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"Amazing film that has me questioning everything I've ever believed in capital punishment. Powerful drama unlike any film I've ever seen. Not for anyone who doesn't want to sit front and center at a man's execution. "

Daniel Gomez

"I was apprehensive to "enter the death chamber" but like a curious little kid, I could not help myself. I've always been intrigued by the whole process of legally executing someone but I must admit I was afraid to see it for myself. Wow...what a unique film this is and what an amazing performance by William Neal Moore. Amazing movie! Unlike any movie I've ever seen before. I recommend that you watch this movie before you make up your mind one way or the other about the death penalty. The final 30 minutes of this movie had my heart pounding out of my chest. I'll never forget it. "

Jean W.

" OMG what a powerful film. Please let me know when it will hit theaters. Thank you! "

Sally Johnson

"The password to see the movie is provided once you submit your payment to watch the film. If anyone has any problem accessing the film please email stevenscaffidi@gmail.com. Thanks to everyone who has supported this fantastic film that will forever change the way people view the death penalty in America! "

ghost rider

" Amazing film! "

Jackie W.

"I just watched the film and I can't speak...don't think I'll sleep tonight either. Never seen anything so powerful in my life. A friend of mine saw the film at a Los Angeles screening a while back and kept telling me I had to see it. I took me a while but I finally got the guts to watch the film with a few of my friends. I don't know what to say but POWERFUL. Great film and powerful statement about the death penalty and execution process in America. Everyone should see this film before they take a stand on this important issue. "

Sofia Vega Barillo

"Loved the movie. It's not what you expect and it has multiple story lines going on at the same time. Very interesting and entertaining. Powerful. "

Larry Forest

" This movie has opened my eyes and my heart to the death penalty. I highly recommend that everyone sees this movie that is unlike any I've seen about death row and the execution process. Wonderful movie. Thank you for having the guts to produce it. "

JCB of Denver

"Crazy good. Better than I expected and now I'm not a happy camper because I can't get the execution out of my mind. You say it's a movie so I assume the execution is staged but damn it's so real I'm not sure what to think. "

Jackson Hester

"My wife and I watched the movie online last night and truly enjoyed it. I couldn't sleep as I was thinking about the execution process and the final moments of the electric chair execution. What I enjoyed the most was the way the film portrayed the final days of a condemned man's life on death row and especially his final day. The real-time final scene of the film was most memorable since I've never seen an execution in a movie shot like this. Amazing what happens behind the wall of America's execution chambers. I highly recommend this film to others. "

Connor Jacks
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