill consistently without remorse lose there rights, & therefore deserve to die! For some, i think the electric chair is too humane, and if you dont agree with me, why dont we go back to the 80's or 90's and someone can tie you to a chair and force you to watch one of ur relatives getting strangled/ butchered by dahmer/ bundy and then have there corpse fucked in every which way until they're too decomposed and the smell's too bad for those sickos to get off on it, then we'll see if your opinion about the death penalty changes! PRO LIFE FOR BABIES! PRO DEATH FOR KILLERS! Amen, end of story!
~Nathan Knaub

Message #651Posted 9:00:05 PM 02/19/2010
Great great great film! I was amazed and completely surprised. Wow, what a story and what a film. Bravo to all who were part of making this extraordinary film. I look forward to seeing it on the big screen! BRAVO!

Message #650Posted 7:31:40 AM 02/16/2010
Well most people may be pro-death penalty before they see this film - but I'd like to know how many feel the same way afterwards. This film is INCREDIBLE!!!
~Simon Shepherd

Message #649Posted 8:30:06 PM 02/14/2010
Well, this death penatly is cruel treatment because first of all, the comdemed people has been insolated for years before thier await of death coming to them.. and also they cannot have pyhschial contacts with thier loved one because the prison visitation area has glass wall with phone, which it not fair for the loved one desired to be touched from these comdemed ones. The elertric chair is very horrderious to me becuase they can feel the pain of elecitric. Believe me, i was accidently pull the plug off the wall, the eletric was touched me, boy.. it was hot and sting like a bee, but exterme pain. So i imanage what it was like on eletrtri chair, like 10 x worser than the plug eletritic sting..... So my opioions is that all states laws should be agianst that. Only thse people can ask God for his forgviness on thier sins and to be repent and accept him as thier savior... before they are going to die on that chiar and going to hell, add more suffering....
~Shauna Neece

Message #648Posted 12:20:13 PM 01/30/2010
NO ALLA PENA DI MORTE! Beato colui che crede nella giustizia...perchè verrà giustiziato.

Message #647Posted 8:34:57 PM 01/11/2010
I spent some time in Supermax, yards from the death chamber, (the guards liked to point that out). The only people on death row were very poor and almost all of African descent.

The death penalty isn't applied fairly in the US, one person gets a year in jail, and another gets the death penalty for the same crime. Thats why I think all executions should be banned in the US.

Message #646Posted 8:36:14 PM 01/7/2010
When are you guys bringing the movie to the DC area. I hear rumors that the film will screen here.

Message #645Posted 1:54:18 PM 01/2/2010
Happy New Year to all the producers of this great movie. I know this movie will affect people around the globe and have a positive impact on everyone who watches it. If you have not seen this movie yet don't miss it.
~Larry H.

Message #644Posted 11:27:32 PM 12/23/2009
I don't believe life in prison without parole is humane treatment. It is so dehumanizing I don't believe in torturing people our governments are no better we have mass murder we call war.I don't believe it should be held up as a dignified way to be a citizen. Just my thought during the Season.--John

Message #643Posted 6:51:59 AM 12/15/2009
This film will show you why the death penalty is inhumane. The first time I saw the film I was blown away by the methodical process of the execution. It's unbelievable and you will never forget it. This is one of the best death penalty movies ever made and when you see the extras on the DVD you will know why.
~Henry Lawson

Message #642Posted 8:51:53 PM 12/14/2009
The Death Penalty is sadistic, amoral and totally wrong and ineffective in stopping violent crime. It is also stupid aas millions of taxpayer dollars are spent to produce a single human corpse that will be buried or cremated. Why not just take the money and burn it or bury it in the ground! The Death Penalty must be repaeled and abolished forever if we are to elevate our society. Captial Punishment is not punishment! It is murder pure and simple! The Death Penalty makes murderers of us all! This is wrong and it must stop!
~Greg Higgs

Message #641Posted 8:15:04 PM 12/10/2009
Love the movie.

Message #640Posted 3:13:48 PM 12/10/2009
We heard through the grapevine that the film will be playing in the Washington DC area. If this is true, please let us know the time, date and place so we can be there. We hope that this is true and we look forward to seeing this film. Thank you.
Brian and Friends
~Brian D.

Message #639Posted 8:24:59 PM 12/8/2009
All I can say is BRAVO! Great film and wow, what an ending. I was absolutely glued to my seat as I watched the last half of this film. And don't get me wrong, the beginning was great too but the ending...oh my God. We had 6 of us all gathered around my big screen TV and nobody moved. There's so much going on with this story too. I want to watch it again to pick up all of the little nuances and secondary story lines. Thanks so much for making such a thought provoking and entertaining film.

Message #638Posted 7:59:31 AM 11/28/2009
I'm so looking forward to seeing this movie in theaters. Please post the time date and place so we can be there. Thanks for the DVD. It's awesome!

Message #637Posted 8:55:22 PM 11/26/2009
I recently saw the DVD and it's a great movie. Makes you think, believe me.
~Lawrence H.

Message #636Posted 5:49:53 AM 11/25/2009
omg u sico
~luke bennit

Message #635Posted 9:51:33 PM 11/23/2009
I can't wait to see this film in theaters. Can you tell me when and where it will be released. Thanks.

Message #633Posted 11:13:23 AM 11/12/2009
In light of all of the attention about the death penalty, this film seems more relevant now than ever before. I would like to see it in theaters on the big screen. Please let us know when the film will be in theaters.
~Ron P.

Message #632Posted 8:49:15 PM 11/10/2009
Tonight's killing of the DC sniper makes me wonder if executing people in America is the right thing to do. Yes, he was a bad man, and yes he should be punished. But for some reason now that he is dead...I don't feel any better about the whole thing. Your film can open the eyes of people around the world about this important issue. I applaud you for making this film. There's no doubt in my mind that people will line up to see your movie. I've heard a lot of good things and I can't wait to see it.

Message #631Posted 7:51:12 AM 11/5/2009
Is it possible to see this film in a movie theater? If so could you please post the information on your website. Great film! Thanks.
~Ellis B.

Message #630Posted 9:58:37 AM 11/1/2009
Holly crap. I watched the movie last night on Halloween around 11pm. It was scary as hell too. Had a bunch of friends over and everyone was freaking out when the condemned man started to walk the mile. Wow what a great experience.
~Jake S.

Message #629Posted 4:56:41 PM 10/30/2009
This is one of the scariest movies that I've ever seen. The crazy thing was that I couldn't take my eyes off of the screen and I couldn't look away especially during the last 30 minutes or so of the film. Talk about intense. We are having an "Execution" party tonight on Halloween to see the movie again with all of our friends. I can't wait to see the expression on their faces when they come face to face with that electric chair!
~Maria Sanchez

Message #628Posted 5:33:23 AM 10/30/2009
I recently purchased the movie and I love it. For the first time I can truly understand what it's like to execute someone. The only problem is that I can't sleep because I keep thinking about this movie. I've seen it 3 times and I pick up something new each time I watch it. Great film and very cool T-shirt!

Message #627Posted 11:06:07 AM 10/28/2009
These convicted killers took the rights or thier victims away. So they need to lose thier rights. I hope when they fry the shit realy flys. They should experiance all the indenities and inconvences of thier exectuion. And they should suffer thier death. They should have excutions should be open to the public because this maybe a deterent.

Message #626Posted 10:49:46 AM 10/28/2009
I know a lot of people who are for the death penalty. We believe in the bible where it says "an eye for an eye". I say if you kill someone then you should die. This movie shows what a real execution is like so if you don't have the guts to watch it then don't look at this movie. But if you want to see a killer pay for his crime then this movie is a must see. If anyone knows if this film is going to be in theaters please let me know. I'll be sure to bring all of my friends and experience this movie on the big screen.
Jason - Birmingham, Alabama
~Jason Fitz

Message #621Posted 6:05:52 PM 10/23/2009
Albert Fish age a little girl called Grace. Took nine days for him to eat her. Death penalty is right.

Rapists, murders, molesters must be put to death.
~Brad Smith

Message #620Posted 1:53:49 AM 10/23/2009
for what he did to those innocent people - he got what he dished out. in a civilized way. we can t let killers with no regaurd for human life with no compassion for others or them selfs walk among us. say what ya want - if it was your family he slaughtered in cold blood - what would you say then. its not killing in the name of justice - its just killing for the sake of destroying evil-that walks among us. we can all agree - what he did was in-human.so the way he is treated in return - should not concern us everyday people. we just send em back to god to judge.
~mike U.S.A.

Message #619Posted 5:41:16 AM 10/19/2009
This is a very powerful film. The audience never took their eyes off of the screen the entire time. Incredible piece of filmmaking.
~Larry Fitz

Message #618Posted 7:21:03 AM 10/17/2009
I recently saw the film and I have one word to describe it. AMAZING! This movie has so many layers to it that it's incredible. I still think about it almost 2 weeks later.
~Sara P.

Message #615Posted 11:22:34 AM 10/14/2009
There's no way "most Brits support the death penalty"! I live in the the UK and I know maybe two people who almost support it! Most Brits I know can't understand how any civilized country can expect to stop people from killing by killing!

Message #614Posted 9:24:43 PM 10/13/2009
Anything is possible behind bars. I've been there and I know first hand what can be done. This movie is a mind bender and makes you think. It will mess with you beliefs and keep you up at night. Parts of the story make me mad and other parts scare the hell out of me. I've never seen another film like this one.
~Garrett H.

Message #612Posted 6:36:55 PM 10/13/2009
Id like to know how, Two film makers got a camera hideen in the death chamber at a top level security facility, Seems a little fake to me, A bit like the moon landing

Message #611Posted 12:29:18 PM 10/2/2009
very interesting film. seems like in the u.s they are very hard on cons...if you guys saw what you can get away with in the u.k, you'd all be astonished. Here you can't defend yourself in your own home with your bare hands without getting arrested. Most brits want the death penalty back. Even if it doesnt stop everyone, it would get rid of the very worst murderers and peodo's

Message #610Posted 12:38:43 PM 09/29/2009
Steve - it was a great event and the article in yesterday's paper (which I saw yesterday morning) was excellent!! Congratulations.

Message #609Posted 12:37:29 PM 09/29/2009
YOU ROCK! Saw the articles about Execution. Sorry I could not be there. You got some really great press.

Message #608Posted 7:23:10 AM 09/25/2009
To all that may have an interest in the death penalty: This is the most extraordinary film about capital punishment I've ever seen. I can promise you that it will change your perspective on the death penalty. It's a very entertaining film that will get you to think. Imagine that!

Message #607Posted 9:32:03 AM 09/19/2009
Dear friends - We all agree that the death penalty is one of the most controversial and hotly argued issues of our time, right up there with religion, popular politics and the economy. You are either in favor of putting people to death or you are not... there is no middle ground!!! I was involved in the making of this film as one of its producers, so it is with great pleasure that this ground breaking film is now offered in its entirety on DVD! I highly recommend that you view the website where you can view actual scenes from one the most controversial films every produced for public viewing! Do it when you have time to explore it thoroughly in a quiet setting. It is almost as provocative as the movie. I invite you to purchase it for your own private viewing. I urge you to read just a few of the over five hundred comments received from viewers just like you. Lastly, I would like to thank my good friend and resident genius, Steven Scaffidi, for having the guts to make a film that puts us all - each and every one of us - on the spot. -Michael Wagner, Exec. Producer
~Michael Wagner

Message #606Posted 5:31:40 AM 09/18/2009
I just finished watching the DVD and I don't know what to say. It is truly an amazing film that touches you on so many levels. I won't be able to sleep tonight thinking about this movie. I agree with many people who have said that the last half hour is the most intense part of the film. But the beginning is so well done with so many sub stories that it builds to the end like a freight train. Fantastic film!
~Juan C

Message #605Posted 7:32:18 PM 09/14/2009
This is the best prison film I've ever seen. The realism is fantastic and the prison scenes are as good as any put on film. This movie is not just another crap film about prison life that comes out every year or so. You must see it to appreciate it. The dvd looked great and the sound was fantastic. I agree with everyone else who says you don't want to miss the last 30 minutes. Unforgettable!

Message #604Posted 4:47:13 PM 09/12/2009
jusy bought my dvd and can't wait to get it!!!!

Message #603Posted 8:24:31 PM 09/11/2009
Oh my God! This film is intense as hell. I felt like I was right there next to the condemned man. The last half hour is unforgettable too! Thank you for sending me the DVD so quickly. I'll definitely pass out your cards and promote your fantastic film.
~Stephen Y.

Message #602Posted 11:15:37 PM 09/10/2009
~Alice G.

Message #601Posted 11:13:30 PM 09/10/2009
See the press release about the death penalty event and "Execution" www.executionfilm.com screening on the St. Martin's Website. Don't miss this unprecedented event.

~St. Martin's

Message #600Posted 9:29:45 PM 09/10/2009

Message #599Posted 5:37:11 AM 09/10/2009
I received the DVD.. I don't believe the prisoner felt any pain. Some of the film crew acted unprofessional. The film is very interesting. Thanks for sending it so quickly.--JC

Message #598Posted 10:08:47 AM 09/9/2009

Message #597Posted 9:43:24 PM 09/8/2009
Don't you just love the controversy here? The entire death penalty issue is controversial so this movie is doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing and that is getting people to talk and think about the death penalty. I really enjoyed the film and it's still on my mind nearly a week after seeing it. The great thing is that this movie has so many layers. I plan to watch it again over the weekend. Bravo!

Message #596Posted 9:09:11 PM 09/8/2009
Is this film real? Come on please tell me. I just watched it 3 times and I'm still unsure. I don't like the fact that I'm confused because I have a graduate degree and I am confident of my decisions most of the time. But I must admit, you have me on this one. Anyway, whether this is real or not is not the important thing. What is important is that you have me thinking about the death penalty and questioning everything I ever believed in. Also I agree with many others who say that the final 30 minutes is breathtaking. I could put it even better than that...it's heart stopping. Great film. OK now tell me...IS IT REAL?

Message #595Posted 8:49:40 PM 09/8/2009
WOW!...this film really hits home. I'm not sure what's real or not but who cares. This is a great story that kept me on the edge of my seat. The last 30 minutes is breathtaking! Thank you for a great film which has found a place in my cherished film library.

Message #588Posted 6:02:38 PM 09/7/2009
I just finsihed watching EXECUTION......
Has to be without a doubt the BEST film I have ever seen about the
Death Penalty. The film really hits home, my opinion about the
death penalty changed several times during the film. Its quite frankly
unbelieveable. Screw Hollywood, this movie again confirms that Independent Films are the best.

B ig Al
Los Angeles, CA

Message #587Posted 7:27:31 PM 09/3/2009
Already ordered. looking forward to watch it!!!!
~Steven Yap

Message #585Posted 7:26:09 PM 09/3/2009
dudee i just ordered this dvd....im super sikedddd!!!! i cant waittt
~Jimmy Shaba

Message #584Posted 11:49:10 PM 09/1/2009
I have been waiting for this film to come out for quite some time now and im glad that it's finally released. One thing im extremely excited about is the fact that i know that this will defiantly open my eyes up more with what happens with the death penalty, and the process that goes along with it. I have been very interested in this subject for a while and for me to able to witness somthing like this is amazing, and for anyone who gets to experiance this film is also amazing. No movie in our lifetime has ever came this close as to what happens and gets that in-depth on the death penalty and how the system works...i would like to applaud the filmakers and the whole crew that went thru this whole process and getting this film out to all of us to veiw and the great job that they have done to get the word out about the movie....and also the great job to been having me on the edge of my seat for a little over a year and a half now with all the little trailers and sneek peeks as to whats going to be in the film.....cant wait for the film to come in :)


Message #583Posted 8:07:15 PM 08/30/2009
Please let us know what the event on September 26th in New Orleans is all about. We are looking forward to attending and seeing the film.
~Lindsay S.

Message #582Posted 11:38:36 AM 08/29/2009
I just ordered the DVD and can't wait to get it. This is very exciting and I look forward to seeing this very interesting story. I hope that this movie opens my eyes to the death penalty issue.

Message #581Posted 5:42:23 PM 08/28/2009
I didn't notice any comments by relatives/friends of the victim. Seems as though they're never counted. I would like to see their review of the film. The truth of it is, the perpetrators of these crimes are stashed away to live with hope. Even if it is hopeless, they're alive while they're victims have suffered mercilessly and died. I wish we could show a "film" of what happened to them. How many would watch and what would you say?
~Doug Johnson

Message #580Posted 7:52:31 AM 08/28/2009
Your conversation about the death penalty was very interesting this morning on WRNO radio. Thanks for opening my eyes to a lot of things that I had no idea about. I can't believe that the electric chair is still being used today! I am so looking forward to seeing this movie. Thank you!

Message #579Posted 9:59:10 PM 08/27/2009
Very impressive my friend!

Message #578Posted 5:52:35 PM 08/26/2009
I have butterflies knowing that this brilliant film will be available to the world any day now. I can't wait to own it!!! If anyone has not seen this film yet you need to buy it. If you have seen it before than you will want to see it again and own it. Bravo!

Message #577Posted 3:58:24 PM 08/26/2009
I haven't even seen or purchased "Exeuction"
but sense the genius behind the film.

Message #576Posted 1:03:45 PM 08/26/2009
saw the billboard by the superdome, its great. have read in blogs that dvd will be for sale sept. 1 and that the website is being totally redone
can't wait to buy the dvd. this films message is something that everyone should experience. thanks ghost rider.
~zach hudson

Message #575Posted 3:14:46 PM 08/23/2009
Can't wait to see this movie!!! Anticapation is killing me.

Message #574Posted 9:04:27 PM 08/21/2009
hot stuff Mr. Scaffidi. Love the red, love the black. Reminds me of Michael Mann's "Red Dragon"(I think that's it, or one before "Silence of the Lamb" ad campaign, or the Island Pictures "Empire of the Sun", something almost Chinese about the graphic interpretation of the "X" ...
billboards ... how cool ...
~Merrick Murdock

Message #573Posted 2:23:02 PM 08/21/2009
Awesome videos on this site. Now I want the dvd. I put my name on the list and hope to get to see this movie soon. Great story.

Message #572Posted 6:28:49 AM 08/19/2009
HMMM - the death penalty sure stops the offender from doing any more harm - BUT it doesnt stop others from doing crimes that incur the death penalty - so what I am asking is -- is it a deterent - i dont think so...Very much looking forward to seeing this film.

Message #571Posted 1:27:33 PM 08/18/2009
we are so excited to see this movie!!!!
~shanno swindell

Message #570Posted 8:46:04 PM 08/4/2009
I came across the trailer to this film on an anti-death penalty website, and became fascinated with it. Could you please tell me of any way I can view this movie? Or when you think it will come out on DVD?

Thank you,
Stryker Swindle

Message #569Posted 8:38:58 PM 08/4/2009
Would you pleas put my name on your DVD list? I've been waiting a long time to see this film Would you tell me what it will cost to buy a copy? Sincerely, John

Message #568Posted 8:47:33 PM 07/30/2009

Message #567Posted 8:43:48 PM 07/30/2009
Please please tell me how to buy this movie. I saw it for the first time at UCLA and it was awesome. I would love to have a personal copy for myself. Thank you.
~Rebecca D.

Message #566Posted 1:32:57 PM 07/30/2009
I would like to know if this film is going to play in the New York area. I believe it would draw a big audience up here and there are many great venues where the film could be screened. I'm also interested in buying the DVD but I would love to see the film in a theater.
~Lincoln C

Message #565Posted 9:48:30 PM 07/22/2009
Seen the film and it is fantastic on the big screen. Hope you guys get a big distribution deal. I'll be the first to own the DVD.
~Jack D.

Message #564Posted 11:44:35 AM 07/21/2009
Hey guys I am really looking forward to seeing this unforgettable movie. The last time I saw it was at Universal in Hollywood and WOW what a powerful story. I still get chills thinking about the final half hour of the film - but all of it had me on the edge of my seat. I'm glad your are releasing the film on DVD but I would much prefer to see it again on the big screen. But owning this one-of-a-kind film is worth its weight in gold. God bless and good luck!
Jenny, Newport Beach
~Jenny W.

Message #563Posted 8:28:25 PM 07/14/2009

I would like to know, if it is possible to get the movie "execution" anywhere. at the university of Oldenburg, Germany, we are dicussing the death penalaty in a seminar. We heard about that movie and would like to see it but don't know where we can get it. i would be very grateful for any help.

Yours sincerly

Andrea Kröger

Message #560Posted 8:37:14 PM 07/12/2009
Heard a lot of great things about this movie. I put my name down on the DVD list so I hope to buy the movie soon.
~Matt W.

Message #558Posted 10:02:17 PM 07/11/2009
Just for the record...this is not a "Fake" movie...it's simply a movie. The story is about 2 filmmakers who record an execution with hidden cameras. This is simply a good story that will put you on the front row and let you make up your own mind about the execution process in America. If you want to believe the story is real or is fiction that is up to you...This is a movie...not a documentary and there has never been a movie quite like this one because of people like Billy Moore and Donald Cabana who star in the film.

Message #557Posted 4:54:53 PM 07/11/2009
I guess its a great movie, but its still a fake movie, the "Condemnd man" is played by William neal moore and he got rescued from death row shortly before hes execution. and there where no elecetrocutions in 95 in that state.

Message #556Posted 7:25:03 PM 07/9/2009
YES! It's about time. Looking forward to seeing Execution.

Message #555Posted 2:30:19 PM 07/8/2009
When is this film being released? I've witnessed an execution and would like to see what this film is all about.
Thanks so much
~Miss Texas

Message #554Posted 6:53:12 PM 07/7/2009
I can't wait to see this film!

Message #553Posted 7:24:11 PM 06/25/2009
Give us a release date if you can. Thanks.
~Matt W.

Message #552Posted 8:48:03 PM 06/21/2009
We are very much looking forward to buying a copy of this DVD. After hearing so much about this film how can we resist. Friends saw the film at King's College and said it was fantastic. Can't wait!!!

Message #551Posted 9:38:11 PM 06/17/2009
I'm not sure if this is fake. Don't be so quick to rush to judgment just because of all the garbage on the internet. I looked at the video clips and audience reaction clips and this film looks really intriguing. How can we buy this film or see it in theaters or on TV?

Message #550Posted 11:51:20 AM 06/17/2009
Its fake so it may be entertaining but anyone with half a brain knows its fiction, and the rest are anti's.

Message #549Posted 6:08:53 PM 06/7/2009
for the death penalty, but we don't use it enough for it to work
~Robert Tageant

Message #548Posted 8:00:59 PM 05/20/2009
We have a group that has follwoed this film from the start. We want to be the first to buy the film. Tell us when and where it will be released so we can purchase the film.
Thank you!

Message #547Posted 6:16:30 PM 05/14/2009
I've been following the progress of this film for 2 years. I'm dying to see this film. Please tell me how I can see it and preferably own it.

Message #546Posted 2:07:31 PM 05/4/2009
This is a great film that should have been in theaters by now. I saw the film at Tulane and close to a thousand people showed up on a rainy night. Talk about making an impact on people. This film puts you right there, front and center and keeps you on the edge of your seat for 90 minutes. Distributors may be afraid of a film like this that features a real condemned man, a real warden and a real priest. Maybe they just don't realize the power of this story...who knows. But I do know one thing. When this film comes out it's going to surprise a lot of people.

Message #545Posted 7:36:06 PM 05/3/2009
This film is something that should have been shown a long, long time ago!

It will allow you to understand the "real" process that takes place and I believe it may have a "deterrent effect" on people who decide to kill.

Message #544Posted 7:11:20 PM 05/3/2009

More news about the film EXECUTION has been released on the film's website www.executionfilm.com. Look for the film's release sometime this summer.

