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"It's a sick, sick, sick world !!! "

Dorina Lisson (ACADP)

"The death penalty and "executions" are still part of our society in America. It's going to go away any time soon. This movie deals with harsh reality of an execution in the electric chair (still legal in some states, believe it or not). This film doesn't hold back, and I'm sure that offends quite a few people. I love the fact that this movie puts the execution process in your face and through the eyes of the two filmmakers, one is for and one against the execution, the film allows the audience to decide if this is right or wrong. That's huge in my opinion since so many movies try to make statements that are driven by an agenda. The final half hour of this movie is amazing and truly puts the audience on death row unlike anything I've ever seen before. BRAVO! "

Lawrence Wilson

"One of the most intense movies I've ever seen. I felt like a fly on the wall during the last half hour or so of the film. I'm sure this movie will fire up a few folks who just don't understand the unique style of this film but that's ok. Maybe they should just go out and see a Disney movie instead! "


"OMG this movie was nothing like I thought. It was intense but very entertaining. It's not for those who want to be spoon feed with a traditional story that's been told a million times before. This film is very unique. If you are looking for the same old thing then you won't like this film. If you want something that will push the art of visual storytelling then you will love this original work of art! "

Lilly H.

" I watched the movie and it is very moving. Very, very well done, thank you. "


"All I can say is WOW! Thank you for allowing me to watch the unforgettable and moving film. Never quite seen anything like it. I'll be sure to tell people about it. If you have any theatrical screenings in the Chicago area please post it. Mr. Moore's back story is amazing and so was his performance. Loved Cabana too. It's a shame he's no longer with us. I understand that there's been a lot of talk about whether or not the execution is real. In my opinion it was real but it really doesn't matter if it was or not. All I know is that I view the capital punishment issue in a whole different way now. I was absolutely 100% for executions and now after seeing the film I'm not so sure about it. I can make a case for both sides. The fact that this film is making me question the entire process says everything. Movies like "Dead Man Walking", "The Green Mile" and other high profile death row films never affected me the way that this film does. That's the power for this movie. Thank you again. "


"Never seen a movie like this. Loved it and will recommend it to my friends. "


"We truly enjoyed this movie in many ways but the best part of the film for us was the reality of the walk to the electric chair and the execution itself. Never quite seen anything like this in a movie before. The execution look so real that I'm not sure if we were watching a movie or live execution. We have completely changed our opinion about our stand on the capital punishment issue. Before the movie we were 100% for it and now I must admit we are against it. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to see this wonderful picture. "

Sandy and Philip

"I'm sure this film is going to upset some folks but I loved it. It's creepy in one respect and educational in the other. Hard line death penalty opponents without any vision will no doubt dislike this movie but if you think a bit outside the box and understand that you are sitting front and center at a man's execution, then you will appreciate what this movie is all about. My suggestion: don't think too much and just enjoy this psychological thriller. "


" Well, no one deserves death before the old age. May be life time prison can be the best punishment for those fuckin doods."

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