Ghost Rider Pictures is currently in development with the real life story of Condemned Man Billy Moore. Billy spent over 16 years on death row and came within 7 hours of being executed in the electric chair. He is the only man in America to have been convicted of and admitted to murder and is today an unconditional free man due to the forgiveness of his victim's family and the intervention of Mother Theresa. Visit the Ghost Rider website www.ghostriderpictures.com for more information.

Execution Film Partners

~Execution Film News

Message #543Posted 6:14:05 PM 05/3/2009
Please inform me how to buy this movie. So many people talk about it but it's hard to find. I live in England and am sorry to say that I missed the showing at King's College. Will there be any future showings of the film over here or will I be able to buy a DVD?

Message #542Posted 8:35:48 PM 05/1/2009
I saw this film at Tulane and can't wait to get a copy. Great film!!! Please tell me how I can buy this film.
~Jack L.

Message #541Posted 8:12:42 PM 04/28/2009
Several of my mates saw this film in London. They told me I need to see this movie. Please tell me where I can see it and if I can buy a copy. I have many friends that would be interested. Best.

Message #540Posted 7:18:03 PM 04/23/2009
Billy Neal Moore was the condemed man in execution and that was as real as it gets...however you can experience first hand what it is like to be on death watch, by reading the book "I shall not die" It takes the reader into the emotional feelings of watching the minutes tick away. You can order a book from www.ishallnotdie.com or you can get an autographed copy by emailing bnalmoore@aol.com

Message #539Posted 7:45:22 PM 04/12/2009
We were enormously pleased to be able to show "Execution" at the Institute of Criminology. The screening attracted a big audience - and out of term at that! The film prompted enormous interest and debate and there is still a buzz about it. Fantastic! Provocative! Thought-provoking! All the best for future showings.
Loraine Gelsthrope
The University of Cambridge
United Kingdom
~Dr. Loraine Gelsthrope - University of Cambridge

Message #538Posted 6:42:43 PM 04/8/2009
I saw Billy Moore's story on the 700 Club and it was amazing. This is no doubt the most incredible story of forgiveness I've ever seen. I know of many people who were touched by this story like I was. We can't wait to buy the DVD of "Execution" and hopefully one day soon see Billy's story in the movies or on TV. Forgiveness is a powerful message in today's world and Billy Moore is the poster boy for Forgiveness.
~Cynthia B.

Message #537Posted 3:46:20 AM 03/30/2009
What started with a desire for new and unusual halloween props, my life touched on the subject of death penalty and the various methods used to execute capital punishment. My interest in the mechanics of execution sparked almost five years of intense research of the subject. I learned, not only the mechanics of how a person can be killed in the interests of the legal system and potential "safety" of the general public, but got into finding the rationalization behind the concept of public retribution. I discovered I do not know where I stand on the issue and I hope this summer's dvd release of this film will help me come closer to finding where I stand. I will continue to build life sized replicas of the apparatus. History needs a reminder sometimes.
~Jakov Altraides

Message #536Posted 10:42:51 PM 03/23/2009
Billy Moore will be featured on the Christian Broadcast Network's long-running and popular television show The 700 Club. Show producer, Renelle Richardson, interviewed Billy at his home in Rome, Georgia recently. The story will feature reenactments of Billy's crime and tell how Billy became a Christian and how the power for forgiveness worked in his life. Billy's story is scheduled to air on Thursday, April 2nd at 10am ET and 11pm ET on ABC Family Channel. (SEE MORE IN THE NEWS SECTION)

Message #535Posted 7:38:38 PM 03/12/2009
I am the President of the Hofstra Democratic Law Society and would love to show this film to my group. How can I get a copy of this?

Message #534Posted 5:58:27 PM 02/28/2009

I would like to inquire into the possibility of presenting this film to my "Death Penalty" class and to my school, Thomas Goode Jones School of Law (AL).

Please contact me if this is possible or if you have any questions.

Teri Breloski
~Teri Breloski

Message #533Posted 5:42:38 PM 02/28/2009
~Jimmy Ferguson KPFT 90.1 Houston, TX

Message #532Posted 5:34:57 PM 02/28/2009
hallo i am an dutch girl born in netherland 1957 also not 17years but 51years .But i will see the schocking video what must i do for show this page who can help me greetings anneke emailadres unecampione1994@hotmail.com

Message #531Posted 8:51:57 AM 02/28/2009
WOW! This story looks awesome. How can we see this movie? Our friends told us about Execution and said it's a great film.
~Cindy and Rick from St. Paul

Message #530Posted 4:49:52 PM 02/19/2009
I think that the death penalty is only acceptable in particular circumstance's and it should only be inflicted for the most unbearable crimes.The death penalty is such an arguable case amongst many of people, some disagree and others agree. Hopefully by viewing "EXECUTION" will give people a better understanding of the seriousness case of the death penalty. I, personally, have not seen this powerful film whereas I am unable to locate it, but i would be fascinated to watch this film.

Message #529Posted 11:24:52 PM 02/12/2009

Message #528Posted 2:51:18 PM 02/11/2009
I would like to see this film as soon as possible. I started college to become a homicide investigator but then something happened to make me change to criminal prosecution so I am going to law school at this time.. I would like to see this film so I can once and for all decide where I stand on this issue before I ever step foot in a courtroom and put the death penalty on the table. Thank you.

Message #527Posted 8:38:18 AM 02/5/2009
please , when you show me a complete video , real video at the final of the execution
at a condened is death at the end ,,because im empty of this funny and stupid videos , not real , i wont something real , all the execution , please .
~anibal mendonça

Message #526Posted 7:08:38 PM 01/16/2009
Mr. Scotti, please advise how we can see this film. There are many of us who have kept up with this movie over the past year. My good friend had the pleasure of seeing the film in London. Thank you Mr. Scotti.
~Jillian Grober

Message #525Posted 3:40:31 PM 12/21/2008
when are you going to release the DVD? or even bring it to a theather near me? i would like to see this

Message #524Posted 5:16:42 PM 12/17/2008
My husband and I have been following the progress of "Execution" since we saw it at a festival screening in Los Angeles. We both truly enjoyed the film, which we thought was by far the best of the fest, and can't seem to get many of the scenes out of our heads. The final 30 minutes of the movie are some of the most intense and riveting we have ever seen on film. We look forward to the release of "Execution" in the near future and trust that you will post any information as to how we can see it or buy it. We also hope that Mr. Scotti can get the film in theaters because it is captivating on the big screen. Good luck and please keep in touch.
Karen and Dan Bowers - Santa Monica, CA
~Karen and Dan Bowers

Message #523Posted 10:29:28 PM 12/15/2008
please show us this film. a group of us were in the audience at ucla and we were blown away. when will the film be released?

Message #522Posted 10:05:38 PM 12/2/2008
Can you please advise on how to get a video of this movie. Many people are talking about it and it was brought to my attention at my college. I very much look forward to seeing this extremely thought provoking movie.
~Phillipe Jacuet

Message #521Posted 9:03:49 PM 11/27/2008
I would like to purchase this film if possible. Please let me know how I can purchase it.


~Adam Ybarra

Message #520Posted 7:44:24 PM 10/29/2008
I would love to see this movie. I live in the UK and have heard about this film from people who saw it at a screening in London. Please tell me how I can purchase this movie.

Message #519Posted 6:35:48 PM 10/23/2008
Wow this movie looks really good. The video clips are great especially the one from the UK where the girls are pulling their shirts over their eyes. Please let me know where I can get the DVD. Thanks.
~Jackie B.

Message #518Posted 8:52:44 PM 10/18/2008
hey when is this movie out? where can I buy it? please email me if you know at

Message #517Posted 3:56:16 PM 10/18/2008
please tell us how to buy the video. thank you
~lynn d

Message #516Posted 2:59:33 PM 10/5/2008
listen its just plain and simple majority rules

i just looked at the poll and it says 81% of the popl voted for thefilm 2 be seen so there's only 1 solution


Message #515Posted 4:52:15 PM 10/3/2008
Is Joe Scotti one of the Scotti Brothers? These guys are huge and I respect all that they have done in the industry. I can't wait to see this film. How do I get it? PLEEEESSSSEEEEE HELP!

Message #514Posted 9:56:49 AM 09/22/2008
Reprieve is deeply saddened by the execution of Jack Alderman. Jack, who was the longest serving death row prisoner in the United States, had been on Georgia’s death row for over 33 years. He was executed yesterday evening. Clive Stafford Smith, Reprieve’s Director, said: “I am devastated. Jack was a model prisoner and loved by many. The fact that Jack was killed despite his strong claim of innocence demonstrates with depressing clarity why this barbaric practice must end.”

~Reprieve NEWS

Message #513Posted 1:27:14 PM 09/15/2008
Jack Alderman, who has been on Georgia’s death row for over 33 years, has received a stay of execution. Today a Judge ordered that Jack’s execution – scheduled for tomorrow – should not be carried out until the State Board of Pardons and Paroles grants a “meaningful” hearing at which Jack’s legal team and witnesses will have an opportunity to appeal for clemency. “How hard, how difficult would it be before the state takes someone’s life, as a matter of grace … for you to have this hearing?” asked the Judge. A time for the hearing has not yet been scheduled.

~Jack Alderman NEWS

Message #512Posted 7:37:55 PM 09/11/2008
Please!!!...how can I get a copy of this film. I've been following this story since I saw the film at UCLA. There's a lot of people who will buy it if we can only find it!

Message #511Posted 3:04:26 PM 09/10/2008
I read a book now about death penalty and I would realy love to see this film. Because I can't actually witness something like that

Message #510Posted 8:51:46 AM 09/10/2008
Dear Steven

Jack Alderman is the longest serving prisoner on death row in the USA. Sentenced to death in June1975 for the murder of his wife, Jack has been on death row for over 33 years and is scheduled to die by lethal injection on 16th September.

John Brown, a neighbour and former colleague of Jack’s, confessed to killing Jack’s wife Barbara Jean and staging an accident. He later said that he and Jack had killed her together and that Jack had promised to pay him for his role in the killing. No other evidence was presented at trial - just one man’s word.

Both men were sentenced to death but Brown later pled guilty in return for a prison sentence and was freed after serving 12 years. Jack, however, has always claimed his innocence. In 1985 he refused the opportunity to have his sentence commuted to life in return for a guilty plea; he said that he cannot confess to a crime that he did not commit.

Jack received a stay of execution last October while a decision on the lethal injection was pending in the Supreme Court. Following the court’s decision earlier this year that death by lethal injection does not constitute cruel and unusual punishment, executions have resumed across the country and Jack has been issued with a death warrant.

Reprieve’s Director Clive Stafford Smith said “I first met Jack in 1981, 27 years later the state of Georgia still want to execute him. He is an old man now compared to when I first met him, it is just obscene”.

Thank you for your support. At Reprieve we are currently working on 21 death penalty cases around the world, providing free legal and investigative assistance. Please help us to continue to do this life saving work by pledging your support with a regular donation, at http://www.reprieve.org.uk/donate.htm.

With best wishes,
Laura Stebbing
PO Box 52742, London, EC4P 4WS
Tel: 020 7427 1087

Message #509Posted 8:22:21 AM 09/10/2008
i saw this film at the university of cambridge. powerful, is all i can say. some people got upset because the film never says anything negative about the death penalty or executions but that's what i love about this film. it doesn't preach to you. it simply takes you behind bars and puts you face to face with the condemned man and his final days on earth. then you will actually sit front and center at his execution like no other film before. it's truly amazing and makes you question everything about the entire execution process. this is a great film.
~jeremy in london

Message #507Posted 3:10:06 PM 09/8/2008
Love the video clips and film trailer on this site. So how do we see the movie? The comments on here are an amazing testiment to this film. I don't give a damn if the execution is real or not. This story has captivated me and now I'm dying to see the film. I think the movie trailer is as good as any I've seen come out of Hollywood. No bullshit.

Message #506Posted 12:27:29 PM 08/14/2008
I heard the film will be in theaters this year. Several of my friends saw it at some special screening in LA and said it's awesome. That's about all I know.

Message #505Posted 9:59:04 AM 08/14/2008
Can you please tell me how I can see this movie? I live in Germany and found this website from someone I know who saw the film in London. There are many people over here who woulld pay to see this. If anyone has any information about the movie please post it on the website. Thank you.

Message #504Posted 6:28:12 PM 08/11/2008
I read with curiosity some of the hundreds of comments on this amazing website. I'm sure there are millions of people who want to see this movie but it's hard to find. Can you help?
~From Down Under

Message #503Posted 11:05:41 PM 08/9/2008
Wait this is described as a "docudrama" with unproffesional actors? So well done that it could be confused as a documentary? In other words, aren't you saying this is an acted out execution? I'm a little confused...

Message #502Posted 11:15:26 AM 08/3/2008
Let me just say this... he took a human life and he deserves to die. Did he give his victim a few years to plea her case?? NO!! Did his victim die a humane death?? NO!! Did his victim get a last meal?? NO!! Did she get to say goodbye to her family?? NO!!I think they should kill him the same way his victim died.. walk in his cell in the middle of the night and rip him to shreads.. MENTALLY ILL?? PLEASE. ALL these scumbags use that one. And all the BS appeals he has had is tax money that could have been to take care of homeless and GOOD people.
~Herman Smith

Message #501Posted 8:56:45 PM 08/2/2008
could u upload the movie of execution? would be great to see it thanks!

Message #500Posted 12:47:27 PM 07/29/2008
We are very interested in seeing this film. Have been following it on the internet for several months after a friend told me about the website. I know several people who saw the movie at UCLA and say it was really good so please give me info on how I can see this film. Thank you.

Message #498Posted 4:43:40 PM 07/17/2008
Dear Steven

Dale Leo Bishop is scheduled to die on 23 July – in less than a week. Reprieve volunteers worked on his case and uncovered evidence that he was mentally ill, crucial evidence which his post-conviction lawyers ignored. I have set out some further information about his case below and there is a letter to the Governor of Mississippi at the end of this e-mail. Please write to him urging him to commute Dale’s sentence or, at least, to grant him a Reprieve.

Thank you for your support.

Best wishes,

Laura Stebbing

PO Box 52742, London, EC4P 4WS
Tel: 020 7427 1087

Reprieve delivers justice and saves lives, from death row to Guantánamo Bay. To find out more or to make a donation visit: www.reprieve.org.uk
~Laura Stebbing

Message #497Posted 6:01:02 PM 07/10/2008
the public has the right to see what happens when they execute someone .

Message #496Posted 7:04:35 AM 07/4/2008
I came across the trailer to this film on an anti-death penalty website, and became fascinated with it. Could you please tell me of any way I can view this movie? Or when you think it will come out on DVD?


Message #495Posted 8:28:09 AM 06/18/2008
Please tell me how I can buy this movie. Website looks really interesting and I heard a lot about this film through the college grapevine. Will it be coming to theaters?
~Gary G.

Message #494Posted 2:22:47 PM 06/10/2008
THANK YOU very much to all who took action over the weekend and yesterday to ask Virginia Governor Tim Kaine to commute the death sentence of Percy Walton, who was scheduled to be executed tonight (6/10/08) at 9pm for his murders of Jessie Kendrick, Elizabeth Kendrick and Archie Moore. Late yesterday afternoon, Governor Kaine commuted Percy Walton's death sentence to life in prison without the possibility of parole, citing Walton's severe mental illness. You can read the Governor's statement here.

Please take a moment to thank Governor Kaine for this action.

Gov. Tim Kaine
P.O. Box 1475
Richmond, Virginia 23218
Phone: (804) 786-2211
Fax: (804) 371-6351
~Abe Bonowitz

Message #493Posted 1:05:20 PM 06/4/2008
Was wondering if u could upload the movie execution? Would be great to see it....Hope someone can thanks!


Message #492Posted 5:29:59 AM 05/12/2008
If the people of the United States will allow the State to carry out executions, it better be informed about what an execution consists of. They better see what they are supporting. The people who support the death penalty have to face the fact that they have blood on their hands and learn to live with that.
~Juan Arturo

Message #491Posted 11:44:19 PM 05/8/2008
I watched this film and...Holy shit! I really find three stories in it: The inmates, the wardens, and the film makers. A lot of questions pop up. Not just on the subject of the death penalty, but those who participate in the actual execution, and then as a documentary filmmakers how close do you get to your subject. That shot with Cabana looking into the hidden camera is classic! This film could appeal not only to death penalty advocates, but film schools, journalistic ethicists, criminal justice and corrections personnel. It was powerful for me.
Congratulations on a well-done film. I have seen many films on this subject - The Green Mile, Last Dance, I want to Live, Dead Man Walking, but this was unique. The director weaved several factors in that allow for an animated discussion on so many levels - the detachment of the guards, the compassion of the priest, the conflicting points of view of the two film-makers, the human side of a death row inmate, the underlying psychological reasons why he killed. And the execution scene was perfect, mechanical, not over the top. Shocking in its simplicity really. I can go on all day but the filmmaker did a great job with this film.


Message #490Posted 11:15:18 AM 04/29/2008
Dear Mr. Scaffidi,

Thank you very much for showing your film, EXECUTION, at Seattle University. As an educator, I appreciate any opportunity that can help students become interested in criminal justice issues. Your film captured the attention of our students, and it fostered a deep discussion about the use of the death penalty in the United States. I greatly appreciate the fact that your film offered a platform for such a discussion.

I deeply appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to bring the film to our campus, to speak with the audience, to bring Billy to speak at the debut of the film, and to answer questions from audience members. Not only did you help the students and audience members understand the deeper layers of the death penalty, but you have sparked the interest of many students who are now questioning the use of the death penalty.

Once again, thank you for your time and effort in coordinating your presentation. I look forward to viewing your future film.

Dr. Elaine Gunnison, Ph.D.
~Dr. Elaine Gunnison, Ph.D.

Message #489Posted 8:52:32 PM 04/17/2008
Dear Steven

We were enormously pleased to be able to show ‘Execution’ at the Institute of Criminology. The screening attracted a big audience - and out of term at that!
The film prompted enormous interest and debate and there is still a buzz about it. Fantastic! Provocative. Thought-provoking.

All the best for future showings!
Best wishes

Dr Loraine Gelsthorpe
University of Cambridge
Director of Postgraduate Programmes
United Kingdom
~Dr. Loraine Gelsthorpe

Message #488Posted 10:45:24 AM 04/17/2008
I'm fascinated by this topic. It's always in the news. How can I buy a DVD or will I be able to see the film on TV or in theaters? Looks like a lot of people like this movie too. I heard about it from a friend who saw it at UCLA. Thanks.
~B. Hill

Message #487Posted 11:26:37 PM 04/11/2008
By far the best film I've seen in years. The audience was glued to the screen and you could hear a pin drop. Amazing experience. Please let me know when the movie is available on DVD.

Message #486Posted 7:38:45 PM 04/10/2008
Great movie! The students here are still talking about the film and are excited to view the You Tube clip. The student newspaper came out today with a front page story! Thank you so much for coming to the three CWU campuses.
~Professor , Central Washington University

Message #483Posted 9:10:27 PM 04/7/2008
Great film!!! The showing at CWU kept the entire audience on the edge of their seats. I've personally never seen anything like it. Please let us know when the film will be available on DVD. Even better if we can see it again on the big screen in a theater.

Message #482Posted 5:30:08 PM 04/7/2008
I went and seen this film at CWU as an extra credit assignment for my forensic science class at everett community college. This film was incredible!!!! It has definitely changed my views on capital punishment. Steve I have to say you definitely got the reaction and roller coaster of emotions from me, that you were looking for! Amazing work. THEN having Billy walk to the front of the class. WOW! I thought for sure he was dead. That was intense. Thank you all for traveling and showing the work you have done. I feel ery fortunate that I got to see this.

Message #481Posted 3:23:43 PM 04/5/2008
the fact that this film is not out in theaters across the u.s. clearly
confirms that unless you have a major star or major money behind you, the distributors won't touch your film. EXECUTION is one of the most significant films of our times. the film is edgy, but yet educatoinal to a point. the actors may not be "stars" but they do a great job and are very BELIEVEABLE. if the cohen brothers or ben afleck had done EXECUTION the film would be heralded by hollywood as "revoluntionary" or "groundbreaking". hang in there guys,you have a significant and great film. who ever is smart enough to distribute this film will laugh all the way to the bank.

the lancer

Message #480Posted 3:28:23 AM 04/4/2008
great film. i was blown away. never seen anything like this before. unforgettable.

Message #479Posted 12:32:29 AM 04/4/2008
Let me say this...this film will no doubt open your eyes to the execution process. Fantastic journey into the last days of a man's life on death row. Mayebe the best on film in many many years. Kudos to the director on this one. I'm sure it's way too edgy for the Hollywood execs but what do they know anyway. All I can say is that I will never ever forget this fabulous story.

Message #478Posted 2:49:30 PM 04/3/2008
This film will make you second guess even your own beliefs on the death penalty issue. A fantastic movie and event put on by CWU.

Message #477Posted 11:56:52 AM 04/3/2008
WOW! Great film, great event, great Q&A. Thanks to Billy and Steven for an unforgettable experience. Everyone is talking about last night. CWU rocks!

Message #476Posted 11:06:10 AM 04/3/2008
I saw this film last night at CWU. I was glued to the screen the entire duration. I did not know if what I was watching was real or not. I seriously thought I was watching a real execution. Next thing I know, the man who just died came walking down the aisle right past me to be on the discussion panel. It was amazing. Not knowing what was real or not throughout the movie made it an even better viewing experience. Thank you for coming to CWU.

Message #475Posted 11:58:15 PM 04/2/2008
This film was absolutely brilliant!! Billy's story is truly inspirational and having him at CWU-Ellensburg-Made the experience rememorable and eye-opening. Thank You to Steve and to all those involved for making this film. Watching this film has made a difference in my life and the way I view capitol punishment. I hope this film sparks a change...
~Justin M

Message #474Posted 8:40:20 PM 04/2/2008
Pedro , the film played last night at CWU Des Moines campus. It's playing tonight, Wed April 2nd, at the he main CWU campus then thursday, April 3rd, at Seattle University and Friday April 4th at CWU in Lynnwood. So before you start posting profanities on here maybe you should get your facts right. Hopefully you're not a math major
~Richard Remppel

Message #473Posted 4:29:11 PM 04/2/2008
the film has not been shown yet at CWU, so how could there be a review of the screening? do the math.

Message #472Posted 4:26:15 PM 04/2/2008

Message #471Posted 1:07:19 AM 04/2/2008

Message #470Posted 10:10:04 AM 03/28/2008
Would it be too much trouble to ask the producers of this film to please bring it back to England. We heard so much about this movie and only a handful of us could attend the showing at Cambridge. The room was sold out before we could get in and there were many more like me that were unable to see it. Everyone who did attend the screening is still talking about it and they say the last half hour is unbelieveable. Please if possible bring this film back.

Message #469Posted 9:43:35 PM 03/25/2008
I've seen the crap that's out there and this film is worth seeing. It's not your typical story and that's what makes it so good. Hey if Hollywood can vote "No Country" as best picture then this film should win the Academy Award. It's the most original I've ever seen. Hands down!!!

Message #468Posted 7:18:57 PM 03/19/2008
great film!!! don't miss this movie. it is awesome and if you are prepared to sit through the last half hour you will never forget it. bravo!!!

Message #467Posted 3:07:59 AM 03/16/2008
Is this real or not? UCLA, Cambridge, Tulane, North Carolina and more - makes me think that this film is worth watching. Very impressed by the video clips and the reaction of the audience. Most movies are forgettable by the time you get to your car. This one looks like something not to miss. Can't wait to see it. When will it be in theaters or on DVD???
~J. Beck

Message #466Posted 11:28:19 PM 03/7/2008
How do I get a copy of this film? The story is fantastic and It's got me very curious to know more about this execution and the entire process. I've been following this thing since Tulane. PLEASE!!! tell us how we can see this film.

Message #465Posted 11:23:46 AM 03/6/2008
The UCLA screening of "Execution" was tremendous. I was literally blown away and so were the people with me. One of the most provocative films I've ever seen! Thanks to everyone at UCLA for bringing this film to the campus.

Message #464Posted 4:07:50 PM 02/27/2008
I'm confused...you're pitching this like a documentary, but never use the word documentary. So, which is it?

Message #463Posted 11:48:17 AM 02/24/2008
i read about this film on the amnesty website. can't wait to see it. i filled out the dvd request form on the homepage and look forward to the release of this movie. i have been reading all of the comments from america and around the world and it's amazing how this film has struck such a cord with people. it goes to show you that there's lots of interest in this subject. i especially like the movie trailer and clips on you tube.
brandon. go bruins!!!
~brandon p

Message #462Posted 9:03:22 PM 02/22/2008
This film is wild. I saw it in the UK and had to stand in the back of the room it was so crowded. I could not take my eyes off the screen and the last 30 minutes of the film is the most intense I've ever seen. Don't miss it.

Message #461Posted 10:22:20 PM 02/18/2008
~CCPS Solutions

Message #460Posted 6:39:10 AM 02/18/2008
People should watch this film especially those who are in favour of the death penalty. They have to see how accepting the death penalty debases the justice system and by that token one of the pillars of US society.
~Jorgen Hede

Message #459Posted 12:48:12 AM 02/17/2008
I have spent hours and hours for a few weeks now trying to find this movie so I can watch it. Ive just found your site here on youtube- can you tell me where I can watch this? Is it available on the net?

Message #458Posted 10:04:45 PM 02/8/2008
I heard that the film is coming to UCLA in the next few weeks. Looking forward to the event. Heard lots of good things about this film and the stir it's made at Universities around the world. The clips on YouTube are great.

Message #457Posted 7:14:28 PM 02/3/2008
Hi there, congratulations on what I hear to be a very powerful documentary. As a South African I am interested in buying the DVD but am finding it difficult to obtain. Is there a way in which I could buy it online or any other method you could suggest.


Message #456Posted 9:32:53 PM 01/23/2008
I have been waiting for six years to see this flick! I'm excited to hear of the upcoming release!!!!!!!

Message #455Posted 8:57:30 PM 01/22/2008
hi i was just emaily to fond out when the dvd for the
movie will be realesed because i would like to get a
copy of it when it comes out...im very intrested in
this film and i would like to find out the release of
the file so i can purchase a copy of it

Message #454Posted 8:43:38 PM 01/22/2008
my name is elizabeth and i am from australia. i have heard alot about your execution film and i would very muchlike to see it however i am having trouble finding it.
Could you please tell me how to purchase it or where i can find it.

Message #452Posted 2:45:56 PM 01/22/2008
Everyone in congress and in the Senate, including all governors and the President should have to persoally witness an execution. Then they might have doubts about it.
~interested reader

Message #451Posted 9:23:40 AM 01/9/2008
I saw this film in London at Cambridge. I was blown away. I never dreamed I would care about this issue, but after seeing it, I was moved by the topic. Everyone should see this film. If you're going to sit on a jury in the U.S and decide whether we should be killing people, you should educate yourself on the topic.

Message #450Posted 11:07:50 PM 01/3/2008
Wow!!! Great film, great site great buzz!!! God bless the independent filmmakers of the world. Can't wait to see this film in theaters worldwide!

Message #449Posted 12:11:03 AM 12/29/2007
That's not a real video, it's just re-enaction.

Message #448Posted 3:20:16 AM 12/16/2007
~Ken Anderson

Message #445Posted 3:15:05 AM 12/16/2007
The execution is a rotten foul disguisting way humans treat other humans. The next execution should be Texas governor Rick Perry. He is an accessory to dozens of mass murders.
~Jon pedersen

Message #444Posted 4:53:41 PM 12/1/2007
We will be there at King's in London. This movie is important and we want to see what happens when a man is killed by his own people. How can a government allow people to kill each other. Hopefully this film will open many people's eyes around the world and we are happy that it is coming to the UK.

Message #443Posted 10:51:34 PM 11/30/2007
I saw this film in Georgia and it's a good film. I don't give a damn if it's real or not. I'm not sure but it doesn't matter, it's good. That's all that matters. This is a really good movie.

Message #440Posted 7:34:18 PM 11/29/2007
Amazing film!!! Who cares if it's real or not. I have no idea but the story is fantastic and the scenes are unforgettable. Please let us know when the movie will be released to the public. Thanks.

Message #439Posted 10:40:13 AM 11/22/2007
This is long over due in coming to you. It was such a pleasure to see
you in L.A., at Universal City, for the Moondance Film Festival
premiere of "Execution". Wow!! I so enjoyed the film, and seeing you
again after all these years. Thanks for keeping me informed of your
wonderful progress. The two films are doing so well. I'm very proud
of you and what you have accomplished.
~T. Pride

Message #437Posted 4:58:03 PM 11/19/2007
gggggrrrrreeeeeaaaaattttt!!!!!! just heard EXECUTION will be screening in London first week of December. At Cambridge no less. we will be there in force to see this film. also heard the condemned man will be in attendance with a Q and A to follow. this is great news. you guys are the best for bringing this film to the UK. maybe those bleeding hearts will see what you get when you murder in cold blood. bloody great.

Message #436Posted 8:50:33 PM 11/13/2007
“This is potentially one of the most important films ever to be produced on this subject. Congratulations to all concerned"

– Simon Shepherd, Death Watch International
~Death Watch

Message #435Posted 8:49:14 PM 11/13/2007
This film will shake you to your core. If you are ready to take the ride you will be blown away. No doubt the best film I've seen in years. I admire the spirit of this truly independent film. Brilliant filmmaking that makes one think.

Message #434Posted 12:33:50 PM 10/30/2007
Looking forward to seeing this movie tonight. Website is great as well as the clips. UNC is a great school and this is the type of story that gets attention here. Thanks for bringing your movie to our campus.
~Tar Heel Nation

Message #433Posted 9:19:48 PM 10/26/2007
i can understand why everyone is talking about this movie...because it's good, damn good too. i personally saw the reactions of the audience and they were blown away because the film is powerful. i don't want to overstate the facts but i was frozen in my seat the entire time. even though i knew the story...seeing it on the big screen was something else. this is one of the best films i've seen. and i'm not alone when i say this. this movie is a hit!
~brandon armstrong

Message #432Posted 9:32:10 AM 10/26/2007
OK Don't be fooled...you seem to know it all. Let's just set the record straight. The Execution in the film takes place in 1995 ... do you know where Cabana was in 1995? Do your research. As far as propaganda goes ... have you seen the entire film...if not hold your judgement until then on the reality of the film. Simply put...this film takes you inside America's death chamber and puts the audience on the front row of an execution. The film doesn't make a statement or take a stand for or against the death penalty and let's the audience decide for themselves if this is right or wrong. Finally, the warden doesn't talke joy in executing anyone...he's simply doing his job...and by the way...I love Cabana's accent...it's 100% real.
~Get your facts straight

Message #431Posted 4:34:26 PM 10/24/2007
I would like to update on my previous post. To be more specific, Dr. Cabana is the warden of the Harrison County Jail in Mississippi. He was the superintendent at Mississippi State Penitentiary in 2004. However, as stated, Dr. Cabana is currently the warden of the Harrison County Jail.

I noticed in the film that Dr. Cabana, playing the part of the warden, had a fake sounding Southern accent. I was born and raised in the South. I know a real Southern accent when I hear one. Dr. Cabana is supposed to be a "real" Southern warden in this film. BALONEY. Dr. Cabana is originally from the state of MASSACHUSETTS. A true blood Yankee if there ever was one. He is no more a Southerner than Sen. Ted Kennedy. Granted, for being a former superintendent in the state of Mississippi, Dr. Cabana would have acquired some degree of southern lexicon, mannerisms, accent, etc. But when I listen to Dr. Cabana, I can easily tell that he is not originally from the South. The big lie about this film is that it is supposed to be real, and the "warden" is supposed to be this "Southern" law man helping the condemned to "ride the lightning" LOL LOL LOL. You have to be kidding me. NO REAL WARDEN WOULD EVER SAY SUCH A THING AT ANYTIME. It is Dr. Cabana's attempt to portray a stereotypical, white, Southern, racist, lawman holding the black man down. In other words lies, propaganda, and leftist politics.

Ask yourself this question. If Dr. Cabana is the warden of a county jail ( which he is in real life ), how is it that he is in charge of executing a prisoner in a state prison's electric chair ? Logically, that cannot be so. A county jail warden would be in no way what-so-ever be involved in a state execution. That's because this film is entirely fiction as I stated from my first post. Don't be so gullible people... and easily mislead by left-wing propaganda and carpetbaggers. Think for yourself !!

Oh, and one last thing. Dr. Cabana is well known by his statements in his books and lectures that he is highly against the death penalty. So then, we have an obvious bias from Dr. Cabana from the get-go. That is why he was chosen to play the warden in this movie.
~I Cannot Be Fooled

Message #430Posted 7:09:16 PM 10/21/2007
Yes Mr. Cabana is a real warden in a county jail. Albeit, he is acting in his capacity as an actor. Yes, real people in real-life situations are being utilized. But they are all performing as actors. This film is a DRAMA. It is not, nor has it ever been, a documentary. This film is listed as a drama on multiple movie web sites, and NOT as a documentary. Again, this is NOT a documentary of an actual execution as the film makers would have you believe. It is a work of fiction. By using logic and deductive reasoning, it is quite easy to conclude that this is a propaganda film. This is akin to the movie: Blair Witch Project, in so much as the movie was presented as real. It misled the majority of movie goers into believing that what they were seeing was real, when in fact, it was a total work of fiction. Why are people so gullible? Because most people WANT to believe it, or because they are too brain washed by the modern age of mass communication into finding out the truth for themselves. Propaganda is a very powerful tool. Hitler knew this.
~I cannot be fooled

Message #429Posted 7:28:12 AM 10/21/2007
In response to "Don't be Fooled":
Sometimes when you think you know it all you get hit from another perspective that makes you look at things a whole new way. You seem to be pretty sure of yourself when it comes to the reality or non-reality of this movie. I've done my homework have you? The warden in this movie is Dr. Donald Cabana. Do you know who he is? Well if you don't then maybe you should "Google" his name. If you do that you will see that he's a real warden, in fact maybe the best known prison warden in America. He wrote the book "Death at Midnight" and is featured in the documentary "Fourteen Days in May". Also do you know who William Neal Moore is. If you don't then check him out too. Mr. Moore's story is amazing to say the least and he was on death row in Georgia for over 16 years. I read all about him on the internet and this is no joke. So before you go off half cocked and assume that everything is "fake" think again my friend.
~Don't be fooled AGAIN

Message #428Posted 10:55:58 PM 10/18/2007
what about the UK? will the film be showing in this country or other parts of europe.

Message #427Posted 10:53:46 PM 10/18/2007

Message #426Posted 6:14:40 PM 10/17/2007
~Pete L.

Message #425Posted 6:11:29 PM 10/17/2007
“This is potentially one of the most important films ever to be produced on this subject. Congratulations to all concerned"

– Simon Shepherd, Death Watch International
~Death Watch

Message #424Posted 7:29:54 PM 10/16/2007
not so sure this is fake as the person ahead of me said. i'm not a computer expert but it's easy to take old pictures and put them in jpg form. and after carefully looking at the pictures they look old to me. if there were "coffee stains" as stated above then that would be something i would certainly question. the mother and boy look very genuine. i've been following this story on the web and look forward to seeing the film so i can judge for myself. but the power of this story is not so much how real the footage is but how accurately it portrays the execution process. lots of people talking about this movie too so that tells me there's something to this. just my humble opinion.

Message #421Posted 3:38:55 PM 10/16/2007
I forgot to mention the gorgeous lighting and photogenic qualities of the subjects. Notice the one taken in "1950" of the mother and son who are cheek-to-cheek. The aforementioned photo is definately a professional composition. It is not just an ordinary picture; it is in fact a portrait. There are many artistic elements to be found in these photos. Such as Focal Point, Professional Lighting, Value, etc. Notice the mother's forehead in the cheek-to-cheek composition - it is so clear and the lighting so perfect that you can see clearly the small "bumps" and other normal facial imperfections. Also there are no cuts, scratches, scrapes, abrasions, coffee stains, marks, folding, fraying or AGING in any of the so-called photos. You would expect that over 57 years of aging that some of these marks would be evident in said photos.
~I cannot be fooled

Message #420Posted 3:07:15 PM 10/16/2007
This is by far the MOST FAKE so called "footage" of an execution. It is obvious that the people in the film clips are actors. No warden would EVER say, "He's gonna ride the lightning" or words to that effect. This is an attempt to portray a stereotypical white Southern lawman. It is total leftist propaganda. Also, if you look at the photographs ( black and white ), the clarity is outstanding for photos presumed to have been taken in the early 1950's. And even more remarkable is that the photos presented are of course in a computer format ( i.e., JPG, TIFF, or other type of format ). There would be at least some loss of quality or distortion of clarity from the original. To have such clear photographs in that era would have required an expensive camera, or to pay a professional photographer to take them. The mother and son are portrayed to be poor African-Americans - in an era when most black people were very poor. I highly doubt that people in their position would have had the funds for such excellent photography, especially when food and a roof over your head were far more important. Lastly, notice how very modern looking the subjects are in the photos. Obviously this is a sham.
~I cannot be fooled

Message #419Posted 2:57:29 PM 10/7/2007
The film is playing tonight in Covington if anyone wants to come see it. It's playing at the Ozone Film FEstival on Sunday night, October 8, 2007 at 8 pm. The address is Fuhrmann Auditorium 317 N. Jefferson St. Covington, LA 70433. Hope to see you there.
~angelle albright

Message #418Posted 7:47:30 PM 09/27/2007
Great film! No doubt the most powerful film I've seen in years maybe ever. To sit on the front row of a man's final hours is something everyone should see. This film shows the human side of a killer. It really pulls at your emotions and makes you think. The execution process is barbaric to say the least. Nothing is more haunting then to know the time, date and place of your death. Unforgettable film...it's changed my life and my views on capital punishment.
~Nicholas J.

Message #417Posted 12:11:14 PM 09/24/2007
Saw the film in Vegas and it blew me away. I'm sure it will upset some but the power of this film is incredible. I hope every college student (especially law) in America gets the privilege to see this powerful film. I salute the filmmakers for having the "balls" to produce this undoubtedly controversial movie.
~Death Row Lawyer

Message #415Posted 10:33:38 PM 09/13/2007
Hello my name is Todsha, I am a student that would like more information regarding the man that you have on your web site. My class and I are having a debate on the death penalty, and I ran across your site. Please send me information regarding the person in this story. I would like to know what lead him to death row.


Message #414Posted 9:34:32 PM 09/11/2007
I saw this film last week in Rome and loved it. It's a wild ride that put the audience in the witness box at an actual execution. I was scared to death but also intrigued to the point that I could not look away. It was the most amazing film I've ever seen and by far the best of the fest. Thank you Rome for having the guts to screen the unforgettable film.

Message #413Posted 6:31:48 AM 08/29/2007
Looks very intriguing.
Please let me know when it's available on DVD.
~Michael Fernandez

Message #411Posted 11:42:24 PM 08/25/2007
This film rocks. Words can't describe how creepy this film is. WOW is all I can say.

~Josh P

Message #410Posted 11:44:14 PM 08/22/2007
When will this film be released in Europe? All the clips and photographs on here look authentic. This is the kind of story that will do very well over here. We are interested in the United States execution process. Very interesting how they keep people in prison for years then one day they just kill them. In my opinion if they are going to execute someone who is guilty then they should just do it quickly and just get it over with. Why keep them in prison for years? It make no sense. Please let me know where I can see this film since I will not be able to come to the U.S. for the screenings. Cheers.

Message #409Posted 7:27:02 PM 08/20/2007
RIDE THE LIGHTNING BABE!!! Just saw the clip on You Tube. It rocks!

Message #408Posted 7:24:16 PM 08/20/2007
There's been lots of talk about this film. It's controversial for the simple fact that people are passionate about the death penalty issue. This website rocks and I can't wait to see the film in Rome. We have a group driving up from Atlanta and this is the film we want to see. The video clip from Tulane is very convincing plus everyone is talking about this film. Is it real or not - hell if I know. What I do know is that it's interesting as hell.

Message #407Posted 10:39:31 PM 08/11/2007
Saw this film at Tulane and damn it's good. Didn't know if I would like it, especially worried about my girlfriend. But the story takes hold of you from the beginning. The walk to the chair is unforgettable. It's not the Green Mile and thank God for that. This is the real deal I assure you. No bullshit, it's good unless you are afraid to watch a killer "ride the lightning" as the warden says. Honestly, nobody moved during the film's credits and actually sat still for a good time after the credits rolled. I've never seen that with any other movie.

Message #406Posted 9:54:21 PM 08/11/2007
Dear Execution Filmmakers,

I'm so intrigued about your story. How did you shoot this film and where was this man executed? This is such a good story and my friends and I want to see your movie. We noticed in the news section that the movie is playing at several film festivals. We plan on seeing your movie in Los Angeles. I have so many questions but will save them after I see the entire movie. Thank you for your time.

Austin G.

Message #405Posted 10:38:35 PM 08/9/2007
Rumor has it that this film is going to play at UNC (University of North Carolina). If this is true we want to know when and where. We have friends at Tulane and they said it was amazing .... scary too. We have a group that debates topic of interest like the death penalty and we can't wait to see "Execution". Please post the information when it becomes available. Thanks from all of us at UNC. Go Tar Heels!!!

Message #401Posted 12:11:35 AM 08/8/2007
I've seen this film and it's good. Now I don't want to over sell this thing but you have to see it to appreciate it. I was in the theater at Tulane and I don't think one person even got up and there were a hell of a lot of people in there. Maybe a thousand but it's hard to tell because the place was so big. What I love about the movie is that it takes you to the edge of the whole execution process and let's you see for yourself what really takes place on death row. I've seen the Green Mile, Monster's Ball, Dead Man Walking and the rest but this film is different. It's so much better than all the others because it's real. My recommendation is DON'T MISS THIS FILM. People are still talking about it and it's not what you think. So until you see it you can comment all you want but you really have no idea. ***** (5 Stars)

Message #400Posted 5:35:31 PM 08/6/2007
as soon as the dvd is ready pls let me know
kelly g.
~Kelly G.

Message #399Posted 9:25:00 PM 07/30/2007
My name is Joanna and I just watched the trailer for the movie Execution. I was wondering if there is any way to purchase the movie because I am very interested in watching it. Thank you.

Joanna B
~Joanna B.

Message #398Posted 9:45:16 AM 07/30/2007
Lot's of talk and obvious controversary surrounding this film. Clips are all over You Tube too...it seems to be everywhere. To be honest, I'm not sure what's real and what's not but I'm really really interested in seeing this film. Good stuff that makes you think and question your beliefs. My students would be very interested in seeing the film so please post any screenings in the Boston area. Thanks.
~F. Ryan

Message #397Posted 11:52:19 PM 07/25/2007
Congrats on the Moondance and Rome Film Festival Screenings which will happen in September. I will be at the Moondance Screening on Saturday September 8th at Universal Studios in Hollywood. Looking forward to meeting everyone and can't wait to see this great film. I've heard so many great things about this film and I recommend it to anyone who is looking forward to seeing a great psychological thriller.
~Johnny M.

Message #396Posted 9:05:33 PM 07/15/2007
Hi There,

I'm 16 Years old from the UK and I'm currently studying the Death Row as my personal project and i was wondering is this a actual footage and i mean not fake so I'ts a real man who dies in that chair? Also, will the film be coming to the UK as I would like to see it or get my hands on a copy.

Many Thanks,

Message #395Posted 9:13:27 PM 07/10/2007
Lot's of people are talking about the upcoming screening of "Execution" at the Rome International Film Festival. It's going to be a great event and it's amazing that William Neal Moore lives in Rome, Georgia. We are so looking forward to seeing this movie and we also hope to meet Mr. Moore and the film's director Mr. Scaffidi. From what we can see on the website and from the reaction at Tulane it's going to be a great film. The festival director has also listed the film as one of the "must see" films at the festival. Rome is buzzing!
~Buzz in Rome

Message #394Posted 8:03:03 PM 07/6/2007
Pugsley, sit in the chair. We´re gonna play a little game.
What´s it called?
It´s called: is there a God?
/Addams Family values.

Message #391Posted 8:01:27 PM 07/6/2007
This website seems to be getting a lot of attention and I'm very interested in seeing the movie. Can someone post a list of cities or festivals the movie will be screened in? I would love to see it and I love the clips and movie trailer too. This movie reminds me of some really good independent films that break out and become hits. This one has all the makings for that. Please let me know when the film will be screened in the NY area.

Message #389Posted 10:32:09 PM 07/3/2007
"Execution" is a great film. I saw the film on the campus of Tulane University with over 700 people. Amazing story!!!
~Tulane Grad

Message #388Posted 8:03:07 PM 07/2/2007
Can we reserve tickets to the Moondance Film Festival to see "Execution". Looks like something my friends and I would really be interested in seeing. The information on the website is interesting and now we would like to know more about this film. I heard a lot of great things from Tulane's screening . Thanks.
~Shannon P

Message #387Posted 9:35:52 PM 06/29/2007
I find the most interesting angle about this film is the role played by william neal moore, the "condemned man" in the script, reliving his all-too-real experience on georgia's death row until the state parole board commuted his sentence to life in 1990...spared after relatives of his victim pleaded for clemency, moore today is a free man who works as a preacher in rome, ga and is a compelling and inspirational speaker against the death penalty...

so what do i make of all this??? i don't know and won't until i see the film...if i see the film...i find myself as conflicted over the film's presence as scaffidi (the film's director) is over the death penalty...

Scaffidi said he has conflicted feelings about the death penalty. "I flip-flop," he said.

so what do you think??? have you heard about the film??? will you see it??? grab a cup of coffee and let's talk...
~Tennessee Dude

Message #386Posted 12:40:15 AM 06/29/2007
I will be there at Universal Studios in Hollywood to see this film at Moondance. This is probably the best story I've seen at any of the fests - and I've been to Sundance, Cannes, Toronto, Telluride etc etc. I was really disappointed that Los Angeles did not take this film because they screened lots of crap this year. I was also at Sundance and was not impressed at all. Just my humble opinion.

Message #385Posted 11:28:34 PM 06/28/2007
It's good to see that the film is getting recognized. I live in Atlanta and plan on driving up to Rome to see the film on September 7th. Can't wait!!!
~jack beck

Message #384Posted 9:28:50 PM 06/25/2007
Will this film be playing at any fest near New York? I'd love to see it but can't travel out west. When I first saw this on YouTube I thought it was a hoax but I'm impressed now that I've been to the website. Is this real or just a good story?

Message #383Posted 10:01:48 PM 06/23/2007
this is no blair witch. great story, great characters, and compelling drama. the entire theater was sitting on the edge of their seats counting down the days leading up to the ending we all knew was coming. no cheezy ending or some crappy twist either. this story is solid from beginning to end. starts off slow and quickly builds like a runaway train. i was very surprised at the complexity of the story lines too. lots of subtext and various stories to follow but without a doubt one major theme. the relationship between the warden and the comdemned man is what carries the film but the story of the filmmakers relates to the audience because everyone of us could be them. i'm a bit pissed because i was shocked by the execution process and how methodical it is and i am now flip floping over the whole darn issue of pro vs. con. this story makes one think...really think about what is right and what is wrong with the american criminal justice system. i loved reading all the great comments and i was compelled to write my own. ok i'm beginning to ramble....GREAT MOVIE! who says you need overrated tommy cruise. the realism of this movie is what makes it so damn good.

Message #382Posted 7:19:45 PM 06/23/2007
I'll be bringing some people with me to see the film at Moondance. Not sure if tickets are on sale yet but I will get them early. Looking forward to meeting the filmmakers so I hope they attend the fest.
~Joshua Pennington

Message #381Posted 9:44:23 AM 06/23/2007
We've heard about this film for sometime now. I understand there is a bit of controversy whether the film is real or not. To be honest with you, We don't believe it's real but it really doesn't matter because this story is really interesting. We've done our research and William Neal Moore and Donald Cabana are absolutely real. You can find information about them all over the internet. After looking carefully at the clips and the movie trailer we think it's just a good movie and not an exploitation film. But the fact is that controversy sells so the best part about all of this is that it is pure speculation on our part because the film could be real. We look forward to seeing this film and if anyone has any information about it please post the information on this website.
Phillipe, Hans, Sandra and Marie

Message #380Posted 11:31:30 PM 06/21/2007
Moondance is a great fest. I was there last year and they are very selective. Can't wait to see this movie. Please post when passes can be purchased.
~Monica C.

Message #379Posted 11:27:07 PM 06/21/2007
Damn this is good stuff. I've always had a thing about death row and this site takes it over the top. I will stand in line to see this film or buy the video. This is very original and not sure if it's real. Intriguing!
~Christian Melanno

Message #378Posted 6:37:18 PM 06/21/2007
I'm looking forward to seeing this film at the Moondance Film Festival in September. Are there any advance passes available? I read the reports from Tulane and I'm concerned that we may not get in the theater. Please let us know as soon as possible. Thank you.
M. Santos

Message #377Posted 4:12:24 PM 06/21/2007
The video clips on here are interesting. It's wild to see the condemned man being strapped down in the electric chair. I don't really care if this is real or Hollywood because I'm interested in the story which has hooked me. I've signed up for the DVD notification too so hopefully I will be able to see the movie soon. Thanks for producing such a provacative movie. Cheers.

Message #376Posted 11:47:48 PM 06/20/2007
The clips on You Tube are great and I had to check out this website. Very cool story and interesting topic. The death penalty is a topic where everyone has an opinion. There's no doubt that lots of people want to see what really happens on death row and inside the death chamber. Is it true a real prisoner who was on death row plays the role of the condmened man? I do know that the warden and priest are real but I'm not sure about the condemned man. ~MIT

Message #375Posted 10:43:27 PM 06/20/2007
How can I see the real execution?

Message #373Posted 8:50:08 PM 06/17/2007
love the site man. so when can we see the film? love the story and the clips and looking forward to the movie. i'll be looking for it in ny.

Message #372Posted 9:18:04 PM 06/16/2007
Your web site (executionfilm.com) is missing "the story" of when/where/why... he killed his mother? Think it would help the viewers to your web site to tell them a little of the story. Also, where can I see this film? (no links for that either)


Message #371Posted 9:15:36 PM 06/16/2007
I'm teaching a class on the death penalty. How can I get access to
the entire film??

Bryan Dupler, J.D.
~Bryan Dupler, J.D.

Message #370Posted 9:14:36 PM 06/16/2007

Your film is amazing!!! I have only seen clips along with the trailer, but the idea of the film is what fascinates me. I have wanted to put together a documentary along with a book about death row for a while. I was interested in the subject after doing a college paper on three children, under the age of 18, that was sentenced to death row. I think your film will open many eyes and minds to the possibility of changing the way we view criminals and to better solutions. I look forward to seeing your amazing film when it's released to the world.

~Krystal H.

Message #369Posted 9:11:33 PM 06/16/2007
You said that two filmmakers in 1995 sneaked a camera into an execution chamber and captured the execution. Could you send me their video of the execution as soon as possible? Send me at lightbulbcomputer@hotmail.com

Message #368Posted 8:09:43 PM 06/14/2007
This movie will do big business in Europe. I promise you. Are there any plans to release the film over here?

Message #367Posted 12:10:47 PM 06/12/2007
I live in the UK and I want to watch Execution.
Is it being released on DVD and/or will it show in theatres in the UK?

Yours Faithfully

Gareth Adams
~Gareth Adams

Message #366Posted 2:11:14 PM 06/10/2007
If anyone should have been executed it should have been Hitler. But the coward killed him self first so I guess justice was served any way. Hatred of anyone shows cowardness. Period.

Message #364Posted 2:56:04 AM 06/8/2007
I like see people dead =D (im not murderer lol) . That's why I like Adolf hitler, he kill alot of jew and i hate jew too =)

Message #363Posted 6:12:08 AM 06/7/2007
Deathpenalty is murder, state sanctioned murder. It´s no lesson. There´s a fucked up system and religious babble and rasicm, nothing else. The death penalty is nothing new, it´s been around for centuries, and still there are some people who believe it serves its purpose. I digress, though, since "an eye for an eye and the whole world is blind" is what I belive in. I think it´s good that this movie will be shown to the public, so that they can get an opinion, first of maybe revulsion towards the killer and then tears after the execution is carried out. How somebody can be "for" it, I do not know. But I´m sure that there will be alot of people who will change side once they´ve seen this movie.
~Sofia Hellgren

Message #362Posted 11:58:41 PM 06/6/2007
I heard the film will screen in the LA area. Could it play at USC? Mr. Moore has been here before and he is one of the most interesting men in the country. His story is unprecedented and this film will draw a big audience like Tulane. Please post more info regarding the availability of this unique film. By the way, great trailer, clips and pics.

Message #361Posted 8:09:45 PM 06/5/2007
i found this site by searching google and it's the best one out there about executions. great video and comments not to mention the awesome movie trailer. like everyone else on here i want to know how to buy the dvd. will the film play in new york anytime soon?
josh in new york
~josh p

Message #360Posted 10:47:50 PM 06/4/2007
We know of Tulchin Entertainment and have seen some of his films. This one is by far the best and most interesting we've seen on his list. Most film fests will shy away from this film simply because of the controversial content. It's sad but true that most of the so-called independent fests are not at all independent and controlled by studios and top producers. It's good to see cretive content like this one and hope that Tulcin will find a distributor who will run with this film. We also agree with the comment above about the foreign market which will eat this up. Let us know how to get the DVD. Thanks.
~LA Film

Message #359Posted 2:46:49 PM 06/4/2007
When is Mr. Tulchin going to release this film? Does he realize that not only will this film find a big audience in America but the international markets will be even bigger. The fact that Tulane University drew a huge crowd should be enough to convince anyone that this film has serious potential. We're looking forward to the release of this film and will continue to monitor the website as well as IMDB.

Message #358Posted 1:01:14 AM 06/3/2007
The clips on You Tube are great and I had to check out this website. Very cool story and interesting topic. The death penalty is a topic where everyone has an opinion. There's no doubt that lots of people want to see what really happens on death row and inside the death chamber. Is it true a real prisoner who was on death row plays the role of the condmened man? I do know that the warden and priest are real but I'm not sure about the condemned man.

Message #357Posted 12:30:49 AM 06/2/2007
My name is Joanna and I just watched the trailer for the movie Execution. I was wondering if there is any way to purchase the movie because I am very interested in watching it. Thank you.

Message #356Posted 2:53:55 PM 05/29/2007
I see the film is represented by Harris Tulchin of Los Angeles. Is Mr. Tulchin going to distribute this film any time in the near future? There are many of us who would like to see this very intriguing story. If "Execution" is going to play in theaters please give us the information or at least release the film on DVD.

Message #355Posted 10:06:57 PM 05/23/2007
The producers of the film are currently working on putting together a distribution deal with the goal of getting the film into theaters. The film is currently represented by Harris Tulchin Entertainment out of Los Angeles. Any questions regarding distribution can be directed to Mr. Tulchin. His email address is: entesquire@aol.com . Also you can post any other questions you may have on this site and your question will be addressed in a timely manner. There is a strong possibility that the film will screen in Los Angeles in the near future. Check back here often for more infomation on that and other screenings and information on the film.
~Ghost Rider

Message #354Posted 3:41:05 PM 05/23/2007
This story could potentially affect the way people around the world perceive the death penalty and capital punishment. Very very powerful stuff. Please let us know how we can see the entire film. The video clips are great and I particullary like the movie trailer. This kind of reminds me of the film Open Water because it draws you into the story and you just have to see it. I'm sure this film will draw big crowds to theaters just like that film did. But this one looks even better and that's saying something. I'm a big movie fan and I know a good story when I see it. Now show us the film!!!
By the way, Who is the distributor? I looked on IMDB but don't see it.

Message #353Posted 6:05:19 AM 05/23/2007
Show me this execution film please. I will buy it with no problem. I live in Germany and have heard much about this movie. It looks very interesting so please tell me how I can see it. Thank you very much.
Klaus K.
~Klaus K.

Message #352Posted 10:00:03 PM 05/22/2007
This is the best prison film I've ever seen. We still talk about it at Tulane which screened the movie in front of a big crowd at McAlister Auditorium. This film will shake up some people and thrill others but I guarantee it will make you think. Isn't that what good films are supposed to do? It's sad but so many films that make it to theaters don't stand up.

Message #351Posted 8:43:41 PM 05/22/2007
Like a lot of people who have commented here, I would very much like to see this film. I heard about the screening at Tulane but I live far away from the school. I would have loved to have been there for the showing. I've heard so much about this story from my friends that I would like to buy a DVD copy if it's available. If the film comes to Georgia please post it on the website. There are many people here who are interested in seeing this film.
~Kathleen M.

Message #350Posted 11:38:06 PM 05/19/2007
I voted yes only because you cannot be for or against the death penalty until you are a witness. Not just a witness to the execution, but to understanding the scope of the crime. Larry Bell kidnapped, repeatedly raped, and killed a teenager (Shari Smith) and a 9-year old (Deborah May Helmeck). He was exceptionally cruel to Shari's family calling them and taunting them telling what he did to their daughter/sister. He made her choose how he would kill her. Forcing a victim to pick their method of death is sick. Bell was executed in South Carolina's electric chair, deservedly so. Since being able to witness an execution is not possible, I am for the death penalty for those that are guilty based on irrefutable DNA or other hard core evidence.
~Tim Johnson

Message #349Posted 3:33:05 PM 05/16/2007
I think the film will be a hit in Los Angeles. What I like most about it is that it is gritty as hell. Also the reality of the execution scene is unforgettable. Can't wait to see it again.

Message #348Posted 6:58:12 PM 05/13/2007
Please let us know when the film will screen in Los Angeles. We have a group who is very interested in seeing this film.

Message #347Posted 12:29:45 PM 05/11/2007
Producers are now in the process of seeking a distribution deal so the world can see this film. So far the film has screened on a limited basis with one screening in Australia, one screeing at the University of Southern Illinois, and one screening at Tulane University. Last month the film drew over 700 people at Tulane and the film also made an impact recently at Southern Illinois. Producers are now talking to several more colleges across America to have more limited screenings of the film. The DVD is not available to the general public for now but it could be available in the near future. Thanks to everyone for all the great comments and please check back for the latest updates on "Execution".
~Ghost Rider

Message #346Posted 6:18:50 AM 05/11/2007
Hi Americans,

i am from Germany and I would like to know wether it is possible to get a dvd ?
I have a friend on texas death row

Message #345Posted 7:11:15 PM 05/9/2007
heard a rumor this film will be shown in los angeles this summer.
is it true? man, you need to tell us where. the clips on this site and you tube are awesome. the story is true right? i mean, the dude does get fried for real right? man, you got to tell us, we need to know.

Message #344Posted 12:03:07 PM 05/9/2007
This story and website have brought out so much emotion in me it's hard to describe. Some friends of mine swear this execution is real. As for me, I'm not so sure but either way it is a great story. From the trailer to the clips the images are unforgettable. We are college students who would like to bring this film to our campus. I hope that the film is still available for screening in the fall. Since exams are going on now it's not a good time to talk to the administration but we have some faculity members very interested in making the screening happen. We will respond via email to this site in the near future. The clip shot at Tulane is strong and we have passed it along to others here. We will be in touch in the near future. Best Regards, Shannon and friends.
~Shannon and Friends

Message #343Posted 5:49:59 PM 05/7/2007
The fly-by with the Execution banner was cool brotha!

Message #342Posted 5:49:07 PM 05/7/2007
~The Abolishment Movement

Message #341Posted 3:25:22 PM 05/7/2007
hey dude just saw the clips on you tube. awsome my brother. this film rocks. the plane flying over the jazz fest was very cool too.
~will from the hills

Message #340Posted 3:16:07 PM 05/6/2007
Man I love the film trailer and clips. The comments are cool too. I for one am for the death penalty and would love to see this film. I'm sorry I missed the screening at Tulane but I had to work that night. Lots of my friends who did say it said it was great. The clip with the comments from the Tulane screening show that this film made an impact too. From what I understand the film does not make a statement for or against and let's you decide for yourself if the death penalty is right or wrong.

Message #339Posted 9:02:52 AM 05/6/2007
Help us all from the ignorant minds that cannot see truth ... One request: If I'm murdered, please please please do not seek retribution for the crime. I'll feel so much better while my body decomposes in the earth and my life is no longer. Forget about the persons still alive and who are in danger of such ignorant minds (to kill innocent persons, or to have controllable minds that can be bent with ease). For those who do not know to whom I'm talking - it's YOU, the persons who support the ignorance that the death penalty is cruel or unjust. Think for yourselves.
~Help us all

Message #338Posted 6:52:55 AM 05/5/2007
I'm still not sure if this film is real or is it dramatized. I was in the theater at Tulane with hundreds of others and we all were mesmerized by this film. A huge crowd for a film screening sat still for over an hour and a half not knowing what to think but knowing in the end we were all going to witness an execution. Incredible in this world of A.D.D. I don't think anyone even got up to go to the bathroom - we all even sat through every credit. I've never seen anything like it and that is no exaggeration. One of the most thought-provoking, entertaining films I've ever seen. I'm blown away by the number of people who have expressed their opinions on this website and who have discussed this film on campus. Maybe one day we will all understand the story behind this story but it really doesn't matter because all of us were drawn to this story. Maybe it was simply curiousity or some morbid facination with the death penalty but it really doesn't matter, does it? We are still talking about that rainy night at Tulane because this story stays in your head and makes you think. I applaud Tulane for bringing this film to our campus and allowing us to decide if the death penalty is right or wrong.
~MLG (Tulane Student)

Message #337Posted 2:08:01 PM 05/4/2007
Tennessee will lift ban on executions

Message #336Posted 1:24:34 PM 05/4/2007
If you are looking for a unique, groundbreaking, inspiring film bound to generate great publicity and create amazing article reviews. THIS IS IT!


If you have any questions or if you want to see the film, Please contact us.

Tulchin Entertainment
(310) 914-7900
~Tulchin Entertainment, Los Angeles, California

Message #335Posted 9:04:14 PM 05/3/2007
This is the most powerful and emotionally draining film that I have ever seen. I think that everyone should see this film in order to witness the realities of the death penalty. Also, I enjoyed being able to see the characters in this film conduct a forum afterwards. It made it that more real. Though it was an unreal experience, because it was something i would never expect to witness.
~Adele Le Gardeur

Message #334Posted 6:22:06 PM 05/3/2007
Some friends of mine sent me a link to your website and they weren't kidding when they said that this story is unique. Just to think how these filmmakers hid cameras in the death house to actually record this man's execution is crazy. I'd love to know more about this story and have been reading the comments on here. So when will this film be available to the public or are you guys just going to play the film at select colleges? Please give us more information about this film. Much thanks!
~Shel V.

Message #333Posted 8:15:02 PM 04/30/2007
I've been interested in the ethics of the death penalty since high school and I hope to be a criminal defense lawyer someday. I am intrigued by the film--the story (and of course the possible real execution).

Message #332Posted 6:26:17 PM 04/30/2007
Your film looks like it was a hit!!! Congrats!

Message #331Posted 2:19:52 PM 04/28/2007
Looks like a great story. The comments are amazing too. When will the film screen in Los Angeles? The Tulane screening seemed to be a great event. Imagine how many people will turn out if you show the film out here on the west coast.

Message #330Posted 4:27:04 PM 04/26/2007
Very very interesting story. Will this film be screened at other universities? Please post the locations of future screenings. Thank you.

Message #329Posted 9:42:46 PM 04/17/2007
Dear Execution Film,
Are there plans to make the film available to the general public, and
if so, in what format or venue?
eddie r
~Eddie R.

Message #328Posted 6:02:07 PM 04/17/2007
It's a shame what happend at Virginia Tech. The coward that did this had to kill himself. I guess he wanted to take the easy way out rather than face the concequences of an execution. Hopefully this film will be available to everyone soon. I saw the film at Tulane with a lot of others who thought it was powerful to say the least. You just had to be in the theater to experience the emotion of the audience that not. Some people may have been upset by what they saw but the majority of us were very moved by the film.
~Joyce P.

Message #327Posted 5:02:10 PM 04/17/2007
saw film at tulane and was completely blown away. indy films are the best. great writing, great acting, great directing, great lighting, great sound. i can't believe you can make a film like this for under $1mill
and the big boys in hollywood spend millions to drop bombs on us like
the latest from QT. the life story of billy moore is something OPRAH should be all over. someboby out there needs to get this film in her hands. i understand the website is getting hits from all over the world.
i hope you guye don't do a foreign distrbution deal. if you do, the movie won't be released here for several years. i can't wait that long to see it again.

Message #326Posted 12:15:49 PM 04/17/2007

Message #325Posted 8:11:47 PM 04/15/2007
We are still blown away by the screening of "Execution" the other night at Tulane. It's a great film. We are still talking about it and wish we could sit down with the director to talk about the story. The film really opened our eyes to death row and the entire execution process. Most everyone we've spoken to since the screening feel the same way. "Execution" made a serious impact on a lot of people at Tulane. We hope to see the film again soon and want to thank everyone for putting on such a great event.
~Cynthia, Rhonda and Billy

Message #324Posted 9:05:13 PM 04/13/2007
Fascinating stuff!!!

Message #323Posted 9:03:41 PM 04/13/2007
Great press! Sounds like the screening was a tremendous
success. I had no doubt.

Message #322Posted 1:42:24 PM 04/13/2007
This film really messed with my head. I'm not sure what to think except that it's really different, which I like. I'm so tired of the same old crap out there and this film is refreshing to say the least. There are parts of it that scare the hell out of you and it's done by messing with your mind which is extremely clever. On a 1-10 I give it a 9 because I just don't give anything a 10 so this is a good rating. If I were a movie critic I would say that you should see this film because it puts you front and center at a prisoner's final days on death row and ends with his death in the electric chair. And if you think you know what that experience is like then you are wrong. This film is better than those others like "Dead Man Walking", "Green Mile" and all the other crap out there. This film is real and it's not some boring documentary. It's actually a really good film. It surprised me.

Message #321Posted 11:16:25 PM 04/12/2007
I'm serious when I say this - I absolutely loved this film!!! I don't know anyone in it but I loved it. It was totally original and I can't get the thing out of my head. We all talked about the movie all night long and it kept me up the entire night. I know - it's crazy but I'm serious here. The theater was packed and the intensity was unreal. What a great event too. Thank you Tulane.

Message #320Posted 11:07:42 PM 04/12/2007
The macabre marketing of Execution plays on our rubber-necking culture which has a high tolerance for violence, and a low threshold for gore. Although the filmmaker, Steven Scaffidi, says that his only objective is to give viewers the opportunity to absorb the depiction of the death penalty in vivid detail why stop with the depiction of an execution? Why not document the murders committed by those on death row as well? I have no doubt that executions by electricution are gruesome. That they are no longer administered in the United States should make the viewer wary of Scaffidi's motives. Would audiences have quite the same reaction to a lethal injection? How gruesome might it be if Scaffidi captured a bloody murder on film? Of course, that would be nearly impossible to do because murderers give no notice of the violent acts they perform. Although perpetrators are given years to consider the injustice of their crimes and to seek redemption before their punishments are finally administered, they themselves provided no such opportunity to their victims.
Scaffidi celebrates William Neil Moore as an example of how murderers can be saved and redeemed for their crimes. He was granted clemency after appeals from his victim's family, and is now a Georgia preacher. How many other cases are there of murderers who never express regret for their actions?
I have no doubt that the hearts of murderers can be changed. I'm repulsed by capital punishment. But I'm also highly sensitive to the fact that some crimes are so heinous, are committed with such malice, and cause so much loss and suffering by the victim and loved ones, that no amount of personal redemption can ever make up for the crime committed. The fact that a murderer can be redeemed doesn't alter the fact that there should be a price to pay for the crime. Redemption and punishment are two separate entities which shouldn't be conflated as the same.
The William Neil Moore case, as it happens, ended exactly as I feel it should, with the victim's family having the final say among the options of punishment. Would they have wished that Moore be executed instead of granted clemency, their wish should have been granted.
No one can possibly know how much suffering is caused when a loved one is murdered. It's far worse than when a loved one is lost to illness or an accident, because it exposes the extreme evil that exists in the hearts of people who freely roam throughout our society, and challenges the very core of faith in the good will of people and the nature of the universe.
If you go to see this film, consider what you may not be shown. I haven't seen the film, and don't intend to see it. Judge for yourself, if you care to succumb to the gratuitous marketing, which parts are, as Scaffidi says, real and not real. Is the suffering of victims and their families real?
And remember this the next time you turn on the TV or watch a Quentin Tarantino movie: Violence is not entertainment to victims and their loved ones. It's only entertainment when you haven't actually experienced it.
~Schroeder - People Get Ready

Message #319Posted 9:19:00 PM 04/12/2007
We loved the film! It was very compelling, and has in fact "stayed" with us ever since. We were captivated the entire time.

Message #318Posted 12:59:54 PM 04/12/2007
You are quite the inspiration!

Message #317Posted 12:26:51 PM 04/12/2007
i'm all for the death penalty, as the bible says an eye for an eye. if the gov. and press would allow public execution, crime would slowly deteriorate. put it on pay-per-view, that way you please everyone. if you want to view it you order it if not then don't pay for it. and the fees collected would help pay the cost of production and filming. other countries have stricter laws and penalties and promote public executions. their crime rates are far less than the U.S. ever was. china takes a hand for theft and kills for drug dealing and murder. just my opinion.

Message #316Posted 10:37:53 AM 04/12/2007
Check out some very interesting dialogue about the film on this website: http://abolishmentmovement.mywowbb.com/forum30/2222.html

Message #315Posted 10:33:00 AM 04/12/2007
Please paste the link below in your web browser to read more about "Execution" online.
~Amnesty International USA

Message #314Posted 7:46:02 AM 04/12/2007
Congrats on your successful premier! Sounds like you are on your way baby! By the way great article in the TP, I got a kick out of the fact that you met the reporter at your favorite meeting place....a coffee shop! Best of luck!

Message #313Posted 7:35:44 AM 04/12/2007
I just wanted to write and say that we enjoyed the premiere last night. We were both intrigued by the movie. It flowed real well, the acting was great. Especially Don Cabana. He did very well with his role. The Q&A afterward was great as well. It was great to listen to the dialog created by this movie and we are proud to be associated with its production. I was thinking of young troubled teens who are considering the wrong path or maybe have already experimented with it, seeing this film. It could potentially benefit the world should it make someone stop and
think twice about crime. Although Billy Moore said that he didn't think
that most criminals think about the time or punishment they might receive
for a crime I do think if someone saw this film would certainly connect
with Billy's character and possibly come to the realization that "crime
does not pay" or "the price for crime is too high". Anyway, congratulations on a great film, you did a wonderful job and we appreciate your efforts to get this movie and topic out to the public. Take Care!

Message #312Posted 6:23:06 PM 04/11/2007

Message #311Posted 6:21:36 PM 04/11/2007
Thank you so much for the honor of being invited to the showing of your film. Seeing it twice made me so aware of things I missed the first time. It makes you feel sad but then you know in your heart he deserved what he got for committing such an horrendous crime. I believe this will have impact on whoever watches it. It makes you decide what you believe.
It was really great hearing the guests speak after the movie. I was sorry I had to leave, I wish I could have seen you. My friend was anxious, she was scared at first at what she would see but she said she really was surprised and liked it.

Message #310Posted 6:20:15 PM 04/11/2007
I just wanted to tell you what a great event last night was. Billy, Fr. Joel & Donald were great. I think the crowd you got was wonderful considering how quickly this all came together. Thanks again for including me!


Message #309Posted 6:18:57 PM 04/11/2007
By far, my favorite moment in the film was when the condemned man was sanding the coffin. As you know, many of the most powerful moments in film are when the words aren't necessary. You weren't sure if it was for him, someone else, if this was a regular thing, etc. -- it was just a really poignant image that left you thinking w/o telling you exactly what you were supposed to think.

It's always a treat to hear from the talent after a screening, but you had the real guys, which made it uniquely interesting. Whether others love it or hate it, we filmmakers can definitely appreciate that you got it done, and it is truly original. Good seeing you, best of luck.

Message #308Posted 6:15:44 PM 04/11/2007
My friends and I enjoyed your World Premiere of Execution. I especially liked the lighting, camera shots and pov's. We did stay to hear the 3 gentlemen speak. They were very inspirational. Congrats to you and your entire cast and crew of Execution! I think all of the young hoodlums in NO should see this movie. It definitely has an impact on the soul.

Message #307Posted 5:52:49 PM 04/11/2007
I had a great time last night. It was interesting watching everyone. The level was pretty intense and some of the film crew asked me about the movie. I stayed for some of the forum. It was very interesting watching the film for a second time with a live audience. I could hear the lady behind me crying. Overall, I thought it was great!!! The speakers added a true sense of reality. Their real-life stories really add to the appeal of the film. I also thought there were some really good questions. Thanks for Inviting me. I can't wait for the next one!

Message #306Posted 5:44:30 PM 04/11/2007
HI my husband was murdered last year by Texas department of criminal justice. This movie brought alot of pain but at same time its great to show it to the public. They need to wake up and stop the killings. Can you please tell me how to get ahold of this movie? I'm now a law student working on the criminal defense side and would love to share this movie with large support group of Texas death row inmates family and friends. thank you so much.

have a great day,

Message #305Posted 10:35:47 AM 04/11/2007
Everyone should see this film. Is it possible to buy a copy from somewhere?
~DP kills piece of humanity

Message #304Posted 3:32:53 AM 04/11/2007
There have been a lot of movies that use the death penalty as a dramatic part of the plot, but what we need is a film like this one.
How can I get to see it? Is it available as a DVD?
~Cleveland Moffett

Message #303Posted 8:00:52 PM 04/10/2007
I would like to know how to buy the movie? My husband was murdered last year on Texas death row. The killing need to stop and maybe this can wake up the public. America needs to wake up and see my husbands son will now grow up without a father, his nephew without a uncle so how did this solve any problems by kiling him. They laughed and cheered when they pronouned my husband dead on the other side of the death chamber. From what I seen this as close to what I went through watching my husband die in front of my eyes. Wake up america
D Frazier
~D frazier

Message #302Posted 11:39:54 AM 04/9/2007


NEW ORLEANS, LA - APRIL 9, 2007 - Interviews with William Neal Moore (The Condemned Man), Donald Cabana (The Warden) and Fr. Joel LaBauve will be available tomorrow evening following the screening of the film and death penalty forum at McAlister Auditorium. All media representatives will be allowed to view the entire film which screens at 7pm in McAlister Auditorium on the campus of Tulane University. Press will also be allowed to film or take photos (no flash) inside the theater briefly during the first 10 minutes of the film at a designated location. The media will also be allowed to cover the entire death penalty forum which begins immediately after the screening of the film which runs 90 minutes. If you are interested in meeting with these men prior to the screening please send an email or call the number below. There will be an opportunity for interviews between 5pm and 6:30pm tomorrow afternoon at Tulane. See the latest news about the event by clicking on the following links:

TULANE NEWS - 4/9/07

For more information contact:

Steven Scaffidi
Ghost Rider Pictures
Phone: 504-466-6256
Email: grpictures@aol.com
Web: www.GhostRiderPictures.com

William Biggs
President, Tulane Criminal Law Society
Email: wbiggs@tulane.edu

Message #301Posted 10:06:48 AM 04/9/2007
Paste the links below into your web browser to see the latest news about "EXECUTION"


~Breaking News

Message #300Posted 9:57:07 AM 04/9/2007
April 9, 2007

Tulane Prepares for 'Execution'
By: Suzanne Johnson

In a scene from the movie "Execution," the warden makes a visit to the condemned man on death row. The movie's world premiere is tomorrow (April 10) on the Tulane uptown campus.

Does the death penalty represent legal justice or an antiquated and immoral institution? Whatever one's opinion, the death penalty has been one of the most debated legal and moral issues of the past generation.

The death penalty will take the stage at Tulane on Tuesday (April 10) as the Tulane University Criminal Law Society hosts both the world premiere of the gritty film "Execution" and a death penalty forum.

The program, which is free and open to the general public, will take place at 7 p.m. at McAlister Auditorium. Only those over the age of 17 will be admitted due to the graphic nature of the film and discussion. Doors open at 6 p.m. and limited seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.

"Execution," produced and directed by New Orleans native Steven Scaffidi of Ghost Rider Pictures, has captured a lot of advance publicity. It is the story-within-a-story of two filmmakers who are making a documentary about life in prison. As the story unfolds, they begin focusing their film on one death-row inmate and his pending execution, including the step-by-step process of how the execution is carried out. A subplot parallels the feelings of both the condemned man and the prison warden.

The film crew heads into prison for filming of "Execution," produced and directed by New Orleans native Steven Scaffidi. (Photos provided by Ghost Rider Pictures)

The film stars a real death-row inmate, warden and priest playing their respective roles.

Following the screening, there will be a panel discussion and audience question-and-answer session featuring three men who have experienced death row and capital punishment from different perspectives -- William Neal Moore, Donald Cabana and the Rev. Joel LaBauve.

Moore was on Georgia's death row for 16 years after confessing to capital murder and was only seven hours away from execution before a stay was issued. He was freed as a result of the efforts of his victim's family.

Cabana was the longtime warden and director of the Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman. He also is the author of the book Death at Midnight: Confessions of an Executioner.

LaBauve is the former chaplain to Louisiana's maximum-security penitentiary at Angola and has ministered to hundreds of death-row inmates.

copyright 2007, all rights reserved
~Tulane University News

Message #299Posted 7:58:08 AM 04/9/2007
Local film takes viewers to execution
Posted by By Gwen Filosa April 09, 2007 8:16AM

Steven Scaffidi won't divulge everything about his new film that tracks a condemned man's route to the electric chair.

"Execution," which premieres Tuesday night at McAlister Auditorium on the Tulane University campus, is a 90-minute tale of the ultimate punishment. Advertised as containing footage of a real electrocution -- recorded years ago by hidden cameras that two filmmakers stashed in a death chamber -- the movie is meant to be mysterious as to what is real and what is manufactured drama.

"I'm not trying to be evasive," Scaffidi, 50, said last week at a Harahan coffee shop. "Is it real? I think that's what the audience can decide. At the end of the day, you're going to know what's real and what's dramatized."

The New Orleans native said he wants the viewer to absorb the depiction of the death penalty in vivid detail.

"My goal is to take the audience and put them on the front row of an execution," he said. "This story is a myth. Parts are real and not real."

"Execution" follows two filmmakers determined to capture an execution in a Southern state, and stars a former Mississippi prison warden who presided over executions, a former chaplain at the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola who counseled convicts during their last breaths, and a man who spent 16 years on death row, Scaffidi said.

In the film, the three men play the roles they served out in real life. William Neil Moore is the "condemned man" in the script, reliving his all-too-real experience on Georgia's death row until the state parole board commuted his sentence to life in 1990, according to the film's press kit.

Spared after relatives of his victim pleaded for clemency, Moore today is a free man who works as a preacher in Rome, Ga.

"No one is beyond redemption, even people on death row," Moore likes to say when he speaks across the country on the subject.

Donald Cabana, the former warden at the Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman, appears in the film as "the warden," while the Rev. Joel LaBauve is "the priest," having earned the role by spending six years at Angola ministering to doomed convicts.

All three will host a panel discussion after Tuesday's screening.

Six years in the making, "Execution" isn't meant to change anyone's opinion on the legal ritual, Scaffidi said. "The film is not going to make a statement."

The film is not for anyone under 17 years old, he said, and he shrugs off any suggestion that "Execution" is an exploitation of the grim topic.

Who is his target audience?

"Anybody who has an opinion about prison life and the death row," he said. "Is it right? Is it wrong?"

Scaffidi made headlines with his 2006 documentary "Forgotten on the Bayou," which chronicles Hurricane Katrina survivor Rockey Vaccarella, who after riding out the storm on his roof, decided to tow his FEMA trailer to Washington, D.C., to have dinner with President Bush.

"I set the whole thing up," he said of Vaccarella's Oval Office trek, yet another film from his Ghost Rider Pictures company that he started in 1990.

His previous works include "The People's Story," a documentary about survivors of Hurricane Mitch's wrath in Honduras, which he said was a finalist for the 2000 Academy Awards, but didn't receive a nomination.

The University of New Orleans graduate has spent almost a lifetime making movies -- he made his first as a 10-year-old with a Super 8 camera. About 15 years ago, Scaffidi met up with a condemned inmate while working on a film segment for an HBO special. He couldn't come up with the convict's name the other day, but he remembers that after spending time with the inmate, Scaffidi's emotions ranged from revulsion to pity.

"I hated him," Scaffidi said of the murderer. But after following him all the way to his state-sponsored death, the filmmaker found himself crying after the man's execution. "I cried and I found that struggle within myself. Feeling sorry for a killer."

Scaffidi said he has conflicted feelings about the death penalty. "I flip-flop," he said.

These days, Scaffidi, who grew up in Carrollton and Lakeview before his family moved to Kenner, is a full-time filmmaker, settled back in Kenner with a wife and three children, ages 20, 18 and 14, all of whom Scaffidi plans to take to Tuesday's screening.

But he's still not answering every question about "Execution," including whether the condemned man is based on a real convict, or where exactly the "hidden" footage came from.

"One day we will, but not now," he said. "Let the film play."

The premiere of "Execution" is sponsored by the Tulane University Criminal Law Society. Admission is free. Doors open at 6 p.m., and the film begins at 7 p.m.

Gwen Filosa can be reached at gfilosa@timespicayune.com or (504) 826-3304
~Times Picayune 4/10/07

Message #298Posted 3:23:54 PM 04/7/2007
Yes we are anticipating a big crowd but we will try to accomodate everyone. If you can get there early do so but it is not necessary. We will save the balcony seating for last. McAlister has 1,800 seats ... it is a very big theater. We are all looking forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday evening.
~Ghost Rider

Message #297Posted 9:41:20 AM 04/7/2007
This Film is going to be one of the best independent films that ii've seen all this year! THe concept is great and the director is a genius. I will be in the front row!

Message #296Posted 9:02:12 PM 04/6/2007
everyone on campus is talking about the film/forum. macallister
only hold 1800 people, there could be as many as 4000 trying to get
in. if the theater fills up with a crowd that can't get in, will there be
another screening? if not on our campus, someplace nearby? we plan
on getting there around 4pm to make sure we get in, but some of my
friends don't get off work until 6:30pm, i know they won't make it.
we may need another sreening. is that possible.


Message #295Posted 7:57:55 PM 04/6/2007
Lots of people are talking on campus. This is going to be a huge event for Tulane. Can't wait to see this movie. See you on Tuesday night.

Message #294Posted 8:06:44 PM 04/4/2007
N.O. producer to screen 'Execution' at Tulane
By CityBusiness staff report

2007-04-04 11:15 AM CST

NEW ORLEANS — The Tulane University Criminal Law Society will hold a "Death Penalty Forum" at the world premiere screening of the film "Execution" at 7 p.m. Tuesday at McAlister Auditorium on the campus of Tulane University.

Read the story: http://www.neworleanscitybusiness.com/UpToTheMinute.cfm?recID=9784
~City Business News

Message #293Posted 7:32:12 PM 04/4/2007
APRIL 4, 2007
Tulane University McAlister Auditorium
Tuesday, April 10, 2007
Doors Open at 6:00 p.m.

~Tulane News

Message #292Posted 3:15:14 PM 04/4/2007
wow! great looking banner. next tuesday is going to rock the campus. looking forward to meeting the condemned mand and the warden.

Message #291Posted 3:09:46 PM 04/3/2007
Thank you so much for bringing this great event to Tulane. I've seen preivews of the film and I am so looking forward to being in the theater to see the entire movie. Everyone I know is talking about this.
See you next week.
Best regards,
~B. Michelle

Message #290Posted 8:53:02 AM 04/3/2007
Can't wait to see this. Mr. Moore and Dr. Cabana are the real thing. See you on April 10th.

Message #289Posted 9:35:47 PM 04/1/2007
Your film is amazing!!! I have only seen clips along with the trailer, but the idea of the film is what fascinates me. I have wanted to put together a documentary along with a book about death row for a while. I was interested in the subject after doing a college paper on three children, under the age of 18, that was sentenced to death row. I think your film will open many eyes and minds to the possibility of changing the way we view criminals and to better solutions. I look forward to seeing your film in April.
Thank You,
Krystal H.

Message #288Posted 4:19:11 PM 04/1/2007
final 7 days of a man's existence, 1 April 2007
Author: ramiroflo from United States

As real as it gets! Three individuals, whom were there in a very real situation. Actors have never experienced an ACTUAL EXECUTION! I think this film can change Public opinion. If you race seen the PBS series race to execution, you'll be amazed of the outcome of this film. Watch it and discuss this subject. The individuals give the audience a front row chair to feel the emotions of everyone in the room. This is not a Hollywood, style of film-making, no research with the characters. They were truly there. The story of the filmmakers is very riveting in there endeavour to finish the film for the world to see. I urge all college of laws to view and witness this project.
~Ramiro - IMDB.com

Message #287Posted 4:12:57 PM 03/30/2007
I think execution is better left to the horrors of the mind. Everyone slows to see car accidents, yet it never deters people from speeding.
What makes a public execution any different? I don't believe criminals will be deterred from this film. This is just a snuff film for the rightfully deserved derelict. But people enjoy retrobution, and horrible accidents, so it's probably a hit to witness someone dying.
I only hope they convey how alone a death row inmate feels, and show he has no one but hisself to blame for his death.

Message #286Posted 9:13:01 AM 03/30/2007
This is crazy stuff. I will have a group at Tulane on the 10th. Looking forward to the film and Q and A.

Message #285Posted 7:22:35 AM 03/30/2007
really entertaining and thought provoking, 28 March 2007
Author: girllovesfilms from United States

i'm new to IMDb but i'm not new to watching movies. being a college student i have a lot of time to view many films. my favorite films are independents that take chances and produce something different. this film may be one of the most unique i've ever seen. the realism of the story and the footage is what makes the film so good. it's completely different from any other film i've seen and i've seen many many films. the film makers story is what i most relate to because i have often wondered what it would be like to actually witness an execution. before i walked into the theater to see this film i almost turned around. i did not just want to see a man's execution like the exploitation stuff you can get on youtube. my friends convinced me to go in and be open minded about what i was about to see and wow, i was very surprised. the story gets you wrapped up into the struggles of these two guys and if they should or should not record the execution. you will have to see the film to get the rest of the story but the i could not take my eyes off of movie screen. the condemned man and the warden were unforgettable. what happens between these two men will be embedded in my mind for years to come. like the other comments on here i can agree that it is a very special film.
~Girl Loves Films - IMDB.com

Message #284Posted 10:17:47 PM 03/29/2007
Walk a mile in his shoes..., 29 March 2007
Author: fivegoughs from United States

This film will have you reexamine your feelings about death row. The uncertainty you have over whether or not this is real will only serve as a guide to what your true values are. Does it matter? How would you feel about the death penalty if you were witnessing it first hand? What about in a drama? Why should the two be any different? The filmmakers did a superb job of capturing the gritty truth that surrounds this gory penalty. I will recommend this movie to anyone who says they know for certain that a man should be put to death for his actions.

If we had to walk a mile in the shoes of the criminal, or indeed any of the prison staff I'm quite sure we'd see things differently. This film is a small one in terms of budget and stars. However, it is the small film which often frames America's conscience. I will be very interested to hear what the rest of the country says about this film. It is sure to provide food for thought as the death penalty debate is reexamined throughout the USA.

Renee Gough, Elmhurst, Illinois - IMDB.com

Message #283Posted 8:51:40 PM 03/28/2007
Please list the colleges this film will play at in the next few months. We are interested in trying to put together some people to bring the film and forum to Georgia. I will send an email regarding my request. Good luck Tulane and the students of the Criminal Law Society.
~Beth W

Message #282Posted 6:18:01 PM 03/28/2007
WPSD Television in Southern Illinois Review, 25 March 2007
Author: Alexandra Simpson from United States

"Everyone is talking about this incredible story which will change the way you look at the death penalty forever." This quote is from the news story filed by reporter Melissa Crabtree of WPSD Television in Southern Illinois. Miss. Crabtree is not exaggerating when she says that "Everyone is talking ..." because this film was definitely the buzz of the Big Muddy Film Festival in Souther Illinois. Many great films played there this year but "Execution" had the town talking. Here's the story: "In 1995 two filmmakers hid surveillance cameras in the death chamber and recorded a man's execution in the electric chair. The footage was confiscated and hidden from the public for 10 years...until now." Need I say more - DON'T MISS THIS FILM.
~Alexandra Simpson - IMDB.com

Message #281Posted 6:17:00 PM 03/28/2007
Best Prison Flick I've Ever Seen!!!!!!, 27 March 2007
Author: Parrot Head from United States

This film is fantastic. The beginning takes you into a prison as you follow these 2 filmmakers who got access to death row back in 1995. The camera is like a fly on the wall as you watch these guys get on death row and eventually meet the condemned man who has been there for a long time and is only 7 days away from the electric chair. Day after day the filmmakers get more confident as they get closer and closer to the personal life of this killer. Problem is that one of them wants to film a "standard" prison documentary and the other one wants the actual execution. He even goes so far to say: "No Execution...No Film!" These two guys begin to battle over what is right and what is wrong and that leads them up to the final day and the ultimate ending. This film has a lot of twists and turns too but what I like best is the multiple story lines of the Warden and the Condemned Man and then the two filmmakers. Each one has to deal with their own personal demons and it leads to a fantastic climax. I'm not kidding when I say I've never seen anything like this. If you get the chance to see this film don't dare miss it. I have a feeling it's going to be a big hit some day and eventually a cult classic.
~Parrot Head - IMDB.com

Message #280Posted 6:15:58 PM 03/28/2007
Amazing!, 28 March 2007
Author: Josh Landry from United States

I was with a group of students at the screening of EXECUTION when it played on the campus of Southern Illinois University in late February. The electricity in the theater before the film started was amazing. Everyone was silent and it was an eerie feeling because everyone knew what the film was about. We all knew that we were going to see a film where in the end a man or should I say killer was going to be executed in the electric chair. No M. Night Shamalan cheesy twist here - just solid story telling from the beginning to the end. The feeling was the same feeling you get before a roller coaster ride - it was amazing. Once the film starts it grabs you from the opening scene. By the time you get to the last 20 minutes or so, you have been taken on a ride where you have experienced every possible emotion. There are scenes that shock you and scenes that make you question your beliefs. Finally, when you get to the last part of the film and you think you know everything, that's where you are shocked and it hits you like a ton of bricks at the end. I was surprised at how many people just sat in their seats after the copyright and just stared at the dark screen. I don't think one person left during the credits which is amazing today when everyone walks out of most films the moment the first credit hits the screen. Everyone who was there stayed around and talked with the director who was nice to enough to answer most every question. The one question he would not answer was how he obtained this incredible footage. After the screening we all went to the local coffeehouse and talked about the film for hours. Since that time we have been to the film's website and IMDb and have read the many comments people have posted about this movie. The film is now playing at some colleges around the country with Tulane next on the list. If the screening is anything like it was on our campus it will definitely affect a lot of people. We all give the film and the people who made it huge kudos for telling a story that is 100% unique and not some rip-off of any other movies. Long live the real independent filmmakers of the world.
~Josh Landry - IMDB.com

Message #279Posted 10:55:07 AM 03/27/2007
Tulane rocks! I'll be sitting up close on this one.

Message #278Posted 9:09:01 PM 03/26/2007
This is just another good reason why Tulane is at the top of the list. It looks like another ground-breaking event that will cause people to think before jumping to conclusions. The campus is buzzing about April 10th!

Message #277Posted 9:39:37 PM 03/24/2007
The private showing of Execution was awesome. I can only imagine what it will be like at Tulane with a huge crowd. Thank you for allowing us to see this extraordinary movie. The ending is incredible!
~Sheila D.

Message #276Posted 10:10:41 PM 03/23/2007
you guys are on fire. see you at tulane!

Message #275Posted 9:14:31 AM 03/22/2007
To all my friends:
This is a great film you don't want to miss. Everyone is talking about it! Get there early because seating is on a first come - first serve basis and it's going to be crowded. Tulane and the law school is behind this so it's a big event. Doors open at 6pm on Tuesday, April 10th at Tulane's McAlister Auditorium. I will get there really early and try to hold some seats but I'm not sure if they will let me do that. See you there!!!
I'll also send an email but I just had to post something on this site.
Stacy (The Boot)
~stacy and friends

Message #274Posted 5:50:05 AM 03/22/2007
Will this film and death penalty forum be coming to other colleges in the North East? I understand the film may screen at Georgia State and some others. Please post on your site the locations you are bringing the event to. I wish I could be in New Orleans for the 10th but it's hard to travel when you are a student and have no cash. Good luck down there!

Message #273Posted 10:13:41 PM 03/21/2007
WOW! great news clip - first chance I had to check it out. Awesome - hopefully the momentum will build!

Message #272Posted 9:58:48 PM 03/21/2007
Congratulations Steven!
Can't wait to see Execution when it's released. I told some friends interested in prison-type movies about Execution and forwarded your email to them.

Message #271Posted 9:56:47 PM 03/21/2007
The Tulane Screening is great news. I loved the film. I wish you heaps of luck, and
hope for the success this work warrants....

Message #270Posted 3:56:16 PM 03/21/2007
So the date of the premiere is now the 10th not the 11th. OOOOOOOOOK - I've changed my schedule. APRIL 10TH!!!! WE WILL BE THERE!

Message #269Posted 12:03:00 PM 03/20/2007
Great news! I'll pass the word to my friends. See everyone at Tulane!!!

Message #268Posted 10:02:11 AM 03/20/2007
EXECUTION will officially have its World Premiere screening at the magnificent 1,800 seat Tulane University McAlister Auditorium on Tuesday, April 10, 2007. Doors will open at 6pm and the screening will take place approximately 6:45pm. Following the screening our special guests William Neil Moore (16 years on Georgia's death row and 7 hours from his own execution), Donald Cabana (warden, executioner and bestselling author of "Death at Midnight"), and Fr. Joel LaBauve (former chaplain at Angola State Prison), will participate in an extraordinary Q and A Session with the audience. This is going to be a great event so please arrive early as general seating will be on a first come - first serverd basis. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to post comments and follow the progress of this unforgettable film. Special thanks to Tulane University and the Tulane Criminal Law Society for sponsoring this very special event.
~Steven Scaffidi - Ghost Rider

Message #267Posted 12:44:25 PM 03/19/2007
OMG!!!! The pictures and video on here are crazy. Thank you Tulane and Ghost Rider. I can't wait for April 11th!
~Christy M.

Message #266Posted 12:27:57 PM 03/19/2007
Does anyone know if this movie is playing in Europe? If it is available on dvd or tape that would be good to know. This website is very nice but too bad you can not see the whole movie here.

Message #265Posted 12:21:18 PM 03/19/2007
Hey Animal,
It's actually more of a punishment for these prisoners if they sit in prison rather then just killing them. And don't think you are saving the country money by killing them either. It takes a lot of cash to execute someone so the money issue is really not accurate. Plus, we spend so much money on BS anyway it's really a cop out to use that as a legitimate reason to execute anyone. I'm not some sign carrying opponent to the death penalty either. Just a concerned citizen of the U.S. who cares about what is right or wrong. Maybe this movie will shed some much needed light on this very controversial subject. Hats off to Tulane and other Universities who show films like this one. One last thing, I've checked out both William Neil Moore and Donald Cabana and these two men have fantastic stories, especially Mr. Moore. Did you know that he was on death row for over 16 years and just hours away from his own execution in the electric chair. And did you also know that he is a free man because the family of the man he murdered over 20 yeaars ago fought for his release from prison. Pretty amazing stuff don't you think? I'm looking forward to seeing this film and hopefully meeting Mr. Moore, Mr. Cabana and the filmmakers.
~Air Force 1

Message #264Posted 8:59:13 AM 03/19/2007
Hey everybody, I've seen this film and you are in for a ride. It's different from anything you have seen. I'm not kidding when I tell you that the theater was dead silent after the credits and nobody moved. It's a really good film that makes you think.

Message #263Posted 9:06:34 AM 03/18/2007

Message #262Posted 8:57:14 AM 03/18/2007
This story seems incredible and almost hard to believe. How can a camera hide in the room where executions take place? Is this really possible? I am also a film maker and I would die to have that footage. People have told me about this movie and I read most of the comments from people all over the place. One thing for certain, this movie has made a lot of people talk. That's what I try to do with my movies but it's not easy. I really wish I had filmed a execution like this. Like most of us who don't live in America full time - we are very curious about the justice system in this country. Where I come from we just put them in jail and forget about it. Here you kill people. I want to see this movie in California. I know a lot of people who want to see it.
From - Antonio

Message #261Posted 4:50:07 PM 03/14/2007
i think they all should fry. we spend way too much money keeping these "people" alive. the bible says "eye for an eye" so if they are guilty i say see ya! looks like an interesting film. is it going to be available to the general public?
~animal house guest

Message #260Posted 4:53:13 AM 03/14/2007
We all saw this film and it's amazing. You need to see it and take the ride for yourselves. The students at Tulane and the rest of the community will be blown away. This may be the most important "death penalty" film ever made.

Message #259Posted 10:05:31 PM 03/13/2007
What a wild looking movie. Here's a link I found on Google. Check this news video out!!!

Message #258Posted 9:59:13 PM 03/13/2007
Heard through the grapevine that the film is comming to Tulane. Please let us know when and where as soon as possible. We don't want to get shut out of this.

Message #257Posted 7:27:18 AM 03/13/2007
We've been hearing that Execution is going to play in New Orleans at one of the colleges. When and where is the film going to play. We have been keeping up with the posts on this website but have not yet seen a time, date or location. This looks really interesting and have heard great things regarding the film. People say it takes you right there when the guy was executed 10 years ago but we are not sure if this is real or just a movie. Please keep us informed as to when the film is going to play in this area. We've seen the news from Illinois and can't wait to see this film. Thanks.

Message #256Posted 6:43:43 PM 03/11/2007
This may be the most original movie I've ever seen. Thanks for the screening.

Message #255Posted 6:18:16 AM 03/9/2007
When is the film screening at Tulane and will students get first chance at getting tickets???? Please let us know how to get advance tickets to the screening and death penalty debate!!! Thanks.
~Go Wave

Message #254Posted 2:16:53 PM 03/7/2007
We really really liked this movie!!!! Well to be totally honest all of us liked it but one who was freaking out and closed her eyes for the last part of the movie. Anyway she's afraid of her own shadow!

Message #253Posted 9:35:00 AM 03/7/2007
crazy film i have to say but it gets to you. i agree with the comments above and i can't get the images out of my head. the realism is what gets me and william moore and don cabana are unforgettable. i never thought this kind of film would be for me but i was wrong.

Message #252Posted 8:35:07 PM 03/5/2007
Does this film play in Europe? Europeans like this type of movie. We think most American films are boring and the same thing. This looks interesting and would do very well over here in Germany and other countries.

Message #251Posted 8:16:41 PM 03/5/2007
Thank you Big Muddy and Sally Shafto for having a great slate of films this year. Especially this one. Execution is a fabulous film that keeps you on the edge of your seat. It's totally original. Bravo!

Message #250Posted 5:44:25 AM 03/5/2007
Being a law student I can appreciate this film and how it can capture the attention of an audience. It's much more than just a film where you actually see a man being executed. When you look past that it's really a film about the struggles between the warden and his conscience and the fimmakers and their desire to make money off of a man's death. It really does speak loudly about our society today. I truly enjoyed the screening as did my friends.
~Evelyn C.

Message #249Posted 9:13:12 PM 03/4/2007
I just spent the past 30 minutes reading the comments on the site. Amazing how this fim has sparked so much emotion. I agree with most of the comments on here. Great flick and it's intense as hell too. The final moments are unforgettable and takes you to a place that very few of us have seen. Love the long shots and look of the film. My guess is part fiction and part reality but I'm not an expert just your average movie goer.

Message #248Posted 8:59:18 PM 03/4/2007
I'm teaching a class on the death penalty. How can I get access to
the entire film??

Message #247Posted 8:13:56 AM 03/4/2007
Congratulations on the all the success from your screening in Illinois. You guys deserve it. You have a great film. Best.

Message #246Posted 6:46:58 PM 03/3/2007
Man what a ride. We both can't agree on if this is real or what. But man this film scared the crap out of us. I agree it's the best by far. Greta press on it too and we like that "X".
~Andre & Hanna

Message #245Posted 3:22:22 PM 03/3/2007
I don't think the entire movie is real. It seems like part movie and part documentary. But whatever it is, who cares. All that matters is if the story can keep you entertained, and keep your attention for the hour and a half or two hours. This movie does that and more. Me and my friends were totally into the story from the opening graphic. We all stayed and talked to the director after the screening and found what he had to say really interesting. I personally felt sorry for the prisoner even though he did some bad things. Most of us agree that this was the best film we've seen in a long time. Thanks Big Muddy for bringing in films that make us think and causes us to question our preconseived notions. The director told us that he intends on screening this movie at colleges across the country. Well if this screening on the campus of Southern Illinois University is any indication, the students and community will definately support this very unique movie. We loved it and want to thank everyone who made this possible. I know we will be talking about this movie for a long time and can't wait till we eventually find out the real truth behind the story.

Message #244Posted 11:35:01 PM 03/2/2007
this is no blair witch. great story, great characters, and compelling drama. the entire theater was sitting on the edge of their seats counting down the days leading up to the ending we all knew was coming. no cheezy ending or some crappy twist either. this story is solid from beginning to end. starts off slow and quickly builds like a runaway train. i was very surprised at the complexity of the story lines too. lots of subtext and various stories to follow but without a doubt one major theme. the relationship between the warden and the comdemned man is what carries the film but the story of the filmmakers relates to the audience because everyone of us could be them. i'm a bit pissed because i was shocked by the execution process and how methodical it is and i am now flip floping over the whole darn issue of pro vs. con. this story makes one think...really think about what is right and what is wrong with the american criminal justice system. i loved reading all the great comments and i was compelled to write my own. ok i'm beginning to ramble....GREAT MOVIE! who says you need overrated tommy cruise. the realism of this movie is what makes it so damn good.

Message #243Posted 8:29:42 PM 03/2/2007
This movie kicks ass. The last 30 minutes is intense as hell. Best of the fest by far and thanks for the talk after the film.

Message #242Posted 8:24:22 PM 03/2/2007

Message #241Posted 3:44:45 PM 03/1/2007
The movie was strong. Cant stop seeing the scenes play over and over in my head. I tell a lot of people about this movie and everybody want to see the Execution. Never seen anything like this before and it was different from all other films at the festival. I liked it a lot and hope to see this movie again.

Message #240Posted 11:01:52 PM 02/27/2007
Hey, just met you at the Big Muddy after watching your film. It was really quite impressive. The way it mixes drama with the real life situation of the inmate is very unique. I found myself really torn. We see actual photos of the gruesome things that this guy committed, but I can't help feeling sorry for him in the end. When the priest is reciting his prayers and Bible verses, it was beyond haunting.
~Brett Simon

Message #239Posted 11:48:32 AM 02/27/2007
Steven good luck tonight with your screening. You have a great film and should be proud. It seems to me you have made a lot of friends in Carbondale. My friends and I will be there tonight!

Message #238Posted 8:39:20 AM 02/27/2007
i was in the theater Sunday afternoon for the screening of this film. It was unreal how gripping the story is and the cinematography was incredible. By the end of the film I felt as if I were the one being executed. I'll never forget the experience. This is a must see film and I will be in the theater again tonight for the 9pm showing. Don't miss it.

Message #237Posted 9:20:44 AM 02/25/2007
The 13 hour journey by train to Carbondale, IL has been great. Last night we met so many people in the local restaurants, pubs and coffee houses who are excited to see this film. The local press has also picked up on the story. At 2pm today Execution will screen in the beautiful Student Center Auditorium on the campus of Souther Illinois University. We are expecting a great turnout. Thanks to all and God bless.
~Steven Scaffidi - Ghost Rider

Message #236Posted 7:08:57 PM 02/24/2007

Big Muddy Film Festival Brings Controversial Film To Carbondale
Last Update: Feb 22, 2007 6:53 PM
Posted By: Matthew Bozone

Melissa Crabtree, NewsChannel 6

Forget "Sundance" ... Southern Illinois has it's own film festival bragging rights. The 29th annual Big Muddy Film Festival is underway in Carbondale.
Popular film topics this year include the death penalty, immigration and the war in Iraq. 60 films are being showcased for the competition, including documentaries, experimental and animation.

There's also a variety of non-competition films. This year's Midnight movies include "Annie Hall", "Dr. Strangelove" and "Lost Highway."
The true story of a killer and the last hours before his execution are getting rave reviews from movie goers tonight. Some say the movie is so realistic because stars are a former death row inmate, a real life prison warden and a death row priest.

For its 29 year run the big muddy festival has never skirted controversy and this year everyone is talking about an unforgettable story that will change the way you look at capital punishment forever.

The film maker of “Execution” says his goal is get people as close to the actual event as possible.

The film's website has gotten hundreds of comments on both sides. Here's one that reads "kill em all" ..... another asks "if this is a movie or documentary."
The death penalty remains a contentious issue in Illinois since Governor George Ryan's landmark moratorium on executions in 2000.

Sally Shafto-Film Festival Organizer, "I thought these films would be of particular interest in the state of Illinois."

Organizers say socially responsible films are the hallmark of the festival with issues including the death penalty, immigration and the war in Iraq..
Shafto "Way of taking the pulse of the world today what's going on in the world today and the films we're showing do give us an idea of what's going on in the world today."

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Message #235Posted 7:01:00 AM 02/24/2007
We are looking forward to seeing the film tomorrow at SIU. Trailer is intense and has really got our interest. Amazing how many people have posted comments here. See everyone at the Student Center Auditorium tomorrow at 2pm.

Message #234Posted 8:56:22 AM 02/23/2007
Hey is this film real or fiction? I still can't figure that one out but I do have my opinion which I'll keep to myself for now.

Message #233Posted 8:49:36 AM 02/23/2007
Great film. The screening was unforgettable too. Not one person moved after the film was over. I've never seen anything like it. I loved the film and how it was produced and so did everyone else I spoke to except one person who thought it was too graphic and claimed she had her eyes closed during the last 15 minutes. Even so, she could not stop talking about the film and wanted me to explain the ending to her. I said, "Go and see the film again and figure it out for yourself." Now I know why most of these so-called independent film fests have not screened this film...I think it's too far out there for them and it's definately not for Sundance which has turned into a Hollywood showcase event. Execution is going to make a huge impact and the college screenings will bring a lot of attention to the film and the death penalty issue. I can't get some of the images out of my head especially the ending. This film starts off slowly and builds to where it grabs you and won't let go. It may be the most unique film I've ever seen and like anything else that is so "unique" it takes time to catch on. Execution is a very special film.

Message #232Posted 8:04:06 PM 02/22/2007
Congrats on Big Muddy and college screenings. Looking forward to seeing this film which seems everyone is talking about. I hear it's going to make me think about my stance on the death penalty. I'm not so sure about that but from the looks of the movie trailer and clips it 's definately got my interest. I'll be in attendance when the film screens at Tulane and I look forward to meeting William Moore and Donald Cabana. I looked both men up on Google and plan on buying both books. William Neil Moore's "I Shall Not Die" and Cabana's "Death at Midnight". Save me a seat!
~Andy R.

Message #231Posted 9:58:16 AM 02/22/2007
The Execution scene looks real. Is it? I've seen the movie and I have a hard time trying to figure out reality from fiction. I will admit that I have found myself staying awake at night thinking about this since the private screening a couple of weeks ago. It's really got me going and I can't wait to find out the truth behind the film.

Message #230Posted 7:36:16 PM 02/19/2007
I'm impressed and intrigued. The filmaker must be brilliant! I hope to get sneak preview passes. :-)
~Morris B.

Message #229Posted 9:36:08 PM 02/16/2007
Dear Friends,

I will be leaving New Orleans for the Big Muddy Film Festival next Friday, 2/23/07. I'm driving to Carbondale. Illinois and hope to get there in about 10 hours if the weather permits. Execution screens at 2pm on Sunday 2/25/07 and 9:15pm, on Tuesday 2/27/07 at the Southern Illinois University Student Center Auditorium. I look forward to a great trip and will keep everyone posted on any news from the festival.

In other news I screened Execution this past Tuesday for 2 top decision makers from Tulane University. The screening went really well and both were very impressed with the film and the idea to have a forum to debate the death penalty on the Tulane campus. I believe that Tulane will get behind our film and sponsor a big event to be held at the 1,500 seat McAllister Auditorium. My goal is to have the screening and forum in March but everything now depends on Tulane. I am also in discussions for screenings at Georgia Tech and Georgia State University in Atlanta among other top colleges. I would like to thank everyone for all that you have done to help me with this very special film and I look forward to putting our story out there for the rest of the world to see. Please continue to checkout our website and send as many people as you can to the site so we can keep the "buzz" going. I will send out a formal press release next week to all media announcing our screening at Big Muddy.

All the best,

~Steven Scaffidi - Ghost Rider

Message #228Posted 10:33:42 PM 02/15/2007
Is the film playing at Tulane. We haven't seen anything about the film yet. Only heard people talking about it. The film trailer is awesome and am interested in seeing your film.

Message #227Posted 11:05:52 PM 02/13/2007
i'm definately pro-death penalty but i can see how people are totally against this very popular issue. it's crazy just how many people are passionate about their beliefs whether it be for or against a death sentence. even though i am for it, at times i do feel like maybe this is wrong because we are supposed to be a God fearing civilized country. for now though i will remain a "pro death penalty" citizen but maybe this film can change my mind. who knows but it does sound really interesting and lots of people are talking about it.

Message #226Posted 9:18:15 PM 02/12/2007
I agree with the above comment by DAS. I've seen this film and let me tell you that this is what independent filmmaking is all about. Maybe it's too bold or too out there for the likes of Sundance but who cares. Sundance and others have lost that independent spirit which they were founded on long ago. It's a shame but true and I guess the likes of Paris Hilton make them lots of money. I still believe that there is a huge market for people who care about the "true" independents out there and the wonderful films they make. "Execution" is one of those very special films!

Message #225Posted 3:40:59 PM 02/12/2007
OMG...William Neil Moore and Donald are phenomenal in this film. How Mr. Scaffidi pulled this off is beyond comprehension. We salute this groundbreaking film and everyone who had anything to do with the making of it. This is undoubtedly independent filmmaking at its best.

Message #224Posted 10:19:02 AM 02/12/2007
This site really gets to you. The trailer and clips make me want to see more. I'm impressed by how many people have made comments here which goes to show you the level of interest in the film and this topic. Like many others I can't wait to see the film and meet Mr. Moore and Mr. Cabana.

Message #223Posted 10:00:44 PM 02/7/2007
I'm very interested in seeing the film at Tulane. Has the date been set for the screening? I'm also interested in participating in the death penalty debate that follows the screening. It's going to be a great event and I look forward to being there. I read both Don Cabana's book and William Moore's book. Both have opened my eyes to the execution process and the death penalty issue. I look forward to meeting them as well as the film's director Steven Scaffidi.
~William H

Message #222Posted 8:52:35 AM 02/6/2007
Good luck at the film festival. Your film is a powerful work of art that will long be remembered. The ending is incredible.

Message #221Posted 9:45:38 PM 02/3/2007
Good luck to you and the film in the Big Muddy film festival. I hear that this is a great fest and I'm sure you will get a big turnout for your screenings. You have a great film that will touch the lives of everyone who see it. Billy, Don and everyone who was part of your production did a fantastic job and should be proud. I think you have the best death penalty film ever made and I don't say that lightly. Keep us posted on future screenings.

Message #220Posted 9:12:49 AM 02/1/2007
I hear rumors about an upcoming screening of the film. I represent a group that is very interested in the event. I hope that we will be able to get into the theater on opening night. I will continue to monitor this website for more information. Good luck.
Michael, Jan, Rebecca and the crew.
~Michael R.

Message #219Posted 10:03:35 AM 01/30/2007
Thanks for the info man. I will keep checking back to see when the event will take place. Looking forward to it.

Message #218Posted 8:46:38 PM 01/29/2007
To everyone who is interested in our premiere screening:
We are looking forward to holding the world premiere screening and death penalty forum at Tulane but we have not confirmed the screening or any dates as yet. We are confident however that we will be willing to work things out and as soon as we get a firm agreement we will post the time, date and location of the premiere and forum on this site. If for some reason Tulane does not work out we have some other very good universities where we can potentially hold the event. We are hoping that we can set up everything for March and will let everyone know as soon as possible.. Thanks to everyone who is interested in our film and thank you for so many wonderful comments. Our cast and crew are excited to bring this very special film to the public for the first time and we know that it will spark the fire for a fantastic forum to debate the death penalty. Also, thank you Billy, Don, Fr. Joel, Rich, Daniel and all the cast and crew who helped to make EXECUTION possible. Please feel free to pass along our website www.executionfilm.com to anyone you know. All the best!
~Ghost Rider

Message #217Posted 2:15:25 PM 01/29/2007
I am really looking forward to the screening of the film at Tulane and the death penalty discussion afterward. I think this can be an exciting program, not only for those of us associated with the film, but for the audience as well. It is a topic that always generates lively debate, but after the audience sees this film, I doubt there will be anyone there who is lacking an opinion.
~don cabana

Message #216Posted 11:10:00 AM 01/29/2007
Being apart of execution was fantastic...I have seen many other movies about the death penalty and executions and none of them can compare to execution.
When or where has there been any movie made where the principle actors are not really actors, but people that has lived the roles?
After spending 16 years on death row myself and coming within seven hours of my own execution, I am some what of an authority on the subject of execution and what happens behind closed doors, of which the public isn't allowed to see. So if anyone want to know, then Tulane is the place to be and view the film. I shall be there to answer any question that you may have.
~William Moore

Message #215Posted 10:11:41 AM 01/29/2007
Tulane will be a great place to premiere this film. We are passionate about topics that are debated nationally and around the globe. The death penalty is one of those topics that get everyone talking. If this film truly puts you on the "front row" as it claims, then I want to be part of this. I've done some research on William Neil Moore and Donald Cabana and was extremely impressed. I've also done my homework on the director of the film Steven Scaffidi. He has an impressive resume and has made films that make news, such as his documentary where "Rockey" from the parish tows his Fema Trailer to the White House and invites Bush to dinner. What a briliant idea to say the least. This death row pic of his has a lot of people talking and I for one would love to see it. I'm not from the south but I love Tulane and the New Orleans area and I think this film will make a statement and could put us on the map again. Now can someone tell me how I can get tickets? Mr. Scaffidi can you help me?
~G Man

Message #214Posted 9:50:56 PM 01/28/2007
I've also seen the film and it's a great story on so many levels. No special effects are needed to keep you on the edge of your seat. What I like best is that it slowly builds and won't let go. The ending is unforgettable. You know a film is good when you leave the theater and go to a coffee shop and discuss it for hours.

Message #213Posted 12:28:24 AM 01/28/2007
Don't miss this film! I've seen it and it will change the way you look at the death penalty. Anyone who has seen this film will tell you how powerful it is. You won't be able to take your eyes off the screen. The performances of the Warden and the Condemned Man are unforgettable. No doubt one of the best films I've ever seen. I'm excited that it will soon be available to the general public. Don't miss it!!!!

Message #212Posted 10:29:48 PM 01/26/2007
Please post any updates for the film screening. Thank you.

Samantha H.
Class of 08

Message #211Posted 12:50:40 PM 01/26/2007
Go Greenies!!!! We all want tickets to this event. When will they be available??? The film looks really interesting and the forum to debate the death penalty will give everyone a chance to hear both sides of the issue. Can't wait!

Message #210Posted 9:52:45 PM 01/25/2007
This film is POWERFUL!

Message #209Posted 10:45:08 AM 01/25/2007
We have had discussions with the people at Tulane but there is no firm commitment to screen the film there as of today. All I can tell you is that the conversations have been going well and we should know something by next week after our meeting. I will post more information about the screening as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.
~Ghost Rider

Message #208Posted 8:18:52 AM 01/25/2007
Is it true that this film could be playing at Tulane? That's the rumor floating around the campus. If so I would like to be there along with a group of my friends who live on campus. How can we get tickets so we don't get shut out at the door? Thanks.

Message #207Posted 6:55:23 PM 01/24/2007
Check out this site, with Don Cabana, as the technical advisor in this film!
Interview with an Executioner

In "Interview with an Executioner" Amnesty International's Terry McCaffrey talks with Parchman Penitentiary Superintendent Don Cabana about the death penalty. Download the video by clicking on the links below to hear the Mississippi executioner's surprising views. Amnestyusa.org/abolish/executioner

Great interview with a man whose been there!

Message #206Posted 6:33:21 PM 01/24/2007
This Execution Film is nothing like the Hollywood Standard! This is reality of prison life and the lead up to an actual EXECUTION. I wonder if Amnesty international or Texas Execution groups are aware of this gritty documentary. If not it's a must watch.

Message #205Posted 3:10:40 PM 01/23/2007
BRAVO!!!! Steve this is better than I imagined. I also am looking forward to your world premiere. BRAVO!!!

Message #204Posted 3:00:04 PM 01/23/2007
Mr. Scaffidi you were right about this film. I could not take my eyes off the screen even though I knew what was going to happen. The best word I can think of to describe Execution is POWERFUL! I'm looking forward to your premiere screening.

Message #203Posted 7:04:20 PM 01/22/2007
I just had the opportunity to see this wonderfully wild and original film. Let me say one thing...I've never seen anything quite like it. It is a story that holds your attention from the first scene all the way through the credits. It's suspensful to the point that my heart was pounding during the last 20 minutes to the point that I could hardly stand it. My eyes never once left the screen. This film is not necessarily for mainstream audiences but for those who are open to something completely original it's a masterful work of art. Hell, I take that back...this film could be a huge hit with the mainstream - it's got a lot that today's audience goes for. At first I wasn't sure if this film was for me but as I watched the story unfold, I found myself getting sucked into the grips of a very smart and thought provoking movie. I have to say it again, I've never seen anything like this at all. It's possibly the most original film I've ever seen and that's saying something considering the fact that I see at least 3-4 films a week. If you get the chance to see this film don't you dare pass up the opportunity.

Message #202Posted 11:39:40 AM 01/22/2007
I represent a lot of students that are very passionate about the death penalty issue. I know that you will get lots of support from colleges across the U.S. Please post any future screening dates.

Message #201Posted 11:20:14 AM 01/22/2007
Clips are great. Seems to me like this is a popular site and a great premise for a film. I read about the "Warden" Donald Cabana and the "Condemned Man" William Neil Moore. I was surprised to find out that these two guys are the real thing. To have these 2 men star in the film make it even more real. I've always wanted to get inside the death row/execution issue. I'ts a controversial subject that needs to be discussed especially now that the issue is front and center again. Even so, the controversary about the death penalty just seems to never go away. I imagine so long as people keep killing people for the sake of justice this issue will never die. I would like to see this film so I can judge for myself.

Message #200Posted 9:49:06 PM 01/21/2007
Oh....one more thing.....WOW!!!

Message #199Posted 9:47:25 PM 01/21/2007
I just spent the past hour reading many of the comments above. I also looked at the video clips and movie trailer at least 3 or 4 times. All I can say is that I can't wait to see the film. Good luck with your premier and the release of your movie.

Message #198Posted 9:52:38 PM 01/19/2007
Great Trailor!!! There is a reason why many people watch auto racing, boxing, now ultimate fighting...it is because people want to be able to watch what they are not "supposed" to be able to watch! Not to equate this documentary to any sport. So you have combined the current television trend with some of the most watched events in the world, into something that no one as ever seen before, but many have been curious to. This is a brilliant trailor that leaves you wanting ( but not wanting) to see it to the very end!!!
~Clay Ives

Message #197Posted 11:47:22 PM 01/18/2007
We are planning a premiere screening of the film in the great city of New Orleans. The film is planned to screen at a top University in the city and then go on the road to other Universities across America ending up in Los Angeles. Stay tuned for more details.
~Ghost Rider

Message #196Posted 10:12:31 PM 01/17/2007
It's unbelievable that now Saddam's half brother is decapitated. How crazy is that? Maybe some of these thugs that think they can just kill people and walk away will have second thoughts. But when I think about it ...probably not. However I do agree with Mike. Let's make these criminals watch a real execution. I have to say that this website is thought provoking. I would love to see this movie and make up my own mind about the whole death penalty controversy.

Message #195Posted 10:07:04 AM 01/16/2007
I believe that all violent criminals should be made to watch a live execution at a "Law Courts discretion" should the Judges think that it might help in preventing further violent behaviour... this could be made part of any sentencing for certain brutal crimes againsr society in general.

Message #194Posted 10:06:39 AM 01/16/2007
I believe that all violent criminals should be made to watch a live execution at a "Law Courts discretion" should the Judges think that it might help in preventing further violent behaviour... this could be made part of any sentencing for certain brutal crimes againsr society in general.

Message #193Posted 11:26:59 AM 01/15/2007
it's crazy what's going on in the world with the hanging of people in the middle east. yes these people may deserve to be punished but is killing them going to solve anything. maybe if they were alive they could provide us with more information to help us in our effort to bring peace to our world. anyway, just a thought from a novice.

Message #192Posted 2:58:24 PM 01/4/2007
Iam a flyer. No way to beleave in killing in name of any justice. No living people in my country can remember any death penalty or execution. Barbarians thats what those guys are.

Message #191Posted 9:03:46 AM 01/3/2007
I've heard about this film but have no idea where it can be seen. There is a rumor going around that it's playing at some select colleges across America. Not sure however. If anyone knows for sure where the film can be seen please post the info here.

Message #190Posted 12:19:19 PM 01/2/2007
Very interesting with the clips and trailer that really get your attention. Has this story been in the news? Seems like the timing could be good with the execution of Sadam. I'm very interested in seeing this film and I'm sure I'm not alone.

Message #189Posted 7:54:13 AM 01/1/2007
This film looks scary. I think it would serve as a wake up call to anyone and everyone. I cant wait to see this film. If you have any idea of when this will be coming out, feel free to email me back.

I would like to thank you and your crew for putting this together. I cant wait to see this.

Message #188Posted 11:04:50 PM 12/25/2006
I've always been curious about the death penalty and have wanted to know what really goes on behind the scenes of death row. This story looks really interesting and I would definately like to see this movie. Not sure if it is right or wrong but I am interested and really don't care what the rest of the world thinks about. But I have a feeling that there are lots of people out there just like me who will line up to see the execution. Maybe it's like when we were all kids and our parents would say you can't do this or that and you did it anyway. Most people won't admit it but they all want to see what they are not supposed to see. Just human nature I guess.

Message #187Posted 12:46:07 AM 12/22/2006
i think that the execution scene should be seen. the closer the better, because so many people think they know what goes on behind prison walls but actually have no idea. i just hope that this movie delivers unlike so many others who try to portray death row and the execution scene and fail.

Message #186Posted 8:27:17 AM 12/12/2006
one more thing. i just looked at the trailer and clips again and i'm not sure if this is bs or the real thing. anyway it's interesting to say the least. if anyone has any info on this movie please post your comments here.

Message #185Posted 8:22:12 AM 12/12/2006
clips and trailer look really good. creepy as hell to tell you the truth. if the film is out i'd like to see it. if not when will it be out? reminds me of blair witch but i'm not sure what to think. i guess i'll just have to see the movie.

Message #184Posted 4:24:56 PM 12/8/2006
Please keep us informed of any updates with the film. Will it be playing at Sundance or other festivals this year?

Message #183Posted 12:24:01 PM 12/5/2006
my friend sent me a link to this site and it's really interesting. i read most of the comments and it's amazing how many people have something to say about this story. the movie clips are nice but can we download the entire movie. we're very curious up here and would love to see more.
jill and fran

Message #182Posted 3:47:41 PM 12/1/2006
I saw this film in a private screening with about 30 people. The film was one of the most powerful I have ever seen. Let me tell you, the audience was frozen in silence at the end of the movie. It must have taken at least a few minutes before the first person spoke. We then started talking about the film and everyone in that audience had something to say. We went on with this discussion for over an hour and it was great. Some of us were for the death penalty and some against it but I can promise you that the film made all of us think and actually changed my position on the death penaly. That's powerful and I can't wait for the rest of America to see this wonderful film.
~Carol B

Message #181Posted 12:22:15 PM 12/1/2006
Steve, it was good seeing you today and I have to say it again...GREAT FILM!!! It's odd to me that some of these so called "major" film fests have passed on Execution. All I can say is that it must be too controversial, too edgy, too unique for them because I've been to quite a few fests and this film is better than most films I've seen in years. It's too bad that most of these "independent" film festivals are not independent at all and are just a resource for the hollywood clan. So be it. I can't wait for this film to explode on America and the rest of the world. People will be blown away when they see this unforgettable movie. Thanks again for the privlidge to have been invited to one of your private screenings. Please don't forget to invite me to the world premiere!

Message #180Posted 2:52:21 PM 11/30/2006
I would like to see this film screened on every college campus in America. Then let the people decide if executions are right or wrong. This story could stir up a serious debate on the death penalty. I'm not sure if I'm for or against at this point. I could really make a case for both sides. I have a feeling that a lot of people are just like me. This is one of the hottest topics in America today and the rest of the world is also interested in our stance on the death penalty issue. I've seen the trailer and the film clips and I'm most interested in seeing the film.
~brew factory

Message #179Posted 2:38:19 PM 11/28/2006
I think it's possible that this is real. I worked in prison for years and I've heard about this through the grapevine. I think their film got confiscated some years back. I've definately heard about this before.

Message #178Posted 2:21:04 PM 11/28/2006
Robert I agree that this may not be real but you must admit that it is interesting to say the least. Real or not, this story looks good and the trailer and clips got my attention plus some others who have seen it with me. I'd buy a ticket to go see this in a heartbeat.

Message #177Posted 9:24:46 AM 11/24/2006

PT Barnum once said that there's a sucker born every minute. Armed with that wisdom, I would approach this film with a healthy dose of skepticism. Most people don't realize the extreme politics and covert manner in which executions are actually carried out. Only a select few ever get to witness the real deal. The vast majority of so called "witnesses," are usually second and third party accounts.

There are people who still believe that depictions such as those in the Faces of Death, are true and unedited. The reality, is that all of those "executions" were staged with some very good acting and a full time editor. Even the director himself, has always been forthcoming about it's lack of authenticity. The electric chair scene was filmed in an apartment building, with an actor who was currently out of work and in need of employment.

Judging from the trailers, this film is reminiscent of the Blair Witch Project. It's formatted to resemble a real life documentary. Below the surface, it appears to me to be more like a political agenda and a typical hollywood soapbox. Most of the time, the event is edited for "Hollywood effect," and is an exaggeration of the actual event. Most of the time, it's a liberal filmaker pushing a very personal anti-death penalty agenda.


Message #176Posted 2:56:38 PM 11/17/2006
I thought this was all BS until I checked out William Neil Moore and Donald Cabana on Google. I'm blown away...go see this for yourself.

Message #175Posted 2:43:41 PM 11/17/2006
it's an amazing story and to think that a real condemned man and a real warden play the starring roles makes this film a groundbreaking
achievement. this story is going to take america and the world by storm.

Message #174Posted 5:55:47 PM 11/15/2006
POWERFUL!!! That's the best word to describe this film. No need to say more so I recommend that everyone go see this film when it comes out.

Message #173Posted 9:29:16 AM 10/27/2006
I would have loved to seen the Australian screening of this film but unfortunately I'm stuck in California. I heard it could be screening stateside soon. Can't wait to see this film. I also understad that it stars a real condemned man and a real warden. Very interesting...can't wait!

Message #172Posted 11:54:01 AM 10/24/2006
wow, wow, wow, you got a winner mate. viewed film today in melbourne what a terrific movie. this is why indy films are the best. great footage and acting. you guys really hit a nerve. i must have heard the audience gasp at least 10 times. where will this film be released? please post if going st dvd or will be in theaters. great job.

Message #171Posted 5:00:13 AM 10/24/2006
saw this film today at the australian international film festival, the theater was packed. this movie is awesome. keeps you very entertained throughout and makes a point not to form your opinion for you. i left with mixed thoughts about capital punishment. the actors did a great job, the film was shot very well, the dialogue was good and the electocution scene was real, as real as i have ever seen in the movies. great job and cudos to all involved with this film.

Message #170Posted 8:32:55 PM 10/3/2006
great stuf on this site!!! i'd love to see the movie. if you read the posts above you will see that the warden is a man who rules down in mississippi and his name is donald cabana. he's a legend down there from what i've seen on the internet. he's even got a book out called "death at midnight: the confessions of an executioner". if he's involved with this film it must be good. i've always wanted to see what it's really like for a man who is on death row with only days to live. this film seems to have it all.

Message #169Posted 7:37:55 PM 10/2/2006
This shit makes you think doesn't it? Why are there so many films out there that are pure crap and why can't I find this one anywhere? Typical isn't it? I've know about this film since Sundance last January. These cards with the "X" were everywhere and had lots of people talking. So what's the problem here...show us the movie!!!

Message #168Posted 3:26:01 PM 10/2/2006
I KNOW THIS MOVIE WILL BE AWESOME. However i also know that it wont be as nice as the real thing. being there to watch the smoke from the cooked body rise and spread the smell, oh that lovely smell, of a well done human corpse cooked by massive currents of electricity. i cant wait.

Message #167Posted 3:20:15 PM 10/2/2006
everyone who dosent want thier children to see this needs a reality check. everyone who dosent want things like this on national television needs a reality check. if this was to be public and so taboo then people will fear what happens if they break the law. especially if they are exposed to this at a young age where the mind is impresionable. apart of life is death. you will die and so will your children and so will everyone else. if you research this the crime rate of countries where public executions happen the crime rate is lower. much lower. HHHhhhmmmmm.... i wonder why???
~fed up

Message #166Posted 9:34:41 PM 09/25/2006
Wow, I've never seen a movie site like this. I love the clips and movie trailer. Can't wait to see the movie too. Please keep us posted on when the film comes out. Thank you.

Message #165Posted 8:44:26 PM 09/14/2006
very cool - the clips are great and i want to see more. do you actually see the live execution? no matter what i love this kind of thing. problem is i can't find the film. if anyone can help with this delima please post the answer here. i've been tracking this site for months and so have some of my boys. lots of interest on our end if we just knew where we could get the movie. i'm puzzeled so this may be a ploy to get more interest before the release date. anyway i'll be looking for it.
~beach bum

Message #164Posted 7:35:25 PM 09/7/2006
Great premise.

Message #163Posted 7:29:40 PM 09/7/2006
I was hoping to see this film in Toronto. Well...their loss and another festival's gain. Looks to me like this is an independent gem.

Message #162Posted 9:34:57 AM 09/5/2006
This is exactly the kind of film that makes audiences think. Love this kind of movie. How and where can we see it? Please post info. Thanks.
Carl W.
~Carl W.

Message #161Posted 10:07:29 PM 08/31/2006
Where can we see this film. I have a large group that has been trying to find a DVD of this movie. Please, please, please help me. Thank you.
~Karen B.

Message #160Posted 7:03:55 PM 08/13/2006
Is this a Lions Gate film? Looks like something they would distribute because it is thought provoking and very edgy. We all like it!!! I went to Blockbuster and I can't find it and the guy told me that he's never seen it. So please tell us how can we buy this film. Thanks.
~Mark L.

Message #159Posted 11:22:58 PM 08/11/2006
I heard about this execution years ago. Is this the footage from the prison in South Carolina? Where can I see this movie?

Message #158Posted 9:59:57 PM 08/6/2006
good stuf

Message #157Posted 4:07:00 PM 08/1/2006
I feel this film should be seen because, death isnt anything to fuck around with. The fear we get from seeing this film is only a mere fraction of what the actual person on death row has to deal with. We should be put in the shoes of a actual peron on death row and step back and decide whether this is actually humane or not.
~Dennis hannon

Message #156Posted 4:06:47 PM 08/1/2006
I feel this film should be seen because, death isnt anything to fuck around with. The fear we get from seeing this film is only a mere fraction of what the actual person on death row has to deal with. We should be put in the shoes of a actual peron on death row and step back and decide whether this is actually humane or not.
~Dennis hannon

Message #155Posted 10:35:19 PM 07/26/2006

Message #154Posted 10:32:51 PM 07/26/2006
Damn is this thing real? Is it legal? How did you get this footage????? Very interesting to say the least. Please tell me how to get a copy of the DVD or VHS or is it in theaters?

Message #153Posted 2:41:54 PM 07/25/2006
powerful looking film. great comments too. can we purchase a dvd copy or where can we get the film? my son is driving me crazy about this.

Message #152Posted 8:47:52 PM 07/12/2006
I also saw the "X" at Sundance and I would love to see this film. When is it going to be released?????

Message #151Posted 8:33:34 PM 07/12/2006
my sister was at the sundance film festival and this film was talked about everywhere. although the film did not get into the festival, talk about it created serious buzz. two of her friends attended a private screening and were blown away. what are you guys waiting for? release the damn movie.

Message #150Posted 8:21:53 PM 07/11/2006
though this site is pathetically over dramatic - the subject is very real and the public should have access to ALL the information required to make an informed decision.

Message #149Posted 8:21:45 PM 07/11/2006
though this site is pathetically over dramatic - the subject is very real and the public should have access to ALL the information required to make an informed decision.

Message #148Posted 8:41:15 PM 07/10/2006
i haven't seen this film yet but heard about it online. where is it playing or how can we obtain a dvd in pal? go Italia!!!

Message #147Posted 1:23:52 PM 07/6/2006

Message #146Posted 8:24:31 AM 06/20/2006
I'm impressed by the number of people who have posted comments here, but I'm not surprised. Interesting topic that gets your attention and gets people talking. I for one am against the death penalty but I would think that this film is of interest to people on both sides. I am interested in seeing this film.
~Marco T.

Message #145Posted 2:03:03 PM 06/16/2006
Does this film have a distribution deal? Looks like Lions Gate, New Line, maybe even Magnolia (Cuban's company). This film will have no problem finding an audience.

Message #144Posted 2:01:28 PM 06/16/2006
Does this film have a distribution deal? Looks like Lions Gate, New Line, maybe even Magnolia (Cuban's company). This film will have no problem finding an audience.

Message #143Posted 1:45:49 PM 06/16/2006
I'm very interested in this topic and I'm not alone. The death penalty is always a "hot topic" and ranks at the top of the list of subjects that people are passionate about and always have an opionion on right or wrong. I agree with everyone on here who loves the trailer and the clips and now is dying to see the movie. Show us the film!!!

Message #142Posted 10:45:12 PM 06/15/2006
I'm blown away by the clips and trailer on this site. Is this film available on DVD or is it coming to theaters? Seems perfect for HBO.

Message #141Posted 10:41:17 PM 06/15/2006
Since I'm totally against anything to do with legalized killing by government entities I was not sure what to expect on this site. I've know about it for sometime having been exposed to the "X" at Sundance but have resisted going to this site for months. Problem is that I've been hearing about this film since the producers made their way to Park City and got the attention of many film fans and locals alike. Now I hate to admit it but I'm one of many who are really interested in seeing this film. The trailer and clips are great so I can only imagine how powerful the movie is. Looking forward to the film's release.

Message #140Posted 8:56:58 PM 06/15/2006
Is this film available on PAL? You would not belive how many people are talking about this movie. Please let us know where we can see it. The trailer is incredible.

Message #139Posted 11:00:37 AM 06/15/2006
I totally agree with Brit and lots of other people who have posted their comments on here. It goes to show you that people are interested in stories that have deep meaning unlike so much of the garbage that is on TV and in theaters...for example "Dukes of Hazard" and so many others that are mindless movies with absolutesly nothing to say, makes me sick. Please tell me where I can see EXECUTION.

Message #138Posted 10:38:33 PM 06/14/2006
WOW...powerful, thought provoking and intense. I can use more adjetives but I think you get what I'm saying. Once more WOW!

Message #137Posted 10:06:14 AM 06/13/2006
Man this looks intense and from what people are saying on here I'm dying to see this film. If this is another Blair Witch than you've done a really good job making this look real but I believe this film is real. I've been in prison and the clips are the real thing. It doesn't surprise me that a warden would allow an execution to be shot because these men want the world to see what putting a man to death is really like. Warden's are real people with feelings just like most people and I can tell you that they don't take pleasure in executing anyone. They are not anything at all like the warden in Shawshank Redemption which is total Holllywood. GOD BLESS!

Message #136Posted 6:09:01 AM 06/12/2006
This looks extremely interesting. While doing research on the death penalty I came across this site. Any chance of seeing the film? Please post any comments. Thank you.

Message #135Posted 7:39:55 PM 06/11/2006
Christ was crucified or in other words...he was executed. I don't think it's right for anyone to kill another no matter what. Leave it up to God. Anyway, isn't life in prison more of a punishment? I think so. Well, just my opinion. I will see this film if you tell me when and where. If it's on DVD I'll buy it. Looks more interesting than most films out there too.
~Joe C.

Message #134Posted 9:31:50 PM 06/1/2006
Executions. Are they necessary? Is killing somebody else in any way justify their sins or "make right" what they have done? In basic terms, execution is retaliation, and we all know an eye for an eye makes the world go blind. Forgiveness is the key to world peace, but we are all too prideful to do that. Turn the other cheek. Be the bigger man. Remember, it only takes one person to make a difference.

Going to see this movie, thanks for the effort.
God Bless

Message #133Posted 7:15:58 PM 05/27/2006
May I please inquire about receiving a copy of this movie? I will be more than willing to pay the full price for a copy plus any shipping fees to Europe. I am sending an email regarding this matter. Thank you and I very much look forward to seeing the very interesting film.

Message #132Posted 2:42:53 PM 05/26/2006
I saw the DVD of Execution. All I can say is WOW, so powerful, so real, so moving.

Message #131Posted 1:37:03 PM 05/25/2006
I went ahead and looked at your execution trailer and it looks really intense. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Message #130Posted 2:44:11 PM 05/23/2006
I must tell you that I've been keeping my eye on your film and I'm very eager to see it. Not sure what to think, but this story has intrigued me since day one when my friend sent me the link. I would have posted a comment before but I'm not into posting my thoughts for everyone to see. But here I am, posting something, and I'm not very good at this to say the least. Here's wishing all independents the best because of the courage and determination it takes to make films like this. Hoping you tell us all where we can watch "Execution". From what I can see here it looks like a great movie. All the best!!!

Message #129Posted 3:49:37 PM 05/14/2006
Was the dude executed on camera? This is interesting.
~Ronald A

Message #128Posted 12:34:22 PM 05/14/2006
Very cool video and stills. Does anyone know where we can see the film?

Message #127Posted 9:59:04 AM 05/14/2006
The trailer is intense to the point that you have got my interest. This is a facinating subject that many people like me are interested in.

Message #126Posted 9:43:24 PM 05/12/2006
I'm looking forward to seeing this movie.

Message #125Posted 7:36:24 AM 05/2/2006
This is a story that has my interest. I've always wanted to experience what goes on behind the door of the death chamber.

Message #124Posted 7:32:07 AM 05/2/2006
Great film to be seen by anyone interested in the death penalty.

Message #123Posted 7:05:39 PM 05/1/2006
The trailer kicks and the pics are sweet. How can we see the movie since we live in a small town and don't have access to mainstream theaters?

Message #122Posted 4:40:39 AM 05/1/2006
Just took a look at the video clips and trailer and man this site is something else. I wonder how close you get to the execution. If the movie is out how do you see it? We are interested in seeing the full length film if it's available. Thanks.
~Tammy H.

Message #121Posted 7:16:25 PM 04/30/2006
Interesting to see the trailer and clips. Does the film have foreign distribution? Please inform how we can get a pal copy.

Message #120Posted 9:30:46 PM 04/25/2006
just got an email to check out this site and i was hoping to see the film online. now i'm disapointed because i was told it's not even available yet. if this is true i'm surprised this film has received so much attention. the x has made it on campus - very cool idea and now i'm interested in seeing the movie - looks different than most i've seen out there which is a good thing.

Message #119Posted 9:30:20 PM 04/25/2006
the x made it on campus and now i heard i can't even see this film yet. damn that's not fair. looks different from most out there too. i'm interested which is refreshing since most films don't get my attention.

Message #118Posted 6:39:56 AM 04/22/2006
It's amazing to see how many people have an opinion about this topic. I was searching death penalty topics for school and came across this site. Very very interesting stuff.

Message #117Posted 10:03:53 PM 04/21/2006
the death penalty is wrong - nothing more than legalized killing to me. maybe if people actually see what it's like to execute someone than the killing can stop. putting someone to death is wrong especially if you tell them how they will die and when they will die. then to make them wait it out day after day until their time comes and finally put them to death - something about that scenario seems so very wrong. i don't approve of crime but i don't think that killing people deters it. actually i believe that life in prison is much more severe than a death sentence...it just doesn't sound as good.

Message #116Posted 11:11:25 AM 04/18/2006
i've know about this film for a while and now that i've had a chance to see it i can say it's better than i could have imagined. now i want to see it again on an even bigger screen. good luck and thanks again for the privilege.
~bruce b

Message #115Posted 8:12:26 PM 04/16/2006
My name is Blake. I heard about your movie on myspace
videos. I was checking to see if they had any videos
on the electric chair and the trailer to your movie
came up.
I am a big capital punishment/electric chiar/death row
enthusiast so this movie is truly a dream come true.

Message #114Posted 7:26:15 PM 04/15/2006
hi, I want to know when is this movie coming out, like
on dvd or the big screen. Also does this movie show
the full execution or did they make shut your cameras
off during the execution. I cant wait to see this

Message #113Posted 7:47:46 AM 04/14/2006
i'd love to see the film. if anyone knows where it's playing please post it on the site. i wish the clips were longer.

Message #110Posted 6:36:57 PM 04/12/2006
The warden looks like such a nice guy. how can he wake up every day to go to a job like that? Having power over a man's life or death should rest with God and only Him.

Message #109Posted 6:03:36 PM 04/12/2006
looing at the video and the pictures makes me feel sympathy for the victims. at this point i think the killer should fry. but i have so many questions. how did the filmmakers shoot the execution? did the warden know? what about the guards? so many questions! i want to see the movie!!!

Message #107Posted 10:51:06 PM 04/11/2006
I have not seen the film and can only make an assessment of the story from what I can see on this site. However, after viewing the clips, the pictures and the trailer, it seems to me that this film is very compelling. On top of that, once I began reading the many comments on here things got even more interesting. Now, I can understand why so many people have something to say about this film and the issue of capital punishment. I am very interested in seeing "Execution" and would like to know if anyone can tell me how I can obtain a DVD. I am also very interested in attending a screening of the film if it is going to play in theaters or another venue. It has been a long time since I wanted to see a film this badly. Maybe it's just good marketing but the anticipation of seeing this movie is reminiscent of waiting in line to ride a roller coaster.
~Kenner MB

Message #106Posted 1:52:05 PM 04/11/2006
From an insiders perspective I can tell you that this film is the real deal. I can't wait for the rest of America and the world to see what it's really like to take the final walk and sit front and center at a man's execution.

Message #105Posted 4:23:22 PM 04/10/2006
Having seen the film, let me say that some may not want very young children to view it. Some people simply may not be able to handle the intensity of the proximity to death row. However, anyone over 13 living in the United States, where the death penalty is an issue that cuts into the soul of the nation, owes it to the national dialogue not merely to see this film but to bring its issues to the fore.

The film itself is one not soon forgotten. Both sides of the capital punishment debate have food for thought here because the unprecedented access to a real convict's final days simply has not existed for the masses. The film is alternately gripping, tugging, and chilling. Most importantly, it is thought-provoking.

Hopefully this film will make it to wide release. I can only imagine being able to see it again in a theater full of people; the dynamics between audience, inmate, warden, and filmmakers will be something to behold.

Message #104Posted 8:24:26 PM 04/9/2006
Kill'em all
Kill'em all
Kill'em all
Kill'em all
Kill'em all
Kill'em all
Kill'em all
Kill'em all
~Jhon Mc K.

Message #103Posted 9:53:28 PM 04/8/2006
Will the film be playing in the Boston area?

Message #102Posted 8:33:43 PM 04/8/2006
I love movies like this. Looks very scarry but different from most anything I've seen. I'm so tired of the same old thing that's playing in theaters now. I agree with everyone else, this is one movie I will go and see.

Message #101Posted 8:32:28 PM 04/8/2006
get your popcorn, drink maybe even milk duds, this looks good. i love movies that mess with your mind and i'm sure i'm not alone. rock on.

Message #100Posted 6:23:41 PM 04/7/2006
I like this website and this stuff looks like its going to go big. this film and site look like they are going places, they look very promising

Message #99Posted 6:14:32 PM 04/7/2006
damn this is good but not sure what to think. real or not who cares so long as it gets your attention.

Message #98Posted 6:03:52 PM 04/7/2006
OMG! that trailer went off.........FWIW, I think I'd actually pay to see this flic and not wait to download it off the net. : - )

Message #97Posted 2:33:45 PM 04/7/2006
There's no doubt that your movie is going to get people talking. And that is good. We need to talk about this subject and decide if this is something that we should be doing. Your website got me going to the point where I sent it to my entire address book.

Message #96Posted 12:19:54 AM 04/6/2006
Kill 'em all and let God sort it out!

Message #95Posted 10:39:33 PM 04/5/2006
I just viewed your trailer on YouTube.com. I oppose the death penalty but your trailer and clips have me very interested. At first, I was not sure I wanted to see this film but after reading the comments and seeing the clips I think your story could be valuable in educating people about the execution process. Please tell me where I can see this film and if it would be possible to play it in my classroom if I feel it is appropriate. Thank you.

Message #94Posted 4:46:08 PM 04/5/2006
why don't you show us the film?

Message #93Posted 1:54:02 PM 04/5/2006
Your web site (executionfilm.com) is missing "the story" of when/where/why... he killed his mother? Think it would help the viewers to your web site to tell them a little of the story. Also, where can I see this film? (no links for that either)

Message #92Posted 8:11:04 PM 04/4/2006
maybe some guard put a camera in the execution room. i think that could be possible if it were in a small southern prison or maybe the warden let it happen. makes you think.

Message #91Posted 5:15:02 PM 03/31/2006
yo this shit is real! how ya get access to see this shit with all the strict precautions? which state is that? kentucky?

Message #90Posted 4:31:04 PM 03/31/2006
Great site! I'm very interested in seeing the movie. Please post how we can see it.

Message #89Posted 9:07:45 PM 03/27/2006
how can we see the film???????

Message #88Posted 8:57:01 PM 03/27/2006
The movie trailer kicks. The photos and clips are also freaky as hell. We want to see the film so tell us how. This is unique and unlike anything out there which makes it even more interesting.

Message #87Posted 7:55:42 PM 03/27/2006
Great teaser and story line. I wonder if this is real or Hollywood. Either way it is very cool and I am dying to see the movie. The clips are great but I want more. Give us the "Execution".

Message #86Posted 4:53:34 PM 03/26/2006
just left a comment on youtube.com. this looks really interesting. looking forward to seeing the movie if it comes to my area. is there a dvd available to the public?

Message #85Posted 12:43:17 AM 03/26/2006
i'm very much interested in seeing this. tell me how i can get the dvd or is it going to be in theaters?

Message #84Posted 11:05:20 PM 03/25/2006
this looks like a great movie. it has all the elements that draw you to the theater. i read all the comments above and i totally agree with most of them. most movies today are just a re-hash of the same thing. this film looks different and i like that. when will i be able to see it? I'm in the chicago area. Thanks

Message #83Posted 3:53:15 PM 03/25/2006

Message #82Posted 8:40:18 PM 03/23/2006
Absolutely AWESOME trailer man! This is the best thing I've seen in this style since "The Blair Witch Project!"

Message #81Posted 3:36:28 PM 03/23/2006
this site is not only sweet it kicks @#&$ ... like dex wrote above - no more teasing ... where can we see the movie??? anticipation is killing us!!!!!!!!!!!!

Message #80Posted 1:30:35 PM 03/23/2006
Just saw the clip on YouTube.com. Sweet!

Message #79Posted 5:41:51 AM 03/23/2006
This is not some exploitation film. This is a real movie with a real story that deals with a man's life and the filmmakers who filmed the execution. The story deals with a serious subject matter in a very serious way and takes the audience to the edge of what is right and what is wrong. At the end of the film you decide.
~Ghost Rider

Message #78Posted 11:35:51 PM 03/22/2006
I think you should show it. Why do I think this? I have seen a lot of murder's online

I have seen a beheading online I think everyone knows which one it is
and I know every one in that chat room that night saw it too

so my question to you is what is this website all about? Any one can go online know and see a killing so what gives


and if you want to see more try steakandcheese.com or google it or look on the p2p networks

Message #77Posted 8:08:20 PM 03/22/2006
Electric in theater loby...great idea. You can also charge a buck per strap down. Looks like the fun is back in going to movies. Thank God and post the time date and place to see this film and I'll be there.
~boston u

Message #76Posted 12:23:41 PM 03/22/2006
everything i read lately is that the movie industry needs something. well, for the most part a lot (most) of the movies are boring. the movie business needs something fresh and it looks like you've got something and not the same old crap that hollywood likes to spit out. true independents are the saving grace of an industry that continues to put our bombs while paying their leads $20 million. (see cat woman, stealth, firewall, 16 blocks and on and on and on). like so many others have written "can't wait to see this film"!

Message #75Posted 8:36:43 PM 03/21/2006
i saw the "x" card a while back and finally got to the site. very cool. people are already taking about your movie. word on campus is they can't wait to see it. maybe you should do a tour with the electric chair and put it in the theater loby. let us know what's next.

Message #74Posted 12:30:51 PM 03/21/2006
trailer rocks and the story is riveting. you hooked me and i'm not easy. i'm sure you have a lot of people interested in this story. the frustrating thing is that i want to see more and you are teasing me with these short clips. show me the movie!!!

Message #73Posted 8:56:38 PM 03/19/2006

Message #72Posted 11:00:03 PM 03/17/2006
can you post the execution online and how can we buy the dvd?

Message #71Posted 8:51:49 PM 03/14/2006
i did a search about executions and found this site. i showed a few friends and they were into this whole bit about the filmmakers and showing an actual execution. i've never seen anything like this so yeah i'm interested. how do we see it?

Message #70Posted 8:17:35 PM 03/14/2006
What a good story you have here. I'm not sure if it's real but I don't care. The trailer, pictures and clips have me dying to see the movie.

Message #69Posted 7:59:32 PM 03/14/2006
I definately want to see this film. The trailer captured my interest as much as any film preview I've seen in years.
~Gary M

Message #68Posted 3:10:12 PM 03/12/2006
I NEED to see this film...plus, the guy in the baseball cap seems to be REALLY cool!


Message #67Posted 10:53:28 PM 03/11/2006
I second the two thumbs up.

Message #66Posted 10:47:54 PM 03/11/2006
I also saw this very powerful film in a private screening and it was an unforgettable experience. "Execution" puts you right there during the final days and execution of a condemned man. I've never seen a film that held the attention of the audience like this one. I was on the edge of my seat along with the rest of the audience the entire time. When the film ended nobody moved and everyone sat through every credit without saying a word. After the film went to black the audience sat in silence for another few minutes thinking about what they just witnessed. My heart was pounding. I still think about this film, and its sound and images will be with me forever. Two big thumbs up...way up...this is a great film and an unforgettable story. There is no doubt that any red-blooded film lover will stand in line to see this movie.
~Phil S

Message #65Posted 10:33:27 AM 03/11/2006
All I can say is "WOW". This makes you think. Steve invited me to the screening, that was about 2 months ago, I still think about that movie. It made an impression on me. Cruel as it may sound, I think all high school students should have to see this. I think the impression it would leave would be positive.
Steve Scaffidi has done something here that will and should be seen by the world, it is truly remarkable. I feel privileged to have seen this film and I know this will hit the big screen full force. I will recommend it to everyone , and I will be there to see it on the big screen.
Steve is what the industry needs. Thanks
~Susan Giliberti

Message #64Posted 9:31:11 PM 03/10/2006
Page's comment is well taken however there is more to it than just going to the movie to see an execution. This film deals with one of the most controversial issues in America today. Most people have an opinion about the death penalty, pro or con, but most are woefully uninformed. I believe that "Execution" deals with the final days of a man's life on death row in an honest and open way. The film gives the audience an authentic look into a condemned man's final hours and ultimately his execution unlike any film I have ever seen. There is a place in America cinema for light-hearted "Disney" fare and there is a place for films that push people's buttons and deal with important issues that cause people to think.

Message #63Posted 2:06:31 PM 03/10/2006
This is a sick society when an execution becomes a form of entertainment. Soon instead of saying,"OK kids let's go watch a Disney movie today", we will be saying,"OK kids let's go watch somebody who killed a bunch of little kids like you, get executed. Then we'll go out for ice cream." How fun can an afternoon get? Hey, it's entertainment!

Message #62Posted 12:21:50 PM 03/10/2006
If you doubt the validity of this story just Google "Donald Cabana". You will see that this man is everything that this film claims him to be. Yes, the website is amazing!!!


Message #61Posted 12:10:29 PM 03/9/2006
Someone sent me a link to this website and I'm blown away. This is so damn freaky and now I'm curious as hell to see the film. I have a feeling I know how it will all end and that makes it even better. I absolutely love movies like this that make you think. Can't wait to see it!

Message #60Posted 10:56:31 PM 03/8/2006
Check out this Blog for the film http://liveexecution.blogspot.com/

Message #59Posted 10:45:06 PM 03/8/2006
The trailer and pics are great. Is the film available on DVD or will it be in theaters? This is the first movie I've been interested in seeing in a long time.

Message #58Posted 9:55:42 PM 03/8/2006
I've seen the film and it's good. If you ever want to see a really original story this is it. Well worth the ticket price!

Message #57Posted 6:34:29 PM 03/8/2006
I was lucky enough to be at a screening of this film, and let me tell you, it is truly amazing. I was on the edge of my seat during the entire movie. After the movie was over, it took several minutes before anyone even moved. Everyone was still in shock at what they had just seen. This movie is an extrodinary look into the final days of a death row inmate. I will definitely see it again when it comes to the big screen. The director, Steven Scaffidi, is a true GENIUS!!!

Message #56Posted 7:59:09 AM 03/8/2006
What Steve Scafidi has done with this film is remarkable. It was one of the greatest privileges of my career to have Steve ask me to provide some technical expertise for the project. Richard,Daniel, and Billy-you were all so awesome. I sincerely hope this film finds its way to the big screen.The topic is compelling and emotional-for people on both sides of the issue.I do not know anything about the film industry,except that every once in awhile a "sleeper" comes along that catches everyone by surprise. I do know that Sundance ,Berlin,Cannes and others like them are mostly for the "BIG DOGS". Well, take it from one lay person and HUGE movie fan, YOU ALL MISSED THE BOAT on this one. I have read the various postings to this site with great interest. From one who has "walked the mile" and carried out the executions of other human beings, let me thank you for your interest in this project. PEACE!Don Cabana
~Don Cabana

Message #55Posted 10:10:53 PM 03/7/2006
I read Mr. Cabana's book Death at Midnight. I think he's been a warden for close to 30 years and that is definately him in your trailer. Your film looks really interesting and I look forward to seeing it in theaters.

Message #54Posted 3:18:53 PM 03/3/2006
The trailer is wild. My frat wants to see this thing. Tell us when and where and we'll be there.

Message #53Posted 9:46:33 AM 03/3/2006
Cool site. So where can we see the movie? I really like the trailer and pictures on the site.

Message #52Posted 12:26:30 AM 02/28/2006
I agree with GS above. It's refreshing to see a film that makes you think. I haven't felt this way about a film in a long time. I can't wait to sit on the front row with my popcorn and cold drink. I have a feeling this movie is going to be good.

Message #51Posted 10:48:11 AM 02/27/2006
It seems like this movie is getting a lot of attention. People are talking about it up here in the northwest. There are so many lame "Hollywood" movies on the market today that it's good to see a film like this that actually makes people want to go to the theater again.

Message #50Posted 10:12:40 PM 02/25/2006
Even though your site is creepy I have to see your movie. The story is very compelling.

Message #49Posted 3:41:33 PM 02/20/2006
I have a feeling New Yorkers are going to love this film. I wasn't sure if I wanted to watch it but I must admit that I could not resist. This film delivers the goods in a big way.

Message #48Posted 11:06:07 PM 02/17/2006
Sorry it has taken me so long to come on the web site. I have been in Australia prolonging the time until I enter the real world. But I did finally get to see the film when I came in for my brother's wedding. It was really unnerving! Rich and Daniel ~ y'all did great!!! Loved the conflict between y'all and the inner conflict that Rich was battling with. I could really relate to both characters and see their points of view. I miss everyone and y'all email me soon:)
love ashley
~Ashley Lanaux

Message #47Posted 8:04:34 PM 02/16/2006
real or not ...i'm interested and so are a lot of others. let us know when we can see the film.

Message #46Posted 2:19:53 PM 02/16/2006
people are definately talking about your film. after all the hype i was not expecting to see what i did. this film delivers and actually exceeds the hype.

Message #45Posted 5:09:22 PM 02/13/2006
great story and a great hook make for a great film.

Message #44Posted 8:29:49 AM 02/11/2006
i stumbled upon your site will doing research on executions for school, from the trailer and clips it seems to be real. please tell me, in the film
do we really see an excetuion? i mean, is it legal to show an exceution to the public? i have mixed feelings, i want to see the movie, but do i really want to see a man put to death in an electric chair? despite my apprehension, i know i will go and so will my friends.


Message #43Posted 6:19:57 PM 02/9/2006
Thank you for allowing me to see this very unique film. The story had me on the edge of my seat. This film took me on a ride that I won't soon forget. I can't wait to see this film in theaters.

Message #42Posted 6:15:07 PM 02/9/2006
Your website has me going. I can't wait to see the entire exectuion process. I am facinated by your story and the subject matter. I passed your site along to all my friends.

Message #41Posted 5:06:28 AM 02/6/2006
I don't know if I would watch the process... but I think we are wasting money with the chair, why don't we get a sofa built and empty out death row.....

Message #40Posted 5:06:21 AM 02/6/2006
I don't know if I would watch the process... but I think we are wasting money with the chair, why don't we get a sofa built and empty out death row.....

Message #39Posted 8:49:48 AM 02/5/2006
Your site looks really good. Great clips and the trailer makes me want to see this film. A friend told me about this story and I can't wait to see it. Please post on your site where we can see the film. Thanks.

Message #38Posted 3:32:02 PM 02/3/2006
I can't wait to see this film. I've always wanted to know what an execution is really like. Hollywood films do not portray the "real" execution accurately. It's about time a film came out that shows you what death row is really like.
~Stacy R

Message #37Posted 9:40:25 PM 02/2/2006
The trailer looks great! Looking forward to seeing this film in theaters. I bet this film is already getting lots of attention. Keep us posted when it is released so we can see it.

Message #36Posted 7:43:45 PM 02/1/2006
I agree with the above. I've seen the film and all I can say is BRAVO!
~Susan R

Message #35Posted 7:42:19 PM 02/1/2006
This film is the most accurate portrayal of death row I've ever seen. Green Mile, Dead Man Walking, Monster's Ball don't come close. From the opening scene, "Execution" grips you and won't let go.

Message #34Posted 11:30:57 AM 01/31/2006
Thank you for the personal screening...FANTASTIC! I don't think I'll ever be able to get these images out of my mind. This is one powerful film.

Message #33Posted 9:27:12 PM 01/30/2006
Where can I see this film? It has me and my friends interested. The website is creepy but at the same time very interesting. Please post the dates of any future screenings.

Message #32Posted 8:36:15 PM 01/29/2006
Don Cabana is the real deal. This guy commands respect throughout the U.S. in the criminal justice system. If you ever hear this man speak you will never forget him. His book "Death at Midnight" is a must read too. He is dynamite in this gripping film that takes you all the way and doesn't hold back. Don't miss this film when it comes out.

Message #31Posted 11:54:22 PM 01/26/2006
I just saw the film and it exceeded my expectations. When this film hits theaters...look out!

Message #30Posted 8:06:55 AM 01/25/2006
with the major studios just re-doing old movies, its clear that
independent films are moving the industry forward. this fact coupled
with such a controversial topic makes for the opportunity to produce
an interesting film that should create serious buzz across the coutry.


Message #29Posted 4:52:35 PM 01/24/2006
I can't recall ever having the opportunity to view a film with a real to life or (death in this case) execution. Why are'nt mainstream films like this?

Message #28Posted 2:08:30 PM 01/22/2006
I can't believe how many red dots with the "X" I see all over Park City. This film is getting a lot of attention. Take that Robert Redford.

Message #27Posted 12:26:58 AM 01/14/2006
See you at Sundance!!!

Message #26Posted 11:38:29 PM 01/13/2006
intresting , hot topic, from clips and trailers well worth a look see


Message #25Posted 2:31:09 PM 01/12/2006
I'm a college student and a friend sent me the link to your site. I'm not sure how I feel about the death penalty but I'm very interested in seeing your film. You should bring it to colleges and play it for students. I think you would have a great turnout.

Message #24Posted 9:51:52 PM 01/9/2006
Justin makes a good point but in my region many people are still pro death penalty. It seems that support is waning but people against the death penalty are much for vocal than people who support it. I think that this film will wake a lot of people up.

Message #23Posted 10:25:08 AM 01/9/2006
With censorship there is no accountability. As we all know, an informed public is vital to a functioning democracy. In my experience speaking about the death penalty with others, this has not been the case. However, with support for the DP waning, dialogue is necessary. Show the film.

Message #22Posted 5:30:31 AM 01/6/2006
The death penalty is wrong. The film should be seen. Maybe this movie will shock people into doing the right thing. Good luck!

Message #21Posted 8:58:06 PM 01/5/2006
I would like to see this execution. This film will draw lots of attention at colleges across the country.

Message #20Posted 12:09:03 PM 01/5/2006
If the film stands up to the trailer this should be good. By the way I'm 100% against the death penalty and yes this film should be seen. I'm also against censorship.

Message #19Posted 7:03:11 PM 01/4/2006
I wonder if this is real or not but it sure looks interesting. How can I see this movie? I'm definately in favor of the death penalty if the convicted is proven guilty. People who are against it make a lot of noise but someone has to stand up for the victims. Maybe this film will change my mind...maybe not.

Message #18Posted 2:14:56 PM 01/4/2006
This film will stir emotions and get us all thinking about an extremely contraversial subject. Isn't that what a good film should do?

Message #17Posted 10:08:41 AM 01/4/2006
Most of my friends are against the death penalty. Look at what happend to that guy in California who was nominated for a Nobel. I understand that he killed but is it right for a so-called civilized society to kill him. Killing does not deter more killing. Doesn't make sense.

Message #16Posted 9:15:07 AM 01/4/2006
is this a movie or a documentary???? either way, the thought
of viewing a REAL execution is interesting yet daunting. in any
case, my curiosity meter is skyrocketing. please let me know as soon as the film is released and where i can see it.

Message #15Posted 9:11:34 AM 01/4/2006
I believe in the death penalty so I would love to see this film. I've always wanted to sit front and center.

Message #14Posted 8:32:05 AM 01/4/2006
Looks good. I've never seen anything quite like it so I'm very interested in seeing this film.

Message #13Posted 7:24:34 AM 01/4/2006
I would not want my children to see this film but I would be very curious to see what a real execution is like. I live in the northeast and it seems the papers and the news have a story about the death penalty every day. This country is fasinated by the act of legal murder. I'm not saying I'm for or against the death penalty but it doesn't seem like we should be killing human beings, even if they are murderers. Isn't it true that the United States is the only major country still doing this?

Message #12Posted 7:04:33 AM 01/4/2006
The clips and the pictures are haunting. The death penalty seems crule but when you see what a killer can do to innocent people it makes you think. I'm still undecided but I could see myself leaning toward the "pro" side. I do think this film should be seen especially by young people.
~Michael D.

Message #11Posted 5:16:08 AM 01/4/2006
There has been a lot of talk about the death penalty lately. I would like to see this film.

